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Kitchen Layout Spotlight: Integrated Living Spaces

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Are you a fan of the open-concept style for your home layout? Vadara Quartz is! Having an open floor plan can be a freeing design idea for homeowners who enjoy having their kitchens and living spaces all in one room. This is somewhat of a modern concept, as homes have historically been divided into their own separate rooms, cut off from one another. With advancements in heating and cooling technology, it is easier than ever to have an open-concept kitchen and living space.

Here are a few ideas for the best ways to achieve an integrated living space. These ideas will open both your home and your mind so you can be included in the party even when you’re cooking.

Advantages of an Integrated Living Space

There’s a reason why open layouts have become such a popular design choice in the post-industrial world. This is due to their large number of advantages. The pros of having an integrated living space include:

  • Better access to lighting throughout the home, with less lighting required to brighten each space
  • Views of the whole kitchen and living space, so you can watch TV while you cook or entertain your guests while you prepare dinner
  • Expanded layouts make the house appear larger in size
  • Multi-functional use of the entire home
  • Better flow of foot traffic throughout the space

Plus, if you have a relatively small kitchen, you can make space look a lot bigger by knocking down a wall that separates it from the living room. That way, the home becomes one large space where you can cook, relax, party, and hang out all in one.

Tips for a Light and Airy Open Concept Kitchen

Opening up your floor plan gives you plenty of new opportunities that you may not have had before. With the right additions to your home, you can make it a comfortable and elegant space for the whole family to enjoy.

Add an Island to Your Kitchen

Small Design Ideas mentions that opening your once-small kitchen up to an open floor plan gives you space for a brand new island – and we couldn’t agree more. Not only do you now have room to add one, but you can also use it as a way to still keep a slight separation between the kitchen and living room.

Don’t forget that you can fit your new island with the perfect quartz countertop to match the elegant style of your open design.

Make Room for Seating

You finally have room for additional seating in your kitchen area. Maybe you want to expand your counters and make a bar with stools for your family members to sit at. Or you can extend the length and size of your dining room table to fill up all of this new extra space you have, adding more chairs in the process.

Add An office

Still, have some extra room in your now-open living space? Build that little office you’ve always wanted! Now that you don’t need to have a whole extra room for a home office, you can use part of the open design for your computer zone. Add a bookshelf or a work desk with a lamp to make it your own private space in plain view. It’s a concept that more and more homes are adopting.

Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams with Vadara Quartz

Opening your house up to integrate your kitchen and your living space can be a wonderful way to improve the look (and value) of your home. Now you will have extra room to work with, so you can add those kitchen features you’ve always wanted, starting with the countertops. At Vadara Quartz, an extensive inventory of beautiful selections is made to fit kitchens of every style or size. To find out more, reach out to them online or call (844) 482-3272 to get started on your open kitchen experience.

What to do About Damaged Countertops

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We’ve all been there before: we place a hot pot on our countertop and — bang — we hear the crack. Or, perhaps your countertops are just old and falling apart. Either way, having a damaged countertop can be quite a nuisance. It doesn’t cost much to fix a damaged countertop, but it does take time and energy. If you’ve got a busted up countertop, here are some tips on how to proceed.

Laminate Countertops

The most common countertops out there are made of laminate material. The problem with laminate countertops is that they can quickly become worn out and old. They can easily become chipped or stained, so it’s important to consider whether or not laminate is right for you. Nevertheless, it is a very common option — so what do you do if your laminate countertop cracks or wears down?


If it’s a minor issue, you can always paint your laminate countertop. They actually make a faux granite paint that easily covers up a countertop quite seamlessly. Be sure to clean the area first before painting and dab with a little bit of alcohol. Remove any old caulk from the area so that paint doesn’t get on it, which would make the job look quite sloppy. Don’t worry, you can apply new caulk after the paint has dried. Repair any chips or crack in the area as well before getting down to it. And finally, add a good primer, let it dry, and then paint the area with a small sponge using a dabbing method in a circular motion. This method will help the paint look more natural.

