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How to Best Balance Traditional and Contemporary Styles in Your Home

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Mixed. Eclectic. Transitional. These words describe the beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary styles in harmony. You can achieve this for your home to create something truly unique – yet balanced.

With the help of A. Rudin luxury furniture, it’s time to learn the best tips for achieving this blend of styles. It’s important to think about many elements: Furniture, flooring, decor, colors, textures, and more. But before becoming overwhelmed with the possibilities, check out our short guide for starting this transitional journey. For more luxury furniture and layout options, reach out to A. Rudin today.

1. Know Your Contemporary

If you are intent on incorporating contemporary pieces among your traditional home, then make sure you are truly going with the contemporary style. One of the most beautiful things about contemporary is that it was born out of traditional; therefore, it’s easy to find contemporary pieces that can complement and grow from your already-existing traditional decorations.

Contemporary floors, ceiling textures, light fixtures, and more can give you a good hint on how to achieve that styling blend. Sectional sofas, for example, have been around for centuries. As have textured or patterned ceilings.

2. Think About Form And Function

Your color schemes are your own, but keep in mind what traditional styles are rooted in. A good rule of thumb that our pros often suggest (and FINE Magazine can back us up on this) is to go traditional for color and design, but go contemporary for function.


Simply put, you want to have the sleekest tech, and most vintage looking architecture. Putting ultra modern devices in your traditional cabin-style home with your antique wooden furniture can actually make quite a good statement. Of course, you still want to take your colors into consideration. Bronze and silver-colored appliances look a lot better against a traditional landscape than stainless steel, for example.

3. Feel The Love

This blended style is, in the words of HGTV, a “marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture”. That means the blend isn’t done haphazardly; a lot of critical eyes look into it. By understanding your own style and what you personally want to achieve in your home, you will be a lot more in tune with how to create a happy mix of old and new. We can provide you with an endless list of what contemporary and traditional pieces look great together, but ultimately, it is your choice.

For the most part, we’d like to recommend traditional walls, architecture, and styles. But when it comes to furniture, some decor items, and anything that has utility, go as contemporary as you can. It turns out that small and large go together quite well!

4. Know Your Opposites

Speaking of large and small, we hope you are starting to see a pattern: That opposites can go well together. Curves in luxury furniture and bold, straight lines on walls make a pretty decent pair. Dark interior decorating with light-colored furniture and foliage can really look nice.

Expected and unexpected are also two opposites we like to play with. When a guest or neighbor visits your home, you want to lead them on a journey. Just when they think they are starting to understand your style or pattern, you hit them with a pleasant surprise. A huge room with hardly any decoration. Or a highly modern abstract piece of art inside your victorian home. Something that is unique – but not over the top – can show that you have truly grasped the art of the transitional style.

Luxury Furniture for Any Style

Looking to make a transitional home yourself? Do you love both traditional and contemporary pieces, and you want to know how to best combine them? Or, perhaps you have a completely different style in mind? A. Rudin can assist you with any project, no matter how large or small. To get started now, contact them online or call at (310) 659-2388.

What is “Contemporary” interior design?

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Have you been looking into updating all of your interior design and switching to a different aesthetic in your home? A contemporary interior design style might be the right solution for you! But what exactly is a contemporary style of interior design? There is a variety of colors, fabrics, lighting fixtures and furniture pieces that correspond with the contemporary style and design aesthetic. Find out more about what contemporary interior design is and how you can establish it in your house this year with this complete guide from the professionals at Leicht NY. See a full range of designer kitchens in New York when you visit Leicht NY in store or online!

Defining a Contemporary Aesthetic

If you are interested in a contemporary aesthetic for your home interior, there are a few different aspects that make up the overall definition of contemporary style. While overall style is open to your interpretation and personal preference, sticking to a broad definition of contemporary style is the best way to ensure that this aesthetic is incorporated with your decor. As far as contemporary design colors go, you will want to mostly stick to muted hues that fall in a natural variation. Colors such as browns, greys, and white hues are commonly associated with the contemporary aesthetic. One of the most popular ways to add personality in your color scheme is to stick with the natural hues most commonly found in the contemporary style and add in one bright pop of color in the shade of your choice. This bright pop of color increases the personality of your interior, and it can be another point of cohesion throughout your entire home!

