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Kitchen Islands: Large and In Charge

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Designing large islands can offer a luxurious addition to your kitchen. If you are looking for an island that will add a true wow factor to your home, investing in a larger-sized island can bring the whole room together. And when it comes to showing your guests that your kitchen is large and in charge, the Vadara Quartz professionals know what it’s all about.

From concept to design, there are many exciting elements of a large island to incorporate into the kitchen. It’s important to keep in mind that a large kitchen is not required for a large island; often, it can be easier to add these elements to a smaller-sized space. Don’t forget to add quartz countertops to your island for a luxurious touch. Continue reading to discover more about large kitchen islands.

Keeping Things Functional

Large islands are great, but of course, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice the functionality to the kitchen. Finding the balance between design and usability is the key to building the perfect kitchen.

On the other hand, a large kitchen island can add even more form and functionality to kitchens that are already spacious. An over-sized island can offer a useful bar area for residents and guests to sit and eat and it can also provide great counter space for meal preparation. Islands with large surface areas of quartz countertops can provide many uses in a single trip to the kitchen. Now that’s cohesion!

Knowing when Large is Too Large

There is such a thing as too large, although there is a lot of room for creativity in many different types of kitchens. There are many function and design-based reasons that will let you know when large is too large, however.

Keep the following things in mind:

● Your kitchen island should be built first and foremost for functionality, not for design or form. If it becomes too large, it can just become an obstruction which causes more annoyance than comfort. It might take you too long to walk around it to get to your sink or refrigerator. In that case, the island won’t really have any value.

● Some island spaces can be too vast. If you have a huge island in the center of your kitchen with one flat, consistent height, it will just look like a large slab of stone in the middle of your room. If you’re going to make things very big, you should add different height levels to your countertops to add some depth and design to your space. Plus, this can increase the functionality of your island as well.

● Islands that are too big can be more difficult to clean. If you have a large square or even rectangular-shaped island, you might find it hard to reach the center to clean. Unless a member of your family has exceptionally long arms, you should consider something that isn’t too long or too wide.

There are also some countertop materials that come in size limitations. While quartz countertops sizes are flexible, you may not be able to achieve the oversized countertop you need using other types of natural stone. While being large and in charge is an encouraged and heavily praised feature for your kitchen, this should of course be executed within reason.

Consider a Large Kitchen Island for Your Next Remodeling Project

If you’re in the middle of a kitchen remodeling design project, your mind might be set on a kitchen island. There is a lot of beauty and function in having kitchen islands, with an endless variety of shapes, styles, countertop heights, and colors to choose from. The professional designers at Vadara Quartz are excited to help you build a large kitchen island. To get in touch with them, you can simply reach out online or give them a call at (844) 482-3272 today.

Top 7 Factors to Consider when Investing in Commercial Real Estate

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Looking for real Estate Properties?

Commercial real estate can be a lucrative and appealing investment choice. There are many things to think about when getting involved with a new commercial real estate investment. For example, making sure your property stays safe with virtual guarding and monitoring is a primary concern. Overall, commercial real estate is a wise investment for agents looking to move their businesses forward in 2018.

Successful executives from Forbes Real Estate Council suggest investors should be aware of the following before getting involved in commercial real estate.

1. Patience is Key

Everything takes longer with commercial real estate, including build out, renovation, finding new tenants –and “due diligence is months instead of days.” The flip side? The leases are longer as well. You just have to build your patience!

2. Know the Market Fundamentals

Having a good understanding of the legal implications, competition, vacancy, rents, etc., will allow you to make smart investments that bring in high returns.

3. Location, Location, Location!

A good location is essential to success. There are several factors to consider when choosing a location for your commercial property.

– Traffic Flow

· How much vehicular traffic is there in the area?

· How much foot traffic is there in the area?

· Can your building be easily seen, or will patrons have to search for it?

– Demographics

Both the local and overall city population should show a reasonable growth trend. If the numbers of local residents are diminishing, it means the area is headed for a downturn — and this can only mean bad things for your property.

– Household Incomes and Spending Patterns

Use this information to analyze whether your property is a good fit for a neighborhood and surrounding areas. “For example, a food wholesaler might seem like a good fit for any neighborhood, but a lower-middle class population may not be able to afford buying in bulk.”

