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Copper vs. PEX: Which Should You Choose for Repiping?

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Taking on a repiping project for your home can be stressful and time-consuming. Before the work can begin, you must meet with plumbing and piping specialists to understand how your system works. The most difficult decisions that you will make are choosing the right solution for your piping replacement. This goes along with picking the right kind of piping to install and trusting the best team of specialists to help. Get the answers you need from a certified Los Angeles plumber when you choose Henrik Plumbing for your next repiping job today!

What’s the Best Method to Utilize for Repiping?

The length of work time will depend on how much of your piping needs to be removed, and what area of the house the workers will need to complete the job. If only a partial project is necessary, the work can be done in a day or two. Any water shut off could be scheduled for a busy time in your day, so that the disruption does not affect your schedule.

When the project requires a large or full piping replacement, the work could take between a few days to a week. Testing that requires turning off the water can still be scheduled for the middle of the day to decrease lifestyle interruptions. You should also prepare to have your home ready for the workers before they begin. This should include moving furniture out of the rooms that are being worked in and covering furniture. Leaving your couches and tables out in the repiping rooms will not only get in the way of the workers, but the chance of them getting damaged is also high. If you are doing a full repiping throughout your home, moving furniture may happen in a shifting schedule. This way, your furniture can sit in one room while another is being repiped. Find out more about a variety of repiping services by visiting Henrik Plumbing.

Is Copper or PEX Piping Better?

Once you have determined the kind of repiping project you are undertaking, you will need to decide on the material for your pipes. There is a common debate between copper and PEX repiping for installation because both products have pros and cons. PEX repiping is more of a tube because it is made from nonmetal materials. This makes PEX piping durable and resistant to mineral buildup that can occur in copper piping. It is also freezing \-resistant for customers who live in colder regions, and it is flexible, so fitting the PEX during a project is not an issue.

However, one main complaint that PEX customers experience is the decrease in water efficiency. PEX piping connects through an internal rigging, which causes water flow to be delayed. Copper repiping has external connections. Additionally, copper pipes can withstand more extreme temperatures (highs and lows.) However, copper is slightly more expensive than PEX piping in some installation situations and it can begin to corrode over a period of time, causing the need for eventual replacement. Don’t guess when it comes to deciding what piping material and method your home will need. Get expert advice and an incredible team when you choose Henrik Plumbing for your next repiping project!

Plumbing Secrets from the Experts

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If you have ever experienced significant plumbing problems, you know that the work to repair and upgrade your piping can be difficult and expensive. However, there may be some insider tips about plumbing that experts have been holding on to for years that could help you during your next plumbing and piping project or repair. Discover the incredible plumbing secrets from professionals in the industry to help you install the best plumbing system in your property, and make sure you are getting the best deal when you need some new repairs done! Call Henrik Plumbing today to speak with one of the top plumbers in Los Angeles and get your plumbing system in top shape today!

Washing Machine Water Hoses

When it comes to plumbing, there will always be specific appliances or parts that require extra attention due to either the volume of water they control or the frequency with which they are used. The water hose that is attached to your washing machine is not only dealing with massive amounts of water each time you use it, it is also one of your more frequently used pipes, and therefore is one of the most repaired systems in the plumbing industry. Washing machine water hoses should also be at the top of every homeowner’s insurance, as the breaks could happen more frequently than you are prepared for. Another great way to upgrade against constant leaking and breaks is to replace your standard rubber hose with a stainless-steel model. To get the best service on your next piping repair or upgrade, contact the team at Henrik Plumbing now to schedule your first home walkthrough with a talented professional!

Know What to Flush and What Not to Flush

Even with newer products advertising a ‘safe flush’ option, there are products that should not ever be flushed, no matter what it says on the packaging! Products like tampons, wet wipes, dental floss, and grease should never be flushed or washed down any plumbing pipes. When objects are flushed, the pipes can not only get backed up and cause a clog, they can damage the pipes and cause an internal burst somewhere along the piping in your home. Rinsing grease down the sink is also an incredible damaging habit, as the grease can heat up once in your pipes and will ultimately corrode the piping that runs through your house. This corrosion can occur all over your piping system, or in a concentrated area and can cause significant leaking, bursting and overall malfunction of your entire plumbing system. To avoid major grease damage in your pipes, use an old coffee can or other storage containers, and pour any leftover grease into them after cooking. Take the coffee can and place the cap on, then set it in the freezer to harden the grease. Once the can has been filled completely with excess cooking grease, freeze the grease until it’s thoroughly solid, then throw the entire can away and start over with a new can.

What Should You Be Paying?

When it comes to servicing your piping system, it can be difficult to know if you’re getting the right price for your repair or upgrade. A good rule of thumb to follow is to always pay your plumber by the type of job on a flat rate, never based on an hourly agreement. When plumbers request hourly payment, they may take advantage of the situation and spend more time than necessary on the project. Always research the company and specific repair service that you are utilizing to compare the best deals, and never accept offers based on an hourly pay rate. Get the best plumbing service at an amazing price when you book your repair or upgrade with an excellent plumber from Henrik Plumbing today!

What is Pipe Bursting?

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When the piping that lines your home becomes worn out, broken or even just outdated, it’s important that they are replaced to ensure that no serious and expensive damage occurs in the foundational structure of your house. There are a few ways to tackle this problem, but one of the newest and most effective is pipe bursting. Pipe bursting should never be conducted without a professional, but when it is done properly, you will benefit from the customized precision.

Because pipe bursting is a newer technique, it can be confusing if you have never heard of it before. If you are looking for a certified Los Angeles plumber, call Nautilus today to set up a time for a professional to inspect your pipes now!

A Closer Look at Pipe Bursting

When you hear the phrase ‘pipe bursting’ you might think that this is a diagnosis of your piping system instead of a solution. The truth is, pipe bursting is a method that plumbers use as a replacement solution to physically digging up the pipelines of your home. Before the pipe bursting method, the pipes of your home would be dug out in a trench, then removed and replaced. This process could take days at a time and would leave your home and your family exposed to an unsightly open trench until the pipe could be covered up again.

Instead of this invasive method, pipe bursting was created to minimize the damage to lawns, and decrease the amount of time and energy necessary to replace old or worn down piping. When your plumber decides to burst your pipes, they will find access points at each end of your pipes, make small holes in your lawn in order to find them, and carefully burst the pipe before immediately replacing it with the new pipe through a chain method. The new piping is pulled into place as the old pipe is removed.

Homeowners love this inventive method, as it means far less work is necessary to replace their pipes, and they do not have to suffer through the process of an open trench and trying to restore their lawns back to former glory. If you think your pipes need to be replaced, don’t leave the job up to just any Los Angeles plumber, contact Nautilus Plumbing today to have a certified and highly rated plumber inspect your home piping system now.

When you call your professional Los Angeles plumber to perform a pipe bursting replacement, you will most likely be able to choose from two different methods of bursting. The first is a hydraulic method, which is primarily used to replace sewer lines and employs a set of hydraulic cylinders to break and burst the piping.

The second is a static method, which is mainly used to burst water and gas piping, utilizes a powerful winch or a high-tension drum to break and burst the pipes. Deciding between the two is an important decision, so if you are unsure, talk with your plumber to get their best opinion on which method will be the best solution for your home and pipe variety. These two methods are the most utilized because of their specialized bursting capabilities for your pipes, and their ability to burst and replace pipe simultaneously. As the pipe is broken and pulled out of place, new piping is laid in the same pulling motion. This makes the replacement simple and effective for both you and your plumber.

Consider Nautilus for your plumbing needs by calling or visiting online to book your next pipe inspection!