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How to Get Super Glue Off of Your Countertops

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Get super glue off countertops

Whether you’re putting together a simple craft or working on a larger project, there’s no beating the adhesive power of Super Glue. Unfortunately, super glue doesn’t discriminate. If you aren’t careful, you can easily end up with glue all over your countertops, and getting it off can seem nearly impossible at first. Fortunately, you probably already have something in your bathroom that can help get super glue off your countertops

The Magic of Acetone

Acetone is an organic compound that can be used to break down glue at the molecular level, but you don’t have to make a trip to your local home improvement store to get it. In fact, you can most likely find it in your bathroom right now. If anyone in your household uses nail polish, then you are sure to find nail polish remover somewhere in the house. Check the label. If it contains acetone, then you’re ready to go as it helps break the super glue bond.

Steps to get Super Glue Off Countertops with Nail Polish Remover

Open a Window

Nail polish remover is strong stuff. To prevent fumes from filling the room, make sure you open a window just to be safe. Now lets get that super glue off your countertops.

Put on Gloves

Depending on the concentration of acetone in your nail polish remover, it can be very drying. You will want to reduce contact with your skin as much as possible. Wearing gloves is a great way to prevent exposure. 

Proceed with Caution

Acetone is highly volatile. Before moving forward, make sure that there are no open flames or other chemicals in use nearby. If there are still fumes in the air from cleaning or any other project, place a fan in an open window and allow them to dissipate. 

Grab Your Supplies

You will want a bottle of nail polish remover and a small stack of cotton swabs depending on the size of the spill. Dip the cotton swabs in the nail polish remover. If the bottle is low and you have to tilt it to wet the swab, make sure you do it over the sink to avoid spilling.

Use Sparingly

Once you have taken the proper steps to make sure you’re using your nail polish safely, gently apply the wet swabs to the area where the glue was spilled. Do you best to not touch the actual countertop with the swap, especially if they are laminate or any other composite held together with an adhesive compound. 

For Stubborn Glue

If the glue is very hard and you’re having difficulty removing it, then there is one more trick you can try before resorting to scraping it off. Try placing a bag of ice over the glue, allowing it to gradually approaching freezing temperatures. This will make the glue more brittle, making it easier to chip away from your countertop. You can remove any remaining bits with a razor blade, but make sure you do so safely by wearing safety gear and cutting away from yourself. 

Prevention is Best

Although nail polish remover and ice will gradually wear down even the most stubborn spills, it is best to avoid them in the first place. Before starting a project, put down several protective layers. You can use newspaper or even a pastry mat that you plan to use exclusively for crafting. Wear gloves to keep the glue off your skin, and make sure you wear clothes that you don’t care too much about. 

If children are involved, then moving the project outside is a great way to prevent major spills that could undermine your most careful plans. For fun ideas for home décor and family crafts, check out the Super Glue Corps videos.