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Are Kitchen Cabinet Handles in Style?

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Are kitchen cabinet handles in style?

Decades ago, you would rarely see a set of kitchen cabinets without handles. But over the years, a sleek style without handles became the new favorite fashion. In today’s world, you are most likely to see cabinets without anything on the outside. But are kitchen cabinet handles in style currently?

Are kitchen cabinet handles coming back in style? Homeowners these days are faced with countless options for designing their modular kitchens New York, and new styles are getting popular. There has even been a resurgence of kitchen cabinet handles that can make a luxurious addition to your kitchen, no matter the size. 

The kitchen cabinet handles are stylish and aplenty. Find out what style will fit best in the kitchen of your dreams! 

Pulls and Knobs

You may not think of handles and knobs as the most up-to-date or modern addition to your cabinets. But there are actually many creative styles and designs for cabinet pulls that can add a touch of color or decoration to your kitchen! 

For example, a cream-colored cabinet with a dark black or brown handle can create a good amount of contrast to make the room stand out. You may not need handles for the sake of functionality, but as a decoration, they can add plenty of value to the room. 

Handles at all Heights

Another way to bring traditional cabinet handles back in style is by positioning them at varying heights. Don’t just let your bottom row of cabinets have handles; you can’t forget about the cabinets above! Adding handles or pulls can give your cabinets that extra three-dimensional look that makes the whole place pop.

Sleek or No Handles for a Seamless Look

Some people have to work hard to declutter their kitchens. If you are one of those people, then the last thing you need is a bunch of handles on your cabinets that will stick out and just take up more space. In order to maintain a clean and seamless look, you can invest in really slender handles, or none at all.  

Handles are coming back in style, but you could always opt for handleless cabinets if it helps you achieve the look you want. Just remember, a cabinet without handles must be recessed enough that you can easily open and close it. 

Choosing a Knob Vs. Pull 

When you’ve decided that you want to put handles on all or some of your kitchen cabinets, you then have to choose the shape and style that works best with your room. Some cabinets are better with knobs, while others should use pulls. 

Small cabinets can have knobs since it does not take much to open and close them. Larger cabinets and drawers, on the other hand, are much easier to open with a pull. Pulls are usually wider and have more of a grip than knobs, allowing you to open your cabinets without effort. 

Things to Consider 

There’s a lot that goes into planning for kitchen design, and that includes choosing the right kind of handles for your cabinets. You may need to consider things like size, shape, and cost, as well as what your plans are for the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. At LEICHT NY, our luxury furniture experts can provide assistance and inspiration to help you get your kitchen planning on track. 

Find the Right Cabinet Handles Today!

Whether you are looking for handled or handleless kitchen cabinets New York, our LEICHT pros are here to help. We have a wide range of inventory and many high-end kitchen sets for you to take a look at. From the floor to the cabinets to the handles that open them, there is something for everyone at LEICHT. Reach out to our experts today and schedule your personal consultation to help you build the kitchen of your dreams!

What Your Kitchen Says About You

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What your kitchen says about you

For generations, the kitchen has been the heart of the American home. We’ve all propped ourselves up on counters as children and stolen scraps of cookie dough when a parent was looking. We’ve prepared family dinners for special occasions and reveled in the smells emerging from the oven. The point is that our kitchens are full of love, family, and, most of all, memories. Given what we associate with our kitchens, it’s no surprise that it is one of the most carefully designed rooms in our home.

Kitchens can be difficult. They have to be highly functional, easy to clean, well-organized, and a welcoming space that shows off your taste to guests. Finding balance between the aesthetic uses and practical purpose of the kitchen takes some work. That’s one of the reasons why it is the room that says the most about you to any visitor that walks through your door. Fortunately, with careful thinking, you can choose what image you want to project by making slight alterations to your kitchen. As a result, the question stops being about what your kitchen says about you and more about what you want it to say. So, who do you want to be? What luxury kitchen cabinets New York will you choose?

The Chef

If your dream is to have all of your foodie friends drooling over your kitchen, then you will want to embrace a kitchen design the puts your food and your skills front and center. Opt for stone countertops that mimic a woodgrain surface on your kitchen island or a wood grain backsplash behind your stovetop. Offset this touch of traditional warmth with cream-colored cabinets and an artful display of copper pots. You can use pickled vegetables and a large, attractive cutting board as small touches that make it feel more like the kitchen of a chef. 

