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Most Flexible Countertop Material

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Most flexible countertop material is quartz

There are certain areas of your home that require durability and flexibility. While flooring is likely at the top of this list, flexible countertop material is a very close second. Your kitchen is likely the busiest place in your home as it is where you eat, prepare meals, and host guests. Finding the right countertop that is both reasonable in terms of maintenance and looks great with your overall style is key. One of the most modern and most flexible countertop materials for all household types and kitchen styles is quartz. 

Mineral Quartz

Quartz countertops generally have added resin and polymers, but quartz itself is a naturally occurring mineral. Quartz can be found all over the planet in large quantities. It has been mined for years and is not only used for kitchen surfaces but also in electronics. While pure quartz is colorless, the range of colors is caused by impurities. However, the impurities provide a variety of different options for kitchen countertops when it comes to color. The impurities are what the resin and polymers fill, which makes quartz such a dynamic option for kitchen countertops.

Flexibility and Durability

Quarts countertops are known for being aesthetically beautiful, durable, and flexible. They may even be the most flexible countertop material. They are made from a mixture of resin and quartz, and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The added resin removes the natural porous nature of quartz. This is helpful when it comes to cleaning. Additionally, quartz has added polymer, which makes it more flexible. Flexible kitchen countertops are less prone to scratches and chips. However, the addition of polymers and resin make quartz countertops less resistant to heat. This is not an issue compared to the added benefits of the material, as you’ll only need to put down a protective pad to be safe.

Types of Quartz

Due to the dynamic nature of quartz in terms of kitchen countertops, there are a wide variety of options in terms of style and color. Below you will find some of the most unique quartz-style countertop options. 

  • Marble Quartz: Because marble is such a popular kitchen surface material, the option provides a classy feeling to the kitchen. It looks high-end and elegant without the difficulty and cost of marble countertops.
  • Concrete Quartz: This style gives an authentic concrete look without all of the maintenance.
  • Quartzite Quartz: Non-porous quartz provides a high end look without the trouble of cleaning quartzite.
  • Solid Quartz: This adds a minimalist look to your kitchen and can pull together any kitchen look with class. 
  • Granite Quarts: This looks nearly exactly like granite but is much more durable and significantly harder material than the original.

No matter which style you choose, quartz countertops offer tremendous value in addition to a wide variety of options. Quartz countertops provide elegance with ease as they are beautiful yet easy to clean and take care of. Finding the right countertops can be tough. Choosing where to buy quartz countertops can simplify your process as it is one of the most dynamic countertop materials on the market. 

Quartz Countertops

If you are looking for new countertops, contact Vadara Quartz. They are the leaders in kitchen and dining surfaces. Vadara’s collection includes the finest quality quartz surfaces in the industry combining beauty, function, innovation, and value. They are so confident in their product that they provide a lifetime warranty to all customers, residential and commercial. There are Vadara distribution centers located worldwide, including an extensive network of authorized dealers around the country. Check out their website for their latest inventory and to see what is trending. Contact Vadara for more information and any questions you may have!

How to Clean a Natural Stone Shower?

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How to clean a natural stone shower.

Beautifully honed stone is one of the best ways to elevate the look of your home. It’s a clean, classic look that fits perfectly in the modern home. Stone showers, in particular, remain one of the best and most practical applications for natural stone. Whether you go with a roughhewn texture or even a glossy sheen, a stone shower adds class and maturity to your bathroom while requiring very little from you. In fact, as long as you’re using the right cleaning products for the type of stone used in your bathroom and keeping it dry in between uses, it is no more difficult to clean a natural stone shower than any other kind.

Knowing Your Materials

The first step to knowing how to clean a natural stone shower is straightforward. The most common pitfall people fall into with stone is treating it like any other surface. Will stone, you can’t just reach under your kitchen sink and use whatever cleaning product comes out. The products you normally use are almost certainly too harsh for natural stone and could do irreparable damage. 

On top of that, not all stone is the same. Everything from granite to slate has different chemical and physical properties that will make your cleaning products react differently. As a result, it’s really important that you know what kind of stone you’re dealing with, so make sure you know exactly what kind of stone is being used when it is initially installed. 

The type of stone will determine how mild of a detergent you should use. And how often you should seal the surface. Something like granite may be highly durable but is also quite porous. To protect the surface of the stone and prevent damage over time, many stone surfaces have to be sealed at least once a year. 

