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Making a Statement With Your Yard this Christmas

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Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Festive music, holiday lights, evergreen trees, and gift-giving are just a few of the elements that make this time of year so special. One festive addition that will really get you in the Christmas spirit is incorporating your yard into your décor as well. After all, it is the first thing you and your guests see when arriving at your house, so why not make the best impression possible?

Incorporating your yard in your holiday décor will take your Christmas season to the next level. For more information on festive holiday flags for your yard, contact Flags Importer.

Lights, lights, lights

Holiday lights are one of the most eye-catching and beautiful ways to decorate your yard for the holidays. Instead of simply decorating your home with holiday lights, consider adding festive lights to your yard as well. This can include everything from lining your walkway with colored bulbs to setting up a lit reindeer on your front porch. Incorporating lights in unexpected ways will really make your yard merry and bright.

Statement Pieces

The easiest way to make a statement with your yard at Christmas is to add a large statement piece. One popular statement piece is an inflatable Santa or snow globes that take up a large amount of real estate on your yard. Another popular option is to incorporate oversized items, like large ornaments, to really draw the eye in. You can also add fake snow if you are in a climate that stays warm during the winter so everyone can experience a bit of a white Christmas.

Line Your Walkway with Christmas Flags

If you want to make a statement with your yard but also want to keep it simpler, then lining your walkway is a great place to start. Begin by lining your walkway with lights and then add festive elements like Christmas flags to really bring it to life. You can have fun with it by adding Santa’s boot prints and custom Christmas flags from Flag’s Importer. They have a large selection of different Christmas designs for any theme you have chosen.

Don’t Forget the Small things

Making a statement means paying extra attention to the small details. Your theme will really come to life when you incorporate decorations to parts of your yard that others may miss. For example, wrapping the light pole outside your house with a festive ribbon or adding a lush wreath to your mailbox will make a huge difference to the statement your yard makes. Also, adding fun lights to the windows that look over your yard will add another touch since it is a part of the overall look of your yard.

Don’t be Scared to Opt for the Unusual

Part of making a statement is having your yard stand out from the rest of the standard Christmas yards. If you find a unique piece that you will absolutely love, don’t hesitate to use it in your yard display. Abstract ornaments, unique wrappings, movie-themed elements are just a few of the fun ways you can make your yard stand out in a unique way.

Don’t Forget the Doorway

Your doorway is the grand finale in the walk up to your house from your yard, so make it something special. Instead of simply adding a Christmas wreath to your front door, consider lining your entire doorway with lit garland and ornaments. You can also add a Christmas themed doormat, red lanterns, and fake wrapped presents to your doorstep so the holiday spirit is incorporated from top to bottom.

For more ideas on holiday décor and Christmas flags for your yard, visit Flags Importer.

Kitchen Remodel Secrets: Devil in the Details

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Beginning a kitchen remodel project can be overwhelming, especially with a seemingly endless supply of information available on the Internet. However, what isn’t always discussed is the secrets of a spectacular kitchen remodel and the details that will really make your space wow. For additional help on designing your kitchen, contact Vadara Quartz today.

Be Intentional with your Outlets

Now more than ever, outlets are an important part of every home. In fact, it is said that the kitchen uses the most electricity out of every room in the house. Aside from appliances and kitchen gadgets, they are also necessary for modern kitchens because there is a multitude of personal devices that need to be charged as well (i.e. phones, iPads). Since many building codes require that there is an electrical outlet every 4 feet, you can see how quickly that can add up even in a small kitchen. Therefore, it is important to be intentional with your outlets in the overall design of your kitchen.

Aside from strategically placing them throughout the space, also consider picking a color for them. Many people think that they are stuck with just a plain white color, but that is not the case. Pick a color that matches the overall aesthetic of your kitchen or blends with the backsplash you have chosen. You can also play with its position on your wall for a seamless design. Instead of installing them vertically, like most homes, have them places horizontally. This will result in a less obtrusive, but equally as functional, electrical outlet.

Panel your Appliances

Although every kitchen is different than the next, there are a few commonalities across the board. For example, every kitchen tends to have the same main appliances (i.e. dishwasher, refrigerator). While there is a multitude of styles, finishes, and functions for each of these appliances, you aren’t limited to just those. Instead, designers today are opting for paneling the main appliances so that they seamlessly flow with the cabinets and the design of the rest of the kitchen.

