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How to Choose the Right Size Furniture

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When searching for the right high end luxury furniture for your home, it’s best to consider the size and style of the room you’re looking to fill. All too often people are unsure where to start when it comes to finding the right size furniture for their homes.

With the help of A. Rudin, it’s time to determine the shape, size, style, and look of your high end luxury furniture so that it can best fit your home and your needs.

Think About Form and Function

Before deciding on your favorite piece of furniture, you first need to consider what function your room serves. For example, if you want to transform one of the rooms in your home into a study, think about what kind of furniture would best help you accomplish that goal.

Think beyond just basic functionality as well. How many times a day will you be using the room? What other functions might it serve throughout the day? This will help you determine if, for example, you want a couch in your office or not.

Think About the Living Room

Perhaps the most important location in the home to figure out the right size furniture is the living room. It is the centerpiece of the home, and you want to make sure to make a grand impression with a beautifully sized couch. Here are some things to consider:

  • If your living room is large and spacious, you can be satisfied with pretty much any shape or size of couch. Just be sure not to overcrowd it with furniture.
  • If you decide to go big with the couch, make sure that the rest of your furniture is small and simple as to not overwhelm the senses.
  • If your living room is small and cozy, go with a small couch, as it will keep the space open and give an appearance of a larger room.

The couch can be one of the most exciting pieces of furniture to pick out when you are shopping for high end luxury furniture. Just remember to feel the scope and space of your room before picking something just because you like the color.

Dining Room Considerations

Almost as important as the living room is the dining room, where you will surely want a beautiful and awe-inspiring table to bring the guests in.

Deciding on the right size dining room table can be a challenge if you aren’t sure what to look for. If you have a smaller space, consider a round-shaped dining table instead of a square or rectangular one. That way, you can fit more luxurious chairs and it won’t appear too crowded.

On the other hand, a large dining room allows you the opportunity to bring in a generously large table, which the room should handle as its main function. Think dark-colored wood, a sleek rectangular look, and a complimentary cabinet or drawer next to it to finish off the look of the room.

High End Luxury Furniture

A. Rudin understands exactly how difficult it can be to find the right size or shape furniture for your home. Contact A. Rudin to browse their high-end collection and search for the kind of furniture that would serve the best form and function in your home, completing your beautiful look.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas to Make your Kitchen Pop

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Modern kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles are the obvious choice for modern kitchens. But what if you have a traditional, coastal, or farmhouse kitchen? Streamlining your kitchen cabinets can still make the room feel sleeker and fresher. A modern aesthetic isn’t just one thing– check out this list of design ideas for a variety of modern kitchen cabinet design ideas!

Mid-Century Modern

Flat, wooden cabinets contrasted with white countertops. Take yourself back to the Mad Men era, but with a whole new attitude. Choosing a warmer wood tone will brighten up your space.

All About that Glam

High-gloss lacquer is possibly the most modern treatment you could give your cabinets. Go with a nice shade of white and call the glam squad over for a party. This isn’t “the city that never sleeps;” some of the best times happen with a group of friends amongst your modern kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles.

No Space Between

Ceiling-high cabinetry – which doesn’t leave any visible wall space – creates an uber streamlined effect. How modern! Go for a soft, calming modern color– like Pure Grey 6 by Papers and Paints—so it is not the central focus of the room.

Back to Black

Modern kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles not dramatic enough for you? How about a black modern kitchen? To create the streamlined effect you’re going for, skip the contrasting hardware and do black-on-black (the countertops can be a nice, cool marble or granite.)

Sturm Und Drang

If you enjoy a dramatic look but can’t quite imagine living in a black room, try navy blue on for size. Enhance the drama by foregoing hardware completely in favor of sleek pull-open cabinetry.

Jewelry Box

Turn your lower kitchen cabinets into jewelry boxes (of sorts) by keeping most of your kitchen white, then painting those lower cabinets in jewel tones. Perhaps emerald green or ruby red.

Go Industrial

Give your white, modern kitchen cabinets, in Los Angeles an industrial edge with heavy, dark hardware. Microwave, toaster, refrigerator, stovetop… all can be chosen in seriously hardcore metallics. Dark-grouted subway tile is the perfect accent to this look.

