Risky Kitchen Decisions That May Go Out of Style

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It’s always exciting to renovate your home. An aesthetic kitchen is more than just a place to cook. It can become a gathering place to create memorable meals and memories. There are many options to choose from, and kitchens can be. However, getting carried away with temporary trends can turn a once-exciting decision into years of interior design regret. It’s often a better idea to opt for classics and then invest in fleeting trends. To learn more about modern kitchen cabinets and contemporary kitchen design, visit Leicht today.

Here are some kitchen don’ts while renovating your home.

Distressed Cabinets

While a worn-in look can at-first have a “cool factor,” at some point, the weathered look may appear unintentional. What was once a purposeful scratch may sit next to a not-so purposeful stain and lead your guests to wonder whether the weathered look is because you lean toward bohemian trends, or because you just haven’t ever renovated your kitchen. Instead of keeping them guessing, choose modern kitchen cabinets that look new. Save the boho look for hand towels or art on the walls.

Brass Metal

For the same reason, as distressed cabinets aren’t the best go-to option, brass metal can also appear worn in or old. Instead of choosing brass, which can remind people of rust, opt for a clean silver or gold that will keep your kitchen looking shiny and new as it’s supposed to.

Farmhouse Sinks

Although they are old-fashioned, they aren’t necessarily forever classic. Farmhouse sinks have gone out of style and are rarely installed into modern homes. Thus, installing a farmhouse sink may give you kitchen a dated look.

Appliance Garages

Appliances garages are essentially a not-so-hidden cabinet for things like toasters, microwave ovens, or coffee machines. However, those items belong in a kitchen and don’t necessarily need to be tucked away behind cabinets. These appliance garages generally take up just as much, if not more, space than the appliances themselves. If you want to hide your appliances, keep them in a cabinet instead.

Colorful Appliances

A pop of color is nice, but a huge bright pink oven, or a neon yellow fridge, may get old after a while. Unless you are diehard about a certain style, stick with simplicity to avoid any styling regrets. You can never go wrong with all black, all white, or black-and-white. Similarly, neutral tones are best when designing your kitchen.

Ditching the Blinds

Many homeowners have opted for windows sans blinds in an effort to create a more open space, draw in more natural light, and offer a better view of the outdoors. However, neglecting to install blinds or curtains removes even the option for privacy. While open windows are great on a nice day, you will likely want to have some peace and quiet in your kitchen without wondering if any neighbors are able to peer in.

Tiled Countertops

Tiled countertops were popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s and recently resurfaced as a popular style for more minimalist kitchens, according to bobvila.com. While it’s less expensive than granite, the grout in the countertop proves as a headache to clean. Instead, opt for a solid natural countertop and avoid the issues with maintenance for tiled countertops.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of risking questionable decisions while decorating your kitchen, consult interior designers who can help you with styling your new kitchen. Professional kitchen design businesses like Leicht can take away the worries that you might go wrong somewhere in the designing process. These professionals speak to you about your style preferences, offer you an arrangement of options, and bring you to an end-result you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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