The Socialite

For those of you who would rather project a sense of easy luxury, then a minimalistic kitchen may be right up your alley. Monochrome cabinets with flat surfaces are so easy to clean that you can easily make it look like your kitchen has never been touched. Go with strong contrasts and fantastic light fixtures to add interest to your kitchen without ever complicating its overall design. Choose your lighting well, and it will be the perfect backdrop for your next social media post. 

The Parent

We all love our families, and a household of rambunctious kids can make it hard to keep your kitchen clean. Fortunately, you can project all the warmth of a family kitchen without having to deal with hard-to-clean surfaces. Pick warmer kitchen cabinets that will more easily hide fingerprints and smears in between cleanings. Keep countertop décor to a minimum for easy cleaning. Instead, a small herb garden on the windowsill, hanging plants, and a few framed art projects are a great way to show guests that this is a loving home. 

The Executive

For the career-driven household, you want your kitchen to scream efficiency and success. Concrete countertops, glossy white cabinetry, and an unconventional layout will do wonders for your overall aesthetic. Depending on your taste, you can make it as quirky or industrial as you wish just by changing up your light fixtures and a few small pieces of décor. Either way, your kitchen will stand out to guests, making any event you host memorable. 

Finding Your Chosen Identity

Obviously, this handful of stereotypes cannot encapsulate all of the possible identities you might wish to project through your kitchen’s layout and décor. Fortunately, Leicht makes it easy to find the kitchen cabinets that are right for you. For designer kitchens New York, look no further. Featuring excellent quality and options ranging from traditional to modern, you can’t go wrong. 

How to Protect your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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Protect your kitchen cabinet doors

Building your dream kitchen is an investment. The appliances, countertops, and cabinets represent years of hard work and a vision for the future. As a result, taking good care of your cabinetry is a must if you are looking to protect that vision. Fortunately, with a little regular maintenance, you can protect your kitchen cabinet doors, and keep them looking brand new for years at a time. 

Preventing Damage in the First Place

The first step to ensuring your kitchen cabinets continue to sparkle is taking the necessary precautions. First, you will want to make sure that your cabinets are manufactured by a reliable company with an established history of happy consumers for modular kitchens in New York. Ask about the materials used to manufacture, and avoid less durable options, such as particleboard. 

In addition to picking cabinets made to last, opt for hardware that allows you to easily open and close your cabinetry without touching the cabinet. This will prevent particles of grease and food from coming into contact with the cabinet’s surface. To prevent physical damage to the cabinet, ask about soft close options when choosing your manufacturer. 

Last, but not least, install shelf liners inside of your cabinets to protect your kitchen cabinet doors from the inevitable dust and grime that builds up over time. Sizable scraps of wallpapers or contact paper work well if your cabinetry doesn’t already have liners in place. The liners make it easier to wipe out your cabinets, and they can be periodically replaced if necessary. 

Continued Awareness

Even the highest quality wood cabinets will react negatively to high levels of moisture. Unfortunately, your kitchen and bathroom bring these two factors together far too often. In order to ensure that your cabinets don’t warp due to prolonged water exposure, you will need to pay careful attention to the most at-risk areas and act accordingly. These are the most common problem areas. 

  • Cabinets Above the Stove Top or Coffee Maker

Both of these appliances create a lot of steam while they are in use. As the steam flows upward, moisture can become trapped in the cabinets above, saturating the wood. To prevent this, always use the stovetop hood to minimize steam and smoke. You should also consider moving your coffee maker to a portion of your counter without a cabinet directly above. 

  • Cabinets Near the Sink and Dishwasher

Whenever you are washing dishes or emptying the dishwasher, there is a splash zone. It may only be a few droplets. But over the years, these small areas of damage can really catch up with your cabinets. To avoid this, keep an absorbent towel hanging in the cabinet below your sink. Use it to dry water around your sink and dishwasher as soon as possible.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your cabinets looking new, weekly cleanings will be necessary. If you have finished wood cabinets, then you should use a wood polish cleaner. Known for their citrusy scents and oily finish, these cleaning products are great at removing everyday grime and leaving a thin layer of protective wax behind. For other cabinets, a 50:50 mixture of vinegar and water will do the trick. Use a soft towel and make sure you work the cleanser along the edges of your cabinets and over/under the hardware. 

Although it seems like a lot at first, it is possible to maintain your cabinets for an extended period with minimal effort. All it requires is making the right choices prior to installation, avoiding common pitfalls, and taking a little time out of your week to keep the gook and grime in check. It is work, but it is worth it.