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Going Americana with These Vintage Home Landscaping (and decorating) Ideas

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Americana house with American flag outside

Patriotic decor is a thing that never goes out of style. Whether you’re decorating a newly grown garden or looking to spruce up what you already have, it’s always nice to refresh your look. One thing that homeowners have really been into lately is the rustic Americana style.

What does Americana mean, exactly? Is it just cowboy hats and leather boots? Is it a pick-up truck with a golden retriever in the back? Well, that’s just the beauty of it; Americana can mean so many things! With the help of Flags Importer, it’s time to look at some of the most creative and patriotic ways for you to flaunt a style that’s truly American. Whether you’re an over-the-top kind of decorator or not, here are a wide range of ideas from snazzy to subtle. To purchase custom American flags for your yard, visit Flags Importer today!

The Fence

Let’s talk fences. It’s one of the first things a neighbor or passerby will see when looking at your garden. Fences serve functional and decorative purposes, separating your home from another yard or property. They also add a lot of depth and texture to your garden. We’re all fans of the classic white picket fence, although there are many options for you to enjoy in the Americana style.

Better Homes and Gardens recommends anything made from rustic iron or metal. A wrought iron fence, or something with decorated fence posts, can really stand out and make a difference when theming your garden.

Greenhouse For Your Goods

Greenhouses are wonderful because you can plant flowers, herbs, plants, and crops all year long. You don’t need to be bothered with seasonal changes. A greenhouse made from recycled woods and metals can really give your garden a classic Americana look.

Plus, you’ll be able to expand on your gardening skills and desires. Having a range of plants from all places of the world represents the great mixing bowl of America, reflecting a rich history of what it means to live in the United States.

Think American

What’s more American than the U.S. flag? Surely you can’t go far with an Americana look without one. Thankfully, high-quality, hand-made, vintage American flags are not impossible to find. Nor will they break the bank! Flag Importer’s inventory of American flags is one of the most varied and affordable flags on the market today. Whether you want an American flag that’s large, small, old, or new, they have it all. You can even buy flags wholesale and cut costs while representing your American spirit wherever you go.

Aim for Rustic

Rustic is overall charming and adds a lot of uniqueness and character to your yard. Start with some small rustic items like old watering cans and pots. You can place them on a table, or on the ground, but make sure to account for plenty of elevation. This will give your garden a rich look, filled with meaningful decorations and plants that really show your neighbors that you care.

Custom Outdoor American Flags

Flags Importer specializes in finding the best flag that fits all of your needs. Decorating your garden can be one of the most enjoyable and therapeutic parts of owning your own home, and you can make your yard something that reflects who you are as a person. They have a huge inventory of American flags in all shapes, sizes, and styles so that you can outfit your whole home with a true Americana vibe.

Flags Importer offers both individual and wholesale items. You can stock up for the whole team or just buy something for you. If you’re interested in learning more about their endless flag collection, feel free to contact their customer service representatives online or call at (909) 605-2968.

Making Your Apartment Baby-Safe

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The wait is almost over and you are preparing for your baby’s arrival. Congrats! This is an exciting time as you prepare for your baby to be born. Perhaps one of the most important parts in preparing for life after birth is making sure your apartment is safe for babies. You may be wondering how to ensure your baby is in the safest environment possible in your home. From keeping sharp objects out of reach to avoiding harsh chemicals when cleaning your carpets, these are some tips for making your apartment baby-proof.

Keep Knives and Other Sharp Edges Out of Reach

Sure, maybe you were just gifted a beautiful knife set that would look great on the counter. However, make sure it is not close to the edge or in danger of getting knocked over. Other items may be less obviously sharp, such as the heel of a shoe (not to mention the germs!) Instead of kicking off your heels after your long day at work, make sure you safely tuck them away in the closet for your baby’s sake. If there are sharp corners on any of your furniture, invest in bumpers or safety padding to protect your baby if he or she runs into the furniture.

Cover Electrical Outlets

The curiosity in babies can lead them to unsafe places, such as outlets. While they may think they are innocently playing with the hole in the way. Due to the risk of electrocution, it’s very important to keep a protective covering on the outlet. You can buy protective covers at most department stores or order them online for convenience.

Carpet Cleaning

While keeping your apartment as clean as possible is important, you should educate yourself about the chemicals in certain cleaning supplies. Some companies use chemicals that could be harmful to your baby, so it’s important to use a carpet cleaning company that promises to use non-toxic chemicals, such as Steam Pro.

