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Perfecting Your Farmhouse Kitchen Aesthetic

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Farmhouse kitchen style

In the world of kitchen remodeling, it is always fascinating to see old styles becoming new again. The authentic country farmhouse kitchen style has been in popularity for a while, and as new modern aesthetics develop, it is interesting how many different ways homeowners are keeping up with traditional trends while embracing new eras of design.

LEICHT, a leader in luxury kitchen cabinetry, knows that the classic farmhouse kitchen style certainly has its place among modern kitchens.

It’s time for a few pointers to help you really embrace your farmhouse kitchen and to make the most of your remodel.

Let these tips inspire your next country kitchen remodel!

The Farmhouse Kitchen Basics

Before getting into the details, let’s discuss the basics of the farmhouse style. Whenever you are choosing new furniture, cabinetry, and paint colors, make sure you have an understanding of what styles build the framework of a quaint farmhouse kitchen:

  • Natural materials. The rustic country farmhouse is originally from a rural setting, where homeowners had to use natural resources to build out their kitchen. You can reflect this look by adding natural materials like woods and stone, especially warm-colored woods to really bring in the natural light. Leicht’s collection of traditional kitchen cabinets feature natural colors to enhance your kitchen.
  • Neutral tones. Again, people used what the land gave them, and there weren’t many farmhouse kitchens painted in bright, vibrant colors. If you want to go with this quaint and authentic look, make sure to use neutral colors. You can never go wrong with shades of white and beige.
  • Real antiques. When it comes to figuring out the finer details of your new kitchen remodel, such as decor and light fixtures, try to incorporate some real-life antiques or vintage industrial products to really boost the value of the room.

Up the rustic vibe by mixing the old with the new. Farmhouse style is all about frugality, so giving your kitchen that homemade look can really help you capture the style you want.

Additional Decor Ideas

Here are a few more tips to try out, courtesy of Country Living:

A Touch of Light Color

Not every single thing in your kitchen has to reflect that natural, homemade style. Instead, you can add touches of light color to really bring together the whole room. A light blue oven range, or a blue-gray stone countertop sitting on a reclaimed wooden cabinet set, can really make a world of difference.

Refurbish Old Materials

When people think of remodeling their kitchen, all they see is dollar signs. This prevents a lot of homeowners from truly achieving the kitchen they want. But that’s the benefit of going with a rustic farmhouse style: You can do a lot while spending hardly anything! The key is to refurbish old items. Use reclaimed wood, an old fridge, or refurbished metal fixtures that you can find at your local antique store. They’re cheap and they can make your kitchen look even more special!

Don’t Forget the Flooring!

You don’t have to do a lot with your floor when it comes to a modern farmhouse kitchen. If you like the way your floor currently is, or if you feel like you can’t afford to replace it, you can add a rustic rug of dark and bold colors to really give your kitchen that cozy cabin feel.

Bright White Charm

The farmhouse style isn’t just a look; it’s a mood. When playing around with lighting, keep in mind that traditional farmhouses have a lot of bright, natural light. You can totally change the whole mood of your kitchen to be a warm and inviting place. Think about the cozy country days when the whole family would gather in the kitchen and share a comforting meal after a long day of work.

Make Your Farmhouse Kitchen Unique with Custom Cabinets!

LEICHT specializes in luxury kitchen cabinetry that embraces a whole range of styles. They can work with you to build something unique to match that charming rustic farmhouse kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you are in the middle of a remodel, or you are just thinking about starting, LEICHT is here to help. Contact them online or call at 1888-209-5240 to schedule a free consultation.

How Your Kitchen Works for You

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how your kitchen works for you

Your home should be the most relaxing and comfortable place that’s tailored to your tastes, and that functions in the most efficient way for your life! One of the most commonly used rooms in any home is the kitchen, but most people don’t know that they can design their kitchen in a myriad of different ways in order to get the best flow for their life. Discover how you can make a few simple changes, so your kitchen works for your lifestyle with help from Leicht! See all of the possibilities for kitchen works and luxury kitchen cabinets when you visit Leicht today.

Low-Effort Kitchen Space

All kitchens are usually designed in a very uniform, standard way because they have certain elements that are necessities. Your appliances all need their own space, and any utensils or cookware that gets used needs to have storage. However, if your kitchen space is not as efficient as it could be to help make your life easier, there are a number of changes that you can make to get the most out of your kitchen space! These types of kitchens are known as low-effort spaces. Low-effort kitchen layouts are most commonly seen in the homes of working professionals, and they are customized to fit the needs of a more hectic schedule. Aesthetically, these kitchens often follow the modern or minimalistic design model because these design styles rely heavily on an efficient design that can resemble a variety of furniture, not just kitchenware.

To install a low-effort kitchen space, consider starting with a redesign of your cabinets. This can also include a redesign of your appliances because they are often integrated into the kitchen cabinet design. This is achieved by installing a refrigerator, oven, stove top, and even microwave in the same counter materials as the rest of your kitchen. You can now hide your appliances and disguises them as more cabinets to give your full kitchen a cohesive appearance. This also allows for the cooking equipment and utensils you use on a regular basis to have a more prominent place on your shelving, which helps you be more efficient in the kitchen.

Storage is incredibly important in this kind of kitchen because ideally no extra decor or cookware is visible except for the equipment that is used frequently. Low-effort kitchens also serve as very functional rooms for more than just cooking. Installing seating throughout the room can give you and your guests the freedom to relax in the kitchen without feeling like you’re in a designated cooking room, and you can also utilize the space as an additional working area. Preferably, your floor plan should resemble an open floor layout, with an easy flow that allows for increased mobility throughout the room.

After you have updated your cabinets and appliances, it’s time to consider what activities you most commonly perform in your kitchen. Low-effort spaces are commonly installed in the homes of busy professionals, so consider how much time per week you spend using your appliances to make a meal. If you don’t often utilize the full potential of your kitchen, your time may be better spent acquiring tools that will make your meal prep schedule more efficient.

If you do not cook often, but still like to have home-prepared meals during the week, a high powered blender may be a great addition to your kitchen tools, because it will allow you to make a variety of meal options for breakfast and lunch. Investing in expensive Tupperware for all of your prepped meals is also a great way to make your kitchen work for you. Low-effort kitchens often utilize a larger refrigerator so that more food can be stored for people who like to prepare their weekly meals ahead of time.

Find out more about how to design a low-effort kitchen space when you contact Leicht today or visit a kitchen showroom to experience how your kitchen works for you!