When You Have No Idea

If you are uncertain of what stone you have in your shower, it is better to be safe than sorry. Opt for cleaners that are designed for natural stone. These are usually non-acidic to avoid damaging the surface of the stone. You should also use a soft cloth rather than an abrasive cleaning instrument. As long as you’re cleaning your bathroom regularly, you will be able to easily clean your shower, and you’ll avoid damaging the stone that makes it so beautiful. 

Once you are done cleaning out your shower, it is important that you carefully dry all surfaces to avoid spotting. You can use a soft towel or a blow dryer. For best results, quickly mop up your shower after each use to keep your finish intact. 

Simplifying the Process

If the idea of drying off your shower after every use just sounds horrible to you, there are other stone options. Sintered stone shower walls are a combination of stone ground down and fused using heat and pressure, as it would be in nature. This allows manufacturers to create high-quality sintered stone slabs with high durability that can be made to look like pretty much anything. Neolith uses sintered stone to provide clients with a wide variety of finishes, textures, and colors. 

The variety provided by sintered stone is just one perk. As with quartz countertops, sintered stone is sealed during manufacturing, meaning you don’t have to seal it every year. It is still recommended that you use mellow, non-acidic detergents, and a soft towel for cleaning. Sintered stone is still natural stone. It has just been reshaped and recolored to fit your precise needs with the added bonus of increased durability. 

As with anything you own, treat your natural stone shower with love and care if you want it to look brand new a decade down the line. Neolith just makes that a little bit easier.  

What is the Right Size Rug?

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What is the right size rug for your room?

Choosing an area rug for your living room may not seem like the most essential step in your redecorating plans, but it may end up being more complicated than you think. Choosing the right size, shape, color, and texture for your rug can be really difficult when you consider the role rugs play in tying the whole room together.

Rugs are more than just gorgeous decorations; they are actually very functional pieces of your room! They can protect your floors, frame the space for your furniture, and even dampen the amount of noise in the area.  

What is the Right Size Rug?

Our carpet cleaning Los Angeles pros can help you determine what the right shape and size of a rug should be, no matter what kind of space you have to put it in. 

Choose Your Space

Before you can even consider shopping for an area rug, you must first determine where in the house you want it to be, exactly. Some homeowners are looking for rugs that will fit under a coffee table in the living room, while others want a big rug to go in the master bedroom or in the dining room under a large table. 

Once you have figured out the space you want, you need to measure the dimensions of the room. According to the size of the room, there are corresponding rug sizes recommended to you. 

Right Size Rug: Find a Recommended Size 

You can use a rug sizing guide provided by Lowe’s or Home Depot to help you start looking for the right dimensions of your rug. A good rule of thumb is to remember that coffee table rugs usually measure 5’ x 8’, a regular area rug is 8’ x 10’, and a very large area rug would measure 9’ x 12’. 

The Rule of Furniture

Placing a rug is just as difficult as finding one with the right size and dimensions. Many room layouts will work well with an area rug, but there are a couple of standards and unwritten rules of interior design to keep in mind if you really want the rug to stand out:

  • Keep the room looking cohesive by getting an area rug that is large enough for the front legs of your furniture (sofas and chairs) to sit on it. 
  • If your rug is smaller and in the middle of the room, you should only have a coffee table on it and nothing else. 
  • An extra-large rug, no matter if it’s square or circular, should have all pieces of furniture on top of it to bring all elements together in the room.
  • A rug in the bedroom should lay underneath the entire bed and is usually pushed against one wall of the room. 

It’s important to determine where the focal point of the room is. You can add or remove furniture to achieve the look you want, as long as it is all properly spaced out on top of the rug. 

Shapes, Textures, and Colors

Getting the size down is the first big step. But you also need to find a rug with the right colors, patterns, and textures for your room. Would a rectangular rug look better in the space, or would a circular rug round things out? 

Rugs are typically made of jute or sisal and can add more textural dimension to your room, especially when placed on top of solid floors. 

The patterns and colors on the rug should draw from the room’s focal point and complement the rest of the furniture without completely taking over the space. 

Get a Rug that Lasts a Lifetime! 

Once you find the perfect rug for your new room, you’ll want it to last for a very long time. Now you know how complicated it can be just to find the right rug – you don’t want to go through that again for the foreseeable future!

The best way to keep your rug in tip-top shape is to invest in professional rug cleaners Los Angeles. BH Carpet Cleaners provides deep-cleaning for your rugs, carpets, and floors. Don’t let years of dust and dirt ruin your ornate rug. Get clean today!