Month: July 2019

How to Best Balance Traditional and Contemporary Styles in Your Home

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Mixed. Eclectic. Transitional. These words describe the beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary styles in harmony. You can achieve this for your home to create something truly unique – yet balanced.

With the help of A. Rudin luxury furniture, it’s time to learn the best tips for achieving this blend of styles. It’s important to think about many elements: Furniture, flooring, decor, colors, textures, and more. But before becoming overwhelmed with the possibilities, check out our short guide for starting this transitional journey. For more luxury furniture and layout options, reach out to A. Rudin today.

1. Know Your Contemporary

If you are intent on incorporating contemporary pieces among your traditional home, then make sure you are truly going with the contemporary style. One of the most beautiful things about contemporary is that it was born out of traditional; therefore, it’s easy to find contemporary pieces that can complement and grow from your already-existing traditional decorations.

Contemporary floors, ceiling textures, light fixtures, and more can give you a good hint on how to achieve that styling blend. Sectional sofas, for example, have been around for centuries. As have textured or patterned ceilings.

2. Think About Form And Function

Your color schemes are your own, but keep in mind what traditional styles are rooted in. A good rule of thumb that our pros often suggest (and FINE Magazine can back us up on this) is to go traditional for color and design, but go contemporary for function.


Simply put, you want to have the sleekest tech, and most vintage looking architecture. Putting ultra modern devices in your traditional cabin-style home with your antique wooden furniture can actually make quite a good statement. Of course, you still want to take your colors into consideration. Bronze and silver-colored appliances look a lot better against a traditional landscape than stainless steel, for example.

3. Feel The Love

This blended style is, in the words of HGTV, a “marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture”. That means the blend isn’t done haphazardly; a lot of critical eyes look into it. By understanding your own style and what you personally want to achieve in your home, you will be a lot more in tune with how to create a happy mix of old and new. We can provide you with an endless list of what contemporary and traditional pieces look great together, but ultimately, it is your choice.

For the most part, we’d like to recommend traditional walls, architecture, and styles. But when it comes to furniture, some decor items, and anything that has utility, go as contemporary as you can. It turns out that small and large go together quite well!

4. Know Your Opposites

Speaking of large and small, we hope you are starting to see a pattern: That opposites can go well together. Curves in luxury furniture and bold, straight lines on walls make a pretty decent pair. Dark interior decorating with light-colored furniture and foliage can really look nice.

Expected and unexpected are also two opposites we like to play with. When a guest or neighbor visits your home, you want to lead them on a journey. Just when they think they are starting to understand your style or pattern, you hit them with a pleasant surprise. A huge room with hardly any decoration. Or a highly modern abstract piece of art inside your victorian home. Something that is unique – but not over the top – can show that you have truly grasped the art of the transitional style.

Luxury Furniture for Any Style

Looking to make a transitional home yourself? Do you love both traditional and contemporary pieces, and you want to know how to best combine them? Or, perhaps you have a completely different style in mind? A. Rudin can assist you with any project, no matter how large or small. To get started now, contact them online or call at (310) 659-2388.

Ask Yourself These Things Before Buying Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Buying new kitchen cabinets can be an exciting time in your home renovation. However, it is important to not get ahead of yourself and make a purchase or decision on your cabinets that you will later regret. Whether you have bought modern kitchen cabinets before or are new to this experience, it is important to ask yourself a few key questions before buying your kitchen cabinets. To get inspiration on different cabinet styles and more information on Leicht kitchen finishes, visit Leicht LA today.

What is the budget?

Whether small or large, everyone has a budget. Establishing the budget early on will help you throughout the research process, and also avoid getting you in over your head early before you’ve really started. Knowing the budget will also give the cabinet experts that you speak with an idea of what they are working with and how they can best help you. From there, they may also be able to recommend different materials and alternatives to ensure that you get the look that you want with the budget that you have.

What look do I want my kitchen to have?

Since quality Leicht kitchen cabinets last for decades, the cabinets you pick will likely stay for the rest of your time in the home. Therefore, you should really ask yourself what look you want your kitchen to have for the next 10+ years. While you may initially want to pick something unique or go with a bold accent, you may be happier with a more subtle, classic look in the long run. Before making the big decision, make sure to consider what look you are going to love now and 20 years from now.

How much longer am I planning on living here?

It is no secret that buying new kitchen cabinets can be very expensive, but necessary, investment. When selecting the materials, finishes, and design, it is important to consider how much longer you plan on living there and who you are really designing the kitchen for. For example, if you really only plan on living there for the next two years before you hopefully sell it for profit, then you should consider designing your kitchen for what is going to appeal to future prospects. However, if this is your forever home that you plan on living in for the next 20+ years, then you have more freedom to tailor the design exactly to your liking and style.

Are the cabinets I want to buy high quality?

The last thing you want is to invest in renovating your Leicht kitchen cabinets, only for them to fall apart or break within a few years. At that point, your investment was worth nothing and you have to start from scratch all over again. Before moving forward with your purchase, make sure to do the research and check that the kitchen cabinets you are considering are high quality. You can do this by feeling and holding the materials themselves and reading past customer reviews to see their experience with the product.

Renovating your kitchen cabinets can make all the difference in the look and feel of your home, which is while investing in quality materials and an expert team is of the utmost importance. Once you ask yourself these key questions, it is time to make a call to the experts at Leicht LA. With their experienced team, beautiful designs, and quality materials, they are the team to trust with your Leicht kitchen cabinet purchase.