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Remodeling for a Demanding Kitchen

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Are you looking to remodel your kitchen, but don’t even know where to start? Popular HGTV shows can make the task of remodeling look all too easy. However, there is much to consider from concept to execution when renovating your kitchen space. When taking on the task of remodeling for a demanding kitchen, it is crucial to contemplate design, labor, space, and functionality. For information directly from the experts in the field, reach out to Vadara Quartz about remodeling and quartz kitchen countertops.


Both in design and functionality, lighting plays a significant role in the remodeling of your kitchen. If you are looking to upgrade the overall look and feel of your kitchen space, then renovating your lighting fixtures can be the solution for you. Additionally, choosing lighting options that are energy efficient, have dimmers, or offer more light can make an immense difference when remodeling for a demanding kitchen. Lighting can take your kitchen from a drab, boring place that you cook meals, to a fun space that the family gathers around.

Energy Efficient

With electrical appliances accounting for an estimated 30% of all monthly and annual bills, switching to energy efficient appliances can make an immense difference in both functionality and savings. And with a wide variety of energy efficient appliance options out there (i.e. refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners) it is an upgrade that is also accessible and eco-friendly. With energy efficiency being such a big buzzword, all companies are now designing their most stylish appliances with the best efficiency, so you do not need to compromise on aesthetic for function. Plus, spending 56% less energy because of these budget-friendly options, everyone wins!

Smart Appliances

One kitchen upgrade that can make an immense difference is opting for smart appliances. With options like cameras inside the refrigerator to let you know what groceries you have, music playing ability, and the ability to connect with Alexa or Google Home, these smart appliances are top-of-the-line modern upgrades that will make you feel like you are a part of The Jetsons. Additionally, these smart appliances allow for you to be alerted when there is a problem, access from a press of a button, and communications with other appliances. By upgrading to smart appliances, you are saving time, and time is money.


Especially if it has been a few years (or decades) since making any upgrades to your kitchen, spicing up the décor can make a huge impact on the look of your space. Aside from changing out old barstools and cabinets for a more elevated feel, upgrading your countertops and surfaces is a décor must. Just because your kitchen is in high demand and has a lot of traffic, you don’t need to settle for it looking worn. With a variety of collections known for their high quality, the quartz kitchen countertop experts at Vadara Quartz are the team to speak with. Combining years of experience with incredible quartz kitchen countertops and a lifetime warranty, it is no wonder they are the resident experts.

In conclusion, when taking on the task of remodeling for a demanding home it is important to take into consideration more than just the look. Accounting for functionality, energy efficiency, smart appliances, and décor will result in a remodeled kitchen that you will love for years and years to come. For inspiration and information from the experts at Vadara Quartz, the experts at quartz kitchen countertops, contact their team here.

Today’s Trending Kitchen Styles

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In 2018, kitchen design is going sleek and streamlined. Transitional-to-Modern designs which include handle-less cabinets, premium LED lighting, quartz countertops and ultra-modern, intuitive interior accessories are all en vogue.

No matter your budget size, Kitchen Works LA has excelled in kitchen design and remaining the best choice for outfitting a German style kitchen in Los Angeles.

Leicht Kitchen Cabinets

Leicht offers all the features of “Modern Luxury” in addition to some more Traditional styles. Kitchen Works LA is the exclusive retailer of Leicht German style kitchens in Los Angeles.

A standout feature of Leicht kitchen cabinets is that they are tailored to the utmost degree. In 2018, they are featuring understated design, clean lines and white or neutral colors for a modern yet timeless look. They also feature the handle-less cabinet, one of the year’s must-have design features.

Proudly “Made in Germany,” Leicht outsells every other German premium kitchen cabinet line in its home country.

Leicht Lighting

Designers know that lighting is a crucial element in any room. Creating the proper lighting scheme in your kitchen can make it a functional workspace, an appealing dining place, and a cozy gathering room all-in-one.

Leicht has developed a premium LED light that can be used to make your kitchen a special place in your home. Using a number of possible forms of installation, Leicht lighting can be placed under cabinets, inside glass units, and on floating shelves.

Leicht kitchen lighting includes AMBIENCE illuminated cabinets and XTEND shelving featuring directed LED spots built into the front edge of each shelf. This lighting strategy gives glare-free illumination of the shelf below while providing pleasant, indirect lighting to the rest of the kitchen.

Miele Home Appliances

Miele’s home appliances are diverse enough to accommodate the full spectrum of aesthetic preferences, including the very trend Modern and Traditional styles.

Their glass-accented, digitally-controlled PureLine appliances bring a smart elegance to your modern German style kitchen in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the classic stainless steel-accented ContourLine appliances add a beautiful compliment to more Traditional living spaces.

Vadara Quartz Countertops

Vadara is the quartz countertop specified by architects and interior designers nationally. Quartz countertops have come into fashion in recent years because they are ultra-durable, super-stylish, and the most practical type of countertop for your kitchen overall.