4. Understand the Range of Risk

As opposed to residential real estate — where two adjacent buildings would show similar risk — commercial real estate risk varies greatly by property type. The risks associated with two commercial buildings in a similar location would fluctuate independently; so, it’s important to understand the risk associated with your potential investment.

5. Assess Security Options

Virtual guarding and monitoring is the best option for protecting your commercial real estate property. Elite Interactive Solution’s Remote Guardingsystems blend the latest technology with established security processes, and highly trained on-the-ground security professionals, to prevent crime on your property in an extremely effective way.

Elite’s process includes:

1. Forensic evaluations of your property

2. Activation of “digital guards” in case of unwanted activity on your property

3. Real-time, event-driven response from highly trained professional security agents from a centralized command center

4. Contact with local law enforcement and first responders for the best possible response

5. Virtual guarding and monitoring in a proactive approach to security

6. Avoid Failing Business Models

If your tenants include businesses that are migrating online (like banks, bookstores, or electronics outlets,) you should assume they will default on their lease at one point or another and prepare your insurance to cover you when that happens. Keep your eye out for failing businesses and do your best not to deal with them.

7. Understand Market Trends

This is related to the previous point about businesses migrating online: make sure you understand the dynamics of the property type you invest in. If it is retail, consider the short and long-term impacts of e-commerce on consumer demand. If it’s office space, you should be thinking about how trends like co-working and telecommuting will affect the demand for offices in your market/area.

Elite Interactive Solutions offers virtual guarding and monitoring services (aka “Remote Guarding.”) Their people, processes, and technology — including “Digital Guards” — keep your commercial real estate properties safe by securing “places where people shouldn’t be.”
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Top Kitchen Color Schemes

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When you’re investing in a kitchen remodeling project, there are a lot of important factors to take into consideration. Style, design, construction, and decor are just some of the many things to think about. Perhaps the biggest decision maker of all is the choice of color scheme for your kitchen and counter tops. It can be a difficult choice, especially considering the variety of quartz counter top colors available.

At Vadara Quartz, we want to help you reduce the complexity and frustration of trying to choose from the endless variety of colors for your kitchen. Instead, look at some of the top kitchen color schemes to find out what’s hot right now. Check out the color combinations listed below for some timeless inspiration.

1. Keep Things Cool with Blue and Brown

Earth-based tones are always in style and decorating your kitchen with this color scheme can be a great choice for a transitional or modern-styled home. Try incorporating a dark chocolate brown with a bold blue of any hue for something unique. It will feel cool yet cozy at the same time, altogether creating an inviting space for you and your family to enjoy.

2. Red and Black for A Bold Statement

You may be hesitant to consider red in part of your color scheme but remember that red is an extremely varied and versatile color. It doesn’t have to be a cherry, fire-truck red; at the same time, a bright red can make a space come alive. Black is a cool companion to the fiery tones of red, balancing the shadows and highlights of your kitchen by bringing out the best of both worlds. Plus, black is traditionally one of the most popular quartz counter top colors to choose from, as it can balance well with almost any other color.

3. Stay Classy with Black and White

When it comes to classic and timeless kitchen designs, you can never go wrong with a monochromatic scheme. Black and white pair extremely well together and have been together for a long time. Black kitchen appliances with white accents, such as a black stove with white knobs and trim, can really make your kitchen pop. You can pair black cabinets against a backsplash of white tile, or you can even bring out the colors of your flooring with a variety of different shades of white. Using black and white together is a great way to inspire visual interest and is bound to be a conversation starter!

4. Green and Brown Give a Rustic Feel

Nothing inspires a vintage cottage or cabin feel like a blonde brown paired with cool greens. Take inspiration from the outside world, gathering color samples based on the plants and sprawling spring leaves that are growing happily in the sun. Use natural wood shades and materials in combination with a mint accent or backsplash for something that is varied, but not too hard on the eyes. When in doubt, it’s great to stay with natural tones.

Start Planning Your Kitchen Color Scheme Today!

When it comes to deciding on a color scheme for your kitchen, we understand that it can be a big decision. While the color schemes listed above are meant to inspire you and serve as great starting points, they are by no means limited. You can consult with the professionals and check out a wide variety of quartz counter top colors by contacting our Vadara Quartz team online today. You can also reach out to us by giving us a call at (844) 482-3272 to talk about your specific needs. Getting started with a kitchen remodeling project is exciting and can totally transform the way you look at the most important room in the home. Call us today for more color scheme ideas!