Companies like these will ensure your carpet is as clean as possible. Your baby should be steered clear of any germs that may be lingering around your apartment. It’s actually a great idea to get your carpet cleaned before welcoming home a baby, as long as you pick the right carpet cleaner!

Be Aware of Choking Hazards

Choking hazards can appear in unlikely places. Your keys, a bottle cap, or a broken piece of a toy can all be choking hazards for a baby. Be especially aware of toys, as you or a friend may gift a toy to your baby without realizing that the toy is better suited for a toddler or child due to choking hazards. Make sure to tightly close your bottle caps, and leave all small pieces of candy in a tightly closed jar. Regularly vacuum to pick up items like pennies or small pieces from broken technology.

Keep Your Baby in the Playpen

Letting your baby roam around, explore, and satisfy his or her curiosity is a good idea once they are old enough. However, keep your newborn in a safe crib that you know has none of the aforementioned issues. Double-check the crib every now and then to ensure that no stray objects have entered your baby’s safe space. Invest in a baby monitor so you can hear what noises your baby is making when you have to leave the room. Try to keep an eye on your baby when you can.

Enjoy Parenthood

Make sure you are spending as much time with your baby as possible. You and your baby will share a beautiful life together! Making sure your apartment is baby proof is the first step of a beautiful journey. 

How to Get Rid of Carpet Indentations

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A beautiful carpet can often be less visually appealing when pesky carpet indentations distract from their quality. From regular cleaning methods to dentation prevention, there is actually a decent amount of thought and effort that goes into maintaining a beautiful carpet.

Preventing Carpet Indentations

Often times the weight of furniture can compress the fibers in carpet, and leave a dent. One way to try to prevent this is to place the furniture legs on a coaster. This can reduce or prevent indentations because furniture coasters distribute the heavyweight of furniture over a wider area. It’s also a good idea to regularly vacuum your entire carpet and move aside the furniture when necessary to access hard-to-reach areas. Every month or so, nudge the furniture a few inches to the left or right in order to prevent the furniture from being in the same exact spot for prolonged periods, thus leaving dents. Dentations often happens because furniture is left in the same place for extended periods.

Removing Carpet Indentations

Sometimes you cannot avoid creating carpet dents, and usually, this is somewhat inevitable.   Often times the weight of furniture can compress the fibers in carpet, and leave a dent. You may be able to get them out on your own by trying some of these methods.

Ice is surprisingly successful at ridding carpets of indentations. Apply ice cubes to the compressed carpet area, and allow it to melt. The water will occupy the space of the indentation, and hopefully, the fibers will soak up the water and raise to remove the indent. Dry off the excess water with a towel, and use a utensil to raise the fibers.

Damp towels can also be used to remove dents. You will want to use an iron on medium heat and glide it over the towel to warm it up. You will not want to directly iron the carpet as this could burn and permanently damage the carpet. Applying the damp towel to the carpet may reduce the appearance of a carpet indentation. After applying the damp towel, vacuum the area to create heat and raise and thicken the fibers.

A blow dryer is another good option. The heat can add volume to the fibers, just like it does with long hair. Apply water to the area and then blow dry it dry, which will hopefully add “fluff” to the carpet fibers, and minimize any dents.

Consult professionals if do-it-yourself removal methods aren’t doing the job. Professionals have many years of experience, as well as the proper tools and equipment to leave your carpet dent-free. They will be able to help you consider your options regarding achieving a more beautiful carpet. Do your research and find the most reputable companies in your area. For example, Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners is a carpet cleaning company in the LA area that has been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, ensuring their quality of service. In addition to the carpet, they will be able to resolve your problems with indentation. If the indents are severe, you may need to consider getting that area of the carpet replaced entirely. (They also cleaning services for hardwood flooring, upholstery, rugs, and more.)

Enjoy your new carpet. Carpets create a warmer, more comfortable space. Enjoy your new carpet and keep your living areas clean to create a welcoming space for guests. Consider asking guests to take their shoes off when entering to keep your carpet in pristine condition, and vacuum regularly to maintain its cleanliness. Treat stains as quickly as possible to increase the likelihood of their removal, and be aware of dents due to furniture placement. A beautiful carpet leads to a beautiful, happy home.

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