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What to do About Damaged Countertops

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We’ve all been there before: we place a hot pot on our countertop and — bang — we hear the crack. Or, perhaps your countertops are just old and falling apart. Either way, having a damaged countertop can be quite a nuisance. It doesn’t cost much to fix a damaged countertop, but it does take time and energy. If you’ve got a busted up countertop, here are some tips on how to proceed.

Laminate Countertops

The most common countertops out there are made of laminate material. The problem with laminate countertops is that they can quickly become worn out and old. They can easily become chipped or stained, so it’s important to consider whether or not laminate is right for you. Nevertheless, it is a very common option — so what do you do if your laminate countertop cracks or wears down?


If it’s a minor issue, you can always paint your laminate countertop. They actually make a faux granite paint that easily covers up a countertop quite seamlessly. Be sure to clean the area first before painting and dab with a little bit of alcohol. Remove any old caulk from the area so that paint doesn’t get on it, which would make the job look quite sloppy. Don’t worry, you can apply new caulk after the paint has dried. Repair any chips or crack in the area as well before getting down to it. And finally, add a good primer, let it dry, and then paint the area with a small sponge using a dabbing method in a circular motion. This method will help the paint look more natural.

Baking Soda & Water

For stains that are a pain, you can make a paste out of baking soda and water and apply it to the area. Let the paste really soak into the countertop for a couple hours before wiping it clean with a paper towel. This should remove most of the stain from your counter, especially if it’s a recently formed stain. For those that are a little harder to get out, try using some nail polish remover, paint thinner, or a very small amount of acetone. Be sure to test this out on a small area first before dousing the whole area with it.[1]

Peel & Stick Vinyl Sheets

Believe it or not, you can cover up your countertop the same way you used to cover your school books. Peel and stick vinyl sheets are one of the cheaper ways to hide a damaged countertop and they come in a variety of options. Check them out here!


Tile is actually quite easy to replace. Just remove the tile that is cracked or chipped and replace it with a new one. Be sure to lay down some new grout so that it forms nicely to the area.


Wood countertops can be sanded where there is damage. Unfortunately, you may then end up with an uneven countertop. This may only be noticeable to you, but nevertheless, it could become quite the pain.


Installing quartz countertops may be your best bet when it comes down to damaged countertops. Quartz is basically indestructible — it’s one of the strongest materials on our planet! Barely anything can penetrate it or crack it. Quartz is also extremely easy to clean and care for because it’s non-pourous. Vadara Quartz uses only the purest, natural quartz around, and they come in a variety of shades.

If you’re looking to switch to a beautiful quartz countertop, look no further than Vadara Quartz. Visit their website to view your options today.

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Are Quartz Countertops Made of Real Stone?

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There are many divided schools of thought when it comes to quartz countertops. The quality and durability of these countertops are unmatched – not to mention, they look beautiful atop your kitchen counters! However, the question is often asked: Are quartz countertops made out of real stone?

Join us below as we delve into the makings of quartz countertops. Are they made of real stone, or are they a composite mix of everything together? You have a variety of countertop options at your disposal, and it can be beneficial to know your make and materials before getting started on a new kitchen project.

The Truth About Quartz

Of course, quartz is the main ingredient of quartz countertops – where else would they get their namesake?

However, these countertops aren’t entirely made of quartz. Instead, about 10% of the overall countertop is made out of a poly or cement binder, which holds the real quartz and other materials together. This binding material is necessary in order to keep the integrity of your countertops intact and to provide extra durability and heat protection to give you the quality you deserve.

What does this mean for the other 90% of the countertop?

A Healthy Mix

Most quartz countertops aren’t pure quartz. The 90% of the countertop that isn’t the cement binder is a crushed-up mix of the following materials:

● Quartz
● Granite
● Marble
● Stone
● Industrial waste
● Other natural materials

There’s more than one reason why your quartz countertop is one-of-a-kind. In truth, each countertop offers a natural mix of materials that can leave you with a beautiful and unique color pattern.

Some homeowners become disappointed to know that their quartz countertops are not made of solid quartz; however, this healthy mix of granite, marble, and other types of stone can offer some diversity and strength, making your countertop one that will outlast its competitors in both beauty and functionality.