Contemporary interior design also tends to stick with similar styles of furniture, though the pieces themselves may range from materials used. The most important aspect to achieving a contemporary interior is to make sure all of the furniture you shop for and eventually purchase all stick to the maintenance of clean lines, and slim silhouettes. Furniture that is low to the ground and simple in concept is in line with the contemporary trend and style. The fabrics or materials that you choose to incorporate in your furniture does not matter as much as the concept of the construction. If you choose to employ fabric into your furniture, make sure it sticks to the color concept you have already established. Patterns are not usually an aspect of contemporary design that is frequently utilized, however, if the pattern itself is muted enough, and fits in with the rest of your interior color choices, feel free to choose a few different patterns to work with. If you have chosen to use wood furniture, make sure it also either matches the brown hues you have selected, or make sure it complements the other hues you’ve chosen to incorporate.

When choosing to incorporate a contemporary design in your kitchen, the same principles apply as far as your color palette and furniture construction. Choose counters that are sleek and have muted countertops. Counters that are in the brown, black or white hues will allow any accessories such as decorative and dish towels, or any cooking utensils to stand out in your bright accent color. Your cabinets should also be in muted colors, and the construction of them should be similar to the minimalist, clean lines trend of the rest of your furniture. For beautiful examples of designer kitchens in New York, contact the incredible team at Leicht NY today! Not only can you view and shop from real designer kitchens in New York, you can get amazing advice on how best to incorporate a contemporary style to your home today! Call or visit Leicht NY now!

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Your Kitchen

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Kitchen renovations can be one of the most exciting investments into your home, and the results are truly worth it. Figuring out the details, like what style to choose for your kitchen cabinets, however, can sometimes be challenging. Deciding what style best matches the aesthetic of your home, as well as one that contributes towards an increased rate of income in the future, is tough to nail down.

LEICHT’s modern kitchen cabinets in New York come in a variety of styles and textures. As a leading consultant in kitchen remodeling, LEICHT provides insight on the best ways to decide upon a kitchen cabinet style that best suits your visual and financial plans. Cabinets are one of the biggest attention grabbers in the kitchen, so it’s important to get it right. Here’s how to get started in this thrilling decision-making process.

Get to Know the Function of a Cabinet

The purpose and function of kitchen cabinets have evolved and expanded over the years, lending themselves well to a variety of different uses. With most modern kitchen cabinets in New York, cabinets will reach all the way up to the ceiling to expand on the high spaces. They are used sometimes as more of an accent than as a functional piece, allowing you to get a full horizontal or vertical wall of cabinets for decor’s sake.

Cabinets do have many uses, however. They can store anything from cookware and silverware to books, electronics, and non-perishables. It’s great to be able to have a full-length wall of cabinetry to serve your specific needs.

Understand the Hardware Involved

The next step to bring you closer to your cabinet decisions is figuring out what kind of wood you want to use, and where you are going to access those materials. Hardware is, as they say, the “jewelry of the kitchen”.

Here are some things to think about when choosing your hardware:

  • Wood influences style. For example, a cherry wood is great for dark finishes and deep, elegant touches to the kitchen.
  • Make sure your cabinet doors are uniform and fully adjustable. This will help you more easily access the space within.
  • Plan to utilize the hard-to-reach space in the back corner of the cabinets. Install a pie corner cabinet door that you can pull out to more easily adjust and organize the space as you see fit.
  • Ask for additional features such as organizing racks and pull-out trays. This can be done in an affordable way without having to pay luxury prices.

The type and style of wood you choose can determine how you want the rest of your kitchen to be built. Think of it as a decorating experience. Do you want to go with sleek or bulky? Black and white or colorful? The rest is up to you!

Finding Your Specific Style

The biggest decision-making factor for style is the finish on the kitchen cabinets themselves. Depending on how you want your cabinets to look, you can choose a variety of different finishes.

Looking for something exotic that the neighbors may not have thought about? You can go with a bamboo or mahogany wood and a lacquered finish to make it look sleek and streamlined. Or you can go with a natural and rustic look by having some of the wood grain show through the finished, hand-brushed layers. Great for a vintage feel, which is a great current style to bid on.

Schedule a Free Consultation and Choose the Kitchen Cabinets of your Dreams!

LEICHT specializes in helping you hone in on the fashionable style that will enhance the features of your kitchen and bring you better value in the long run. To learn more about modern kitchen cabinets in New York, you can contact them online or give them a call at (888) 209-5240.