Textured Quartz Cabinets

One trick that designers love when creating a space is mixing and matching different patterns, heights, and fabrics. It brings a level of sophistication and uniqueness to the space that is hard to replicate. However, with your kitchen, you have to be a bit more intentional with how you use the mix and match rule.

For example, it wouldn’t make sense to play with different heights of your cabinets, but you could mix and match the color of the countertops. Another way to incorporate an elevated feel to the kitchen is to choose textured quartz counters. For more information on textured quartz countertops, visit Vadara Quartz.

Design with Functionality in Mind

An exciting part of the remodeling process is getting to pick your favorite cabinets, countertops, and tiles. However, you also need to account for the functionality of the space as well. For example, one modern feature that people love having is a separate sink for prep and dirty dishes. However, if their location is not thought out properly, then it can lead to more of an annoyance than anything else. To avoid that, make sure to place the prep sink in the island and the kitchen sink for dirty dishes at the back. By doing this, the dirty dishes won’t be a front and center eyesore to the overall look of your kitchen.

Designing your dream kitchen is a process that should be fun and exciting. Knowing all of the remodeling secrets and details to really bringing the space together is key to designing a kitchen you will love for years to come. For help on designing your kitchen and getting inspiration on modern techniques, contact the experts at Vadara Quartz today.

Kitchen Layout Spotlight: Integrated Living Spaces

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Are you a fan of the open-concept style for your home layout? Vadara Quartz is! Having an open floor plan can be a freeing design idea for homeowners who enjoy having their kitchens and living spaces all in one room. This is somewhat of a modern concept, as homes have historically been divided into their own separate rooms, cut off from one another. With advancements in heating and cooling technology, it is easier than ever to have an open-concept kitchen and living space.

Here are a few ideas for the best ways to achieve an integrated living space. These ideas will open both your home and your mind so you can be included in the party even when you’re cooking.

Advantages of an Integrated Living Space

There’s a reason why open layouts have become such a popular design choice in the post-industrial world. This is due to their large number of advantages. The pros of having an integrated living space include:

  • Better access to lighting throughout the home, with less lighting required to brighten each space
  • Views of the whole kitchen and living space, so you can watch TV while you cook or entertain your guests while you prepare dinner
  • Expanded layouts make the house appear larger in size
  • Multi-functional use of the entire home
  • Better flow of foot traffic throughout the space

Plus, if you have a relatively small kitchen, you can make space look a lot bigger by knocking down a wall that separates it from the living room. That way, the home becomes one large space where you can cook, relax, party, and hang out all in one.

Tips for a Light and Airy Open Concept Kitchen

Opening up your floor plan gives you plenty of new opportunities that you may not have had before. With the right additions to your home, you can make it a comfortable and elegant space for the whole family to enjoy.

Add an Island to Your Kitchen

Small Design Ideas mentions that opening your once-small kitchen up to an open floor plan gives you space for a brand new island – and we couldn’t agree more. Not only do you now have room to add one, but you can also use it as a way to still keep a slight separation between the kitchen and living room.

Don’t forget that you can fit your new island with the perfect quartz countertop to match the elegant style of your open design.

Make Room for Seating

You finally have room for additional seating in your kitchen area. Maybe you want to expand your counters and make a bar with stools for your family members to sit at. Or you can extend the length and size of your dining room table to fill up all of this new extra space you have, adding more chairs in the process.

Add An office

Still, have some extra room in your now-open living space? Build that little office you’ve always wanted! Now that you don’t need to have a whole extra room for a home office, you can use part of the open design for your computer zone. Add a bookshelf or a work desk with a lamp to make it your own private space in plain view. It’s a concept that more and more homes are adopting.

Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams with Vadara Quartz

Opening your house up to integrate your kitchen and your living space can be a wonderful way to improve the look (and value) of your home. Now you will have extra room to work with, so you can add those kitchen features you’ve always wanted, starting with the countertops. At Vadara Quartz, an extensive inventory of beautiful selections is made to fit kitchens of every style or size. To find out more, reach out to them online or call (844) 482-3272 to get started on your open kitchen experience.