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Best Colors for Modular Kitchens

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If you’ve done your fair share of research on designing a kitchen, you’ve probably come across the term “modular kitchen.”  A modular kitchen is a fancy way of describing a customizable modern kitchen.  In this type of style, luxury kitchen cabinets come in a range of sizes of functions, also called “modules.”  This unique design offers a wide range of flexibility in terms of cabinet layout, allowing you to make choices that are best for you and the way you use your kitchen. 

Modular kitchens are very popular among those who have small kitchens or homes because they allow for so much customization, therefore allowing you to create more space.  They’re also very stylish and stand out from standard-styled kitchens, as the options for layout and color design are endless.  If you’re looking to douse your kitchen with a little flair, check out this list of best color coordination for modular kitchens.

Go Bright or Go Home

For those smaller kitchens, creating an illusion of space and light is extremely important to open up the room.  If you have an ample supply of windows in your small kitchen, let them shine.  For those who do not, you can bring light to space by choosing bright colors for your modular kitchen.  Choosing an off-white or cream paired with a classic wood finish is the perfect place to start.  If you’re feeling bold, you may want to experiment with yellow and white.  Or, try gold and white to add the illusion of sunshine.  An all-white kitchen has long been a staple kitchen design for a reason.  It supplies a kitchen with the look of cleanliness and openness (all the more favorable for a small kitchen).  Other great color combinations for a smaller kitchen are:

  • Aquamarine & White
  • Orange & White
  • Magenta & White
  • Lemon, Charcoal, & White

Bold colors are a great choice for a modular kitchen because they invigorate a space, which is exactly the kind of energy you want in a kitchen.

Earth Tones

Choosing earthy colors is a great way to allow nature to fill your kitchen.  This can include blues and greens, or even neutral colors like beige or grey.  You may also want to experiment with different materials such as concrete or leather.  Leather and white is a great earthy combo that adds a luxurious touch.  Check out some leather ideas here!

Warming your Kitchen

While most people are concerned with “opening” up their kitchen with bright and white colors, you may also want to consider choosing tones and materials that will provide a sense of warmth.  Natural materials, such as wood, marble, slate, and stone, are great additions to any modular kitchen.  You can still achieve an open feel to a space with color, while also incorporating some of these natural materials to add some warmness and familiarity to the room as well.  These materials can also help balance out any bold color choices so that the room doesn’t feel too energetic or harsh.  If you’re struggling to find the right balance in your kitchen, you may want to read these tips on developing the right feng shui in your kitchen.

Blacks & Greys

You simply can’t go wrong with the standard black and white kitchen look.  This color combination makes for a very classy look and can be represented in many ways.  Get wild with tile work to create a vintage look, or choose a matte black paint for the cabinets and marble white countertops for a very high-class, elegant design.

Grey shouldn’t be ruled out of this category either, as they are easy on the eye and provide openness to a kitchen in the same way whites do.  Why not combine them both?

Choosing the right colors and the perfect cabinetry for a modular kitchen is not always easy.  If you’re looking for the perfect design or materials, consider flipping through Leicht NY’s design catalog or schedule a free kitchen design consultation today!

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas to Make your Kitchen Pop

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Modern kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles are the obvious choice for modern kitchens. But what if you have a traditional, coastal, or farmhouse kitchen? Streamlining your kitchen cabinets can still make the room feel sleeker and fresher. A modern aesthetic isn’t just one thing– check out this list of design ideas for a variety of modern kitchen cabinet design ideas!

Mid-Century Modern

Flat, wooden cabinets contrasted with white countertops. Take yourself back to the Mad Men era, but with a whole new attitude. Choosing a warmer wood tone will brighten up your space.

All About that Glam

High-gloss lacquer is possibly the most modern treatment you could give your cabinets. Go with a nice shade of white and call the glam squad over for a party. This isn’t “the city that never sleeps;” some of the best times happen with a group of friends amongst your modern kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles.

No Space Between

Ceiling-high cabinetry – which doesn’t leave any visible wall space – creates an uber streamlined effect. How modern! Go for a soft, calming modern color– like Pure Grey 6 by Papers and Paints—so it is not the central focus of the room.

Back to Black

Modern kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles not dramatic enough for you? How about a black modern kitchen? To create the streamlined effect you’re going for, skip the contrasting hardware and do black-on-black (the countertops can be a nice, cool marble or granite.)

Sturm Und Drang

If you enjoy a dramatic look but can’t quite imagine living in a black room, try navy blue on for size. Enhance the drama by foregoing hardware completely in favor of sleek pull-open cabinetry.

Jewelry Box

Turn your lower kitchen cabinets into jewelry boxes (of sorts) by keeping most of your kitchen white, then painting those lower cabinets in jewel tones. Perhaps emerald green or ruby red.

Go Industrial

Give your white, modern kitchen cabinets, in Los Angeles an industrial edge with heavy, dark hardware. Microwave, toaster, refrigerator, stovetop… all can be chosen in seriously hardcore metallics. Dark-grouted subway tile is the perfect accent to this look.

Take it a Step Further

“Nothing says sleek and modern more than stainless steel. In order to make this trend completely contemporary, try adding steel kitchen cabinets [freshhome.com.]” Pick a scratch-and-fingerprint-resistant fabrication and enjoy all the benefits steel cabinets have to offer: they’re environmentally friendly, easy to clean, durable, not to mention highly sanitary.


There is one look in our arsenal “that your neighbors will not have (but they’ll be envious when they see…)” [freshhome.com] It’s distressed gun metal steel kitchen cabinets! This minimalist look is so stylish, it almost doesn’t look like a kitchen, but some kind of an art space.

To create it, you will have to have the custom cabinets built to your specifications by both a metal fabricator and a custom door maker. The best part? The process of making the cabinets, which involves hot-rolled galvanized steel, results in a different look each time, so no two kitchens will ever look exactly the same.

Remove the Upper Cabinets

Though this seems like a risky move, it is one way to achieve what you are looking for: a thoroughly modern, open space. Without the upper cabinetry you can focus on a stunning backsplash or eye-catching hardware. Just keep in mind that your storage space will be chopped in half!

…Or Ditch the Cabinetry Altogether!

The hallmark of modern kitchen design is clean lines. A few floating shelves combined with just the right backsplash—try glass or subway tile—create a crisp, clean, design that is nothing if not streamlined. (Floating shelves are normally used to replace top cabinets only; bottom cabinets remain closed.)

Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Los Angeles

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