Take it a Step Further

“Nothing says sleek and modern more than stainless steel. In order to make this trend completely contemporary, try adding steel kitchen cabinets [freshhome.com.]” Pick a scratch-and-fingerprint-resistant fabrication and enjoy all the benefits steel cabinets have to offer: they’re environmentally friendly, easy to clean, durable, not to mention highly sanitary.


There is one look in our arsenal “that your neighbors will not have (but they’ll be envious when they see…)” [freshhome.com] It’s distressed gun metal steel kitchen cabinets! This minimalist look is so stylish, it almost doesn’t look like a kitchen, but some kind of an art space.

To create it, you will have to have the custom cabinets built to your specifications by both a metal fabricator and a custom door maker. The best part? The process of making the cabinets, which involves hot-rolled galvanized steel, results in a different look each time, so no two kitchens will ever look exactly the same.

Remove the Upper Cabinets

Though this seems like a risky move, it is one way to achieve what you are looking for: a thoroughly modern, open space. Without the upper cabinetry you can focus on a stunning backsplash or eye-catching hardware. Just keep in mind that your storage space will be chopped in half!

…Or Ditch the Cabinetry Altogether!

The hallmark of modern kitchen design is clean lines. A few floating shelves combined with just the right backsplash—try glass or subway tile—create a crisp, clean, design that is nothing if not streamlined. (Floating shelves are normally used to replace top cabinets only; bottom cabinets remain closed.)

Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Los Angeles

LEICHT LA is high-end German-inspired kitchen and bath design. LEICHT is one of the largest manufacturers of European cabinetry in Germany, and LEICHT LA is its exclusive Los Angeles dealer. LEICHT combines form and function, sustainability and affordability as a luxury European product line. Contact them at 310-360-0390!

What Should You Do with Your Basement?

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Moving into a new home with an unfinished or newly remodeled basement can bring up many questions about what to do with this extra space. Whether you are a large family with an extra bedroom in mind or you want to open the space up to some much-needed rest and relaxation, there are several ways that you can incorporate your biggest designs and loftiest ideas to completely transform this space below your floor.

Basements are one of the hottest rooms in the remodeling industry, especially considering the potential for high end luxury furniture to decorate the space with. The specialists at A. Rudin want to offer a few points of inspiration to help you completely redesign your basement into something that reflects your home’s comfort and values. Learn how you can creatively use your resources and ideas to bring a dynamic basement to life.

Living Space Ideas

If you are interested in transforming your basement into a livable space, there are plenty of ways you can go about expanding your basement to include an extra bedroom. You can make an accessory dwelling unit out of the empty space or create an entirely furnished bedroom if you are expecting another family member.

The key to transforming your basement into a living space is remembering to give it the look, feel, and function of any other bedroom in your house. Add a kitchen, build a separate entrance or exit, make sure there is access to a bathroom, and, of course, make sure it is hooked up to your main sewer and electrical lines. A fully furnished room isn’t just about the high end luxury furniture – it’s important to take utilities into consideration.

Cosmetic Inspirations

Sometimes you just want to use your basement to beautify your home. This is completely valid! Upgrading this space to include some cool cosmetic additions can really work to increase the value in your home, allowing you much more creative freedom.

The first thing to think about before diving right into this exciting new project is whether you have utilities. Your utilities should remain functional, such as the water heater and electrical outlets. If you are adding windows or doors, make sure they meet all standards and qualifications. Make sure to get in touch with a contractor if you have any questions or concerns about the physical construction process. It can be hard to do it alone without any prior experience.

Remodeling Insights

There are countless ways you can choose to remodel your home. From adding a master suite to turning your basement into a tinkerer’s studio, just think about the ultimate purpose of your basement and what you’d like to accomplish while you are inside.

Having a home gym or an extra nursery can go great lengths when you are trying your best to accommodate to your busy schedule. Keep in mind that your basement makeover is completely your own, and if you comply with building codes and standards for installation, you have nearly unlimited potential for what your basement can do. And no matter what you do, your home will certainly go up in value the next time you are looking to put it on the market!

Invest in High End Luxury Furniture Today!

A. Rudin is passionate about making high end luxury furniture part of your basement planning budget. From furnished bedrooms to decked-out game rooms, there are ways to add quality furniture to your basement remodeling plans in order to increase your home’s value and give you ultimate satisfaction in your house. If you are interested in learning more about what they have to offer, please reach out online or call at (310) 659-2388.