How to Go Green in the Kitchen

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How to go green in the kitchen tips

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Building one from scratch? Do you have plans to change some things around to make the most important room of the home more functional and beautiful? At Neolith, we understand the power a brand-new kitchen can have, especially when it is stocked full of the latest and greatest smart devices and kitchen-ready tech. But what about sustainability? How can you go green in the kitchen?

Going green (and staying green) is one of the most important values we have at Neolith Sintered Stone. We are committed to the environment and every one of our customers by providing green and sustainable surfaces and resources to help homeowners be kinder to the Earth. That is why we created this guide for the best and easiest ways to going green in your own kitchen. 

Stick With Gas Appliances

What is more energy-efficient? Gas or electric? It largely depends on the type of appliance you are using to cook and how often you cook. However, for the average homeowner, it can be safe to say that gas-powered appliances are greener than electric stovetops. This is because gas heats up instantly, rather than having to stay on for longer periods of time while it heats up. And once it’s heated, it wastes no heat after cooking. The lower the BTUs of the stove, the less energy you will put out. 

Buy in Bulk 

Your kitchen appliances aren’t the only thing that can help you go green. The food you store and prepare in your kitchen can also make a huge difference. If you love to cook and you have a few mouths to feed, consider buying in bulk. 

According to Supermarket Guru, buying in bulk helps the environment because there is less packaging that ends up in landfills, not to mention fewer auto emissions due to decreased trips to the store. Buying in bulk is a smart plan for the benefit of your family and your home – but make sure that you don’t let all of that good food go to waste! 

Invest in Lasting Materials

You want kitchen utensils that are going to last you quite a long time. For example, if you like to make use of pots and pans often, you’ll want some cookware made with stainless steel or cast iron. These materials are built to last, and they can stand the test of time no matter how often you use them. This means that you will produce less waste, and you will have fewer things to fill up those landfills year after will. That’s what sustainability is all about – making things last without creating waste. 

That is another good reason to invest in our Neolith sintered stone countertops. Sintered stone is 100% environmentally friendly as it is recyclable, functional, and long-lasting. You can trust in the structural integrity of your sintered stone countertop for a lifetime, and you don’t have to use abrasive chemical products to clean it.

Properly Dispose of Old Appliances

If you are looking to replace your old stove or dishwasher with a new and improved, eco-friendly appliance, don’t just throw your old appliance away without doing some proper research. Did you know that there are many different organizations and communities who will take your old appliance and give it to a family in need? That way, it doesn’t sit out on your curb and then waste space in a junkyard with all of its non-biodegradable parts. You are helping both your planet and your community with this one! 

Go Green in Your New Kitchen!

Our Neolith experts are excited to witness the future of kitchen appliances and cooking habits. Going green is an important initiative and an excellent reason to invest in an overall kitchen upgrade. Neolith sintered stone is one of the leading kitchen countertops products in South Africa. Get into your kitchen remodeling plans and invest in a greener living situation today. 

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