Other Common Misnomers About Quartz Countertops

Did you know that quartz is all around you? It’s true; this versatile material is used for more than just your countertops. In fact, many public spaces invest in the use of quartz for their walkways, flooring, walls, tabletops, and more.

Next time you go to your local shopping mall, take a look at the ground under your feet. Odds are it’s made of a combined mix of engineered stone, mixed with quartz, granite, and other composite materials for a tough yet beautiful walkway.

Quartz and Granite Work Together

Decades ago, quartz and granite were huge competitors in the home renovation industry. Prices were made to outsell one another, and different companies offered different composite mixes to suit your needs. But in today’s industry, these two titans of countertops are no longer at war with each other.

Of course, there’s still the argument over which material is better, but for the most part, people have already decided on one material or the other. In fact, as you now know with the majority of quartz countertops, quartz and granite are combined together to make something beautiful, strong, and affordable on the market.

Get Your Custom Quartz Countertop Today!

Vadara Quartz takes pride in each and every countertop they fabricate to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for something that brings out the best of both worlds with quartz and granite, or you are interested in learning more about what rock combinations we have to offer, you can find what you are looking for with Vadara. Vadara’s quartz countertops are unmatched on the market, with a quality guarantee that will last you for years to come. To learn more, please contact them online or call at (844) 482-3272.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs

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Have you been dreaming of perfecting your kitchen space with the installation of beautiful new cabinets and even matching quartz countertops? You’re in luck! Get inspired with a guide of cabinet styles and designs from Vadara Quartz! See innovative new ways to store all of your kitchen essentials, discover the latest new trends and design concepts, and find out how you can install a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing to your personal taste, and that functions at the highest quality! Keep reading to discover all of this and more now!

Incorporating Patterns into Your Cabinet Designs

If you love to express your sense of style through your kitchen design, there are ways to incorporate beautiful patterns and have them match the rest of the room. Before settling on one specific pattern for the cabinets, try to find a company or store that sells cabinet sets that have matching counters and even backsplash designs in the style you want. To achieve a gorgeous pattern design throughout your kitchen, shop for cabinets that follow an aesthetic you tend to gravitate towards. Patterns in black and white are easy to match if you don’t immediately find a set of countertops to pair with them. If you want to add color to your kitchen, but don’t have a set match for the rest of the decorations, stick to a neutral palette and add in a bright color of your choice to ensure being able to find compatible options.

Cabinets That Focus on Hardware Elements

When searching for cabinets that are more out of the box aesthetically, hardware cabinets can be a great way for you to open up more space in the kitchen, and have a gorgeous, unique design aesthetic. Often, the hardware used for the cabinets is in a rose gold color, as this hue has quickly garnered popularity. To achieve this cabinet look, your kitchen will be more open than a traditional storage look. When researching this type of cabinet installation, find the hardware metal that compliments your color choice, and try to research quartz countertops to match, as those counters will be able to bring out the shine of the hardware. Since the hardware cabinets are more open, you’ll also want to think about how you arrange your storage to match the rest of the kitchen decor. You can browse a variety of quartz countertops to match your hardware aesthetic whenever inspiration strikes when you call Vadara Quartz or visit the website.

Glass Door Cabinets

Add a touch of elegance to your new kitchen space by installing glass door cabinets in your kitchen. This aesthetic allows you to not only upgrade your space, but also continue to decorate in colors of your choosing without clashing with your cabinets. Glass cabinets can either be installed with clear glass, where you are able to see all of the storage, or with a treatment that makes them frosted or colored. Choosing to decorate with glass cabinets will upgrade your overall aesthetic and transform your kitchen into a beautiful and modern masterpiece. Complete any kitchen you can dream up with the help of Vadara Quartz countertops.

Shelved Cabinet Installations

Take a more unique avenue to installing new kitchen cabinets by creating shelving that is placed like an island as opposed to hanging on the wall like traditional cabinets. This allows you to not only create your own unique cabinets, but also to make your house feel more like a cozy home by incorporating space for both dishes and cookbooks! Create your own gorgeous, custom quartz countertops with the help of the experts at Vadara Quartz. Call today or visit their website now to see all of your options for the beautiful, new kitchen of your dreams!