Baking Soda & Water

For stains that are a pain, you can make a paste out of baking soda and water and apply it to the area. Let the paste really soak into the countertop for a couple hours before wiping it clean with a paper towel. This should remove most of the stain from your counter, especially if it’s a recently formed stain. For those that are a little harder to get out, try using some nail polish remover, paint thinner, or a very small amount of acetone. Be sure to test this out on a small area first before dousing the whole area with it.[1]

Peel & Stick Vinyl Sheets

Believe it or not, you can cover up your countertop the same way you used to cover your school books. Peel and stick vinyl sheets are one of the cheaper ways to hide a damaged countertop and they come in a variety of options. Check them out here!


Tile is actually quite easy to replace. Just remove the tile that is cracked or chipped and replace it with a new one. Be sure to lay down some new grout so that it forms nicely to the area.


Wood countertops can be sanded where there is damage. Unfortunately, you may then end up with an uneven countertop. This may only be noticeable to you, but nevertheless, it could become quite the pain.


Installing quartz countertops may be your best bet when it comes down to damaged countertops. Quartz is basically indestructible — it’s one of the strongest materials on our planet! Barely anything can penetrate it or crack it. Quartz is also extremely easy to clean and care for because it’s non-pourous. Vadara Quartz uses only the purest, natural quartz around, and they come in a variety of shades.

If you’re looking to switch to a beautiful quartz countertop, look no further than Vadara Quartz. Visit their website to view your options today.


Versatile Ottoman Ideas to Spice Up Your Space

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When it comes to furniture, some pieces are meant to inspire beauty. There’s a fine art to both form and functionality. The ability to spice up your space with unique pieces can add mountains of value and depth to an otherwise monotone room. A. Rudin finds the ottoman to be a versatile piece that can really amplify your beautifying potential.

But having a luxury ottoman is just one thing; knowing what to do with it is another.

Check out our top 5 ideas for using an ottoman to add function, comfort, beauty, and fashion to your favorite home space.

1. Additional Seating

Ottomans are commonly known as footrests, but that doesn’t mean they have to be limited to that singular job description. You can provide an ottoman as a beautiful and comfortable space for additional seating. Your guests and family members can seek comfort with the ottoman, rather than scrambling to find another chair. Plus, it will give your living room more of an open-concept feel, especially since it’s so mobile.

Keep it out in the open as a shared stool, or prop it against the wall with a cushion to turn it into a miniature couch. There’s a reason the Huffington Post calls the ottoman “the most versatile piece in your home”!

2. More Storage Space

With an ottoman, you can hide things in plain side. More and more commonly, ottomans are being fabricated with a top that can be lifted up to reveal deep storage space inside. Use this to store pillows, blankets, cushions, books, or additional items you don’t want to lie around.

Its the perfect method for reducing clutter – and you can really expand on that image of the open-concept space. Looking to go ultra-modern? Want the minimalist look? The ottoman is probably one of the most useful pieces of furniture to provide all the functionality you need while being as sleek and elegant as ever.

3. Who Needs a Coffee Table?

Who needs a coffee table when an ottoman can do just the trick? Not only is an ottoman a great place for people to rest upon, but items can be rested upon it as well. Use it as a coffee table in place of another piece of furniture, especially if it’s an ottoman that provides a lot of space. No matter what your ottoman is made out of, you can display your books, food trays, or decorative centerpieces for better visual appeal.

4. Pure Showoff

Your ottoman is special enough that it can carry the room on its own. It’s a piece that you want to show off, and our A. Rudin experts can make sure of that. Not only does our extensive, high-end collection praise the beauty and multi-functionality of the ottoman, but it also provides a different versatility that you may never have had before.

Take advantage of the opportunity to display an ottoman in your room; no matter the size of your space, an ottoman can pull it together extremely well.

5. A Space For The Whole Family

Many homeowners like to attest to the child-friendliness of ottomans as well. Since most provide a plush, comfortable surface, they are easy for kids to play on as they join you for some much-deserved family time in the living room. They won’t hurt themselves on the soft surface, and their toys aren’t likely to cause any damage to this durable piece.

It’s a great idea to use an ottoman as a space to set up a board game so that you can keep your dining room space clean and free from clutter.

Enhance Your Room With An Ottoman Today!

Giving your room the most versatility possible is our passion. With the help of A. Rudin custom furniture, discover the furniture pieces that will tie your room together in a visually pleasing way, adding not only beauty but functionality to the place you call home. For more information about A. Rudin’s products and services, please reach out to their specialists online or call at (310) 659-2388.