Vadara Quartz countertops do not stain or absorb water, and they come in a stunning array of colors and finishes to suit your trendiest – or most traditional – preferences. Kitchen Works LA can provide you with the best of Vadara Quartz countertops.

Hottest Kitchen Designers in Los Angeles 2018

Debra Tendler

A native of Scotland, Debra Tendler worked in the design industry in Israel for 10 years before moving to the LA area to flip high-end homes. In particular, she found that she was obsessed with one room in the house: the kitchen. This calling lead her to open her own kitchen showroom in 2013. Inspired by her globe-trotting travels, Debra focused her showroom on German imports. She is one of the key players at Kitchen Works LA, the leading importer of the German style kitchen in Los Angeles.

Romi Tendler

With her BA from Pepperdine University in Malibu and family background in aesthetics, California girl Romi Tendler fell naturally into kitchen design. Also a world-traveler, she brings a fresh take on European modernism to Kitchen Works LA.

Shelley Acker

Shelley Acker was formally trained in Design at FIDM in DTLA, where she received her post-graduate degree. She was an “It-girl” of high-end European kitchens in France, Spain, and England, where she lived and worked for 13 years. Her love of modern European design brought her back to LA, where she designs the German style kitchen in Los Angeles for Kitchen Works LA.

Kitchen Works Los Angeles is the exclusive dealer of LEICHT Kitchens: The best-selling, customizable German line of modular cabinetry. Kitchen Works LA brings the inspirational aesthetics of designer kitchens to your LA home with the “affordable luxury” of LEICHT, Vadara, and Miele products.

Get in Touch with Kitchen Works LA at (310)360-0390 or Send Them an Email!

How to Best Light Your Kitchen

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There are many things to think about when designing your kitchen lighting. Consider the natural light in the room, the layout of your kitchen, and your budget size. Also, be sure to check on the electrical wiring in your kitchen to make sure it is up-to-date.

Vadara Quartz solid surface quartz countertops pair beautifully with all types of kitchen lighting, to give your kitchen the depth and contemporary touch you’ve been seeking.

Natural Light

Before you even begin to plan where your kitchen units will be placed and how you will light them, you should think about the natural lighting in your kitchen. Take into consideration the ceiling height as well as where the natural light falls at various times of day. Plan your kitchen so that you have the best light when you use your kitchen most. Vadara Quartz Bianco Perla countertops reflect the natural light beautifully, capturing sun and shadow in a soft and subtle cream color with pronounced veining.

Electrical Fittings

After you decide where your units, appliances, furniture, and fittings will be located, you will be ready to consider artificial lighting. By this stage you should have the best layout to suit the space and natural light. Choose the styles you want to include early, as these will affect your budget; you’ll also need to let the builder and electrician know your plans for wiring the fittings and switches. Try your best to include fixtures, switches, and plugs in your technical drawings.

Your Budget

Updating your light fittings to more energy efficient LEDs is a cost-effective move. These will initially cost more than standard Halogen or Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs,) but the bulbs will last for up to 25 years. They can also offer the benefit of providing different shades of light to suit your needs.

Mood Lighting

Use LED strips facing upwards on top of plinths and cabinets to create a floating sensation, up-light tall ceilings and architectural features. Capture the mood with countertops from Vadara Quarts Illumina Collection. These moody and romantic quartz tops are translucent, and shine when backlit.

Lighting that Works for You

Another, less often thought of option, is to have internal lighting in cabinets on motion sensors so that the lights come on when you open the door. This can be especially useful in lower cabinets which don’t get as much light from the ceiling lights or windows.

Zoned Lighting

If the kitchen is part of an open floor plan, the best way to maximize all areas is to install task lighting in the kitchen and mood lighting in the social areas to define the different zones.
You can install task lighting under top cabinets which sit over a countertop, like circular LED spot or strip lighting, which give off soft illumination. Pair your task lighting with Vadara Quartz Absolute Blanc countertops for a clean and fresh finish.


LED dimmable ceiling spotlights or pendants work best over a kitchen island (just make sure to light the right part of the space so that you are not standing in your own shadow when preparing food or eating.) Vadara Quartz Denali looks great on an island countertop – its speckled white/gray color blends well with your kitchen, camouflages spills, and reflects the spotlight or pendant lighting for a cool finish.

Top 5 Kitchen Lighting Tips

1. Don’t put lights too close to cabinetry because the glare from the lights could discolor the veneer.
2. If you have low ceilings, be careful not to overpower your kitchen with too many lights.
3. Kitchen lighting should be placed directly over walkways, prep areas, sinks and cook tops. This way no matter what you’re doing you won’t have any dark corners.
4. Use spotlights on dimmer switches so you can easily control light levels.
5. Think carefully about where the switches are positioned (don’t overlook the details.)

Solid Surface Quartz Countertops

Vadara Quartz offers solid surface quartz countertops with the most natural color palette available, combining beauty, function, innovation, and value. Vadara Quartz is part of a Family of Brands which includes additional surfaces, sinks, and faucets. Their New 2018 Collection is now available!