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Wiring Your Home Office for Beginners

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Getting Your home office wired up the right way can make things a lot easier for you in the long run. When you consider all the different machines and objects you use on a daily basis, such as a computer, telephone, lamp, and even a pencil sharpener, you will quickly realize that there are many wires that need to be managed. So, how can you efficiently wire your home office so that you aren’t left tripping over yourself every time you enter the room?

With the help of Calmont Wire & Cable, a custom wire and cable company, take a look at a variety of personalized solutions to make the best out of your unique home office situation. If you’re looking for some pointers to get you started on the right path, here are a few ways you can wire your office in a way that is most convenient for you.

When in Doubt, Don’t Go for Cheap

It might be highly tempting to try and cut costs by buying the cheapest wires available. However, buying cheap cables can result in disaster. Much like a chain, which is only as good as its weakest link, a cabling system is only as good as the cheapest wires you buy.

Cheap wires are prone to fraying and breaking apart. Plus, they just don’t carry on for long or hold your connections as well as you might like. You can apply this same mentality to patch cords as well, as the cheaper the cord, the worse the performance will be.

Cut as Cleanly as Possible

Clean cuts ensure that you don’t have any issues with fraying or tripping. Our custom wire and cable company offers different solutions for achieving the perfect cut. But when you’re working on your own, the best thing you want to do is purchase specific cutters for cables. This can help you to alter the shape, size, diameter, and length of the cord in question.

Using proper cutters ensures that you aren’t accidentally cutting a vital part of the wire. If you don’t cut it too cleanly, you may result in a loss of effectiveness of the cable. Common mistakes include cutting too deeply, ruining the conductors, and making too many turns while cutting.

Don’t Pull Too Hard

Part of an efficient wiring structure is making sure that your wires are nice and taught throughout the home and office, so that you don’t trip over them. However, there is such a thing as too much pulling. When you pull too hard, you can ruin the integrity of the cable and stretch out the cord too much.

It’s best to look up manufacturer’s instructions on how much weight each wire can handle. A Cat 5e cable, for instance, can take up to 25 pounds of force, but anything beyond that might cause some serious damage.

Test as You Go

A common mistake that DIY enthusiasts often make is that they wire the entire office before testing its functionality. To make sure that each and every part of your home rewiring efforts are working, you should test the system as you go. You can easily do this from a cable tester, which is an instrument sold at most local hardware stores. This will rate the performance and power of the cables you set up.

Get Custom Wiring for Your Home Office Today!

Calmont Wire & Cable is a custom wire and cable company that can help you with any wiring project you may have. No matter how big or small your office is, they can help you come up with solutions that will increase performance and add to your efficiency. For more information, you can contact them online or call at (800) 905-7161 to speak with an engineer.

Classic Kitchen Beauty Without the Price Tag

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If you have started to consider making significant upgrades to your kitchen, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of new technology, materials and design aesthetics available on the current market. The newest models of kitchenware can also come with a hefty price tag. Unless you have been preparing to renovate your kitchen for a few years, the cost could begin to add up quickly. Avoid paying more money than you should on home renovations with our amazing list of ways to achieve classic kitchen beauty without a crazy price tag! See our full inventory of beautiful quartz countertops online at Vadara Quartz now and save big on your kitchen renovation.


Replacing your worn down, outdated or broken appliances doesn’t have to break the bank. As with any large purchases, make sure to do your homework before investing. Read up on brand reviews, specific appliance model life expectancies, and detailed nuances about each different type of appliance before handing over your hard-earned cash. If you are adding appliance upgrades into your plan for a kitchen renovation, save some money up front by making a prioritized list of what specific appliances are either broken completely, or extremely run down. If nothing is broken, but something is incredibly outdated, this could be a great choice for an upgrade along with your overall renovation. You can also save money by frequently checking ad listings for major appliance and hardware stores to see if any are offering amazing deals. The end of summer can be a great time to invest in new appliances, and the December holiday season is famous for offering incredible markdowns before the new year begins.


No new kitchen can be complete without a lovely array of matching accessories! From pots and pans to towels and barbecue utensils, your kitchen should be outfitted with a useful and matching combination of kitchenware. However, assembling a full spread of accessories can add up to a very large sum all on its own. Combat the rising price tag by slowly getting rid of items that no longer work, or that you no longer use, and replace them with neutral accessories in colors like black, white, silver and wood. By creating a basic, neutral color palette for your individual kitchen accessories, you can afford to grow your collection slowly, and save the bright patterns and colors for things like plate sets and towels. Skip the trip to a professional grade kitchen store and shop at wholesale stores that will carry cheaper or marked down items to help save even more money on kitchen necessities. When you are primarily shopping for extra accessories, it is not always necessary to have professional grade equipment, so save yourself the hassle and money by finding great pieces in wholesale stores.


When it comes time to choose your new countertops, there are great options for materials that won’t break your bank. Quartz countertops are not only incredibly designed, they are also significantly less expensive than purchasing granite or marble. Because of their flawless finish and interior designer trusted quality, quartz countertops have become increasingly popular for kitchen renovation jobs. Customers love the array of choices offered to them with quartz, and the price can’t be beat. Because quartz is manufactured, it can be created in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and textures. This way, each customer feels like they are truly purchasing a piece of art that becomes a lovely statement in their home. For more information about quartz countertops, and to see our beautiful, full collections of kitchen designs, shop online at Vadara Quartz now and start planning for your dream kitchen today!

Easy Kitchen Fixes with Super Glue

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During the summer, you are likely to have more kids, family and guests over to your house. It’s a great season for parties, get-togethers and family time, but it can also be a time of numerous household breaks! When accidents happen, don’t immediately assume it needs a replacement! There are some cases where full repairs can be made through a strategic use of super glue products. Below, we’ve laid out our list of easy kitchen fixes that you can make all year round using super glue products!


Sink Fixes

Sink breaks that are more cosmetic, or only affecting the look of the sink, can be fixed with super glue. If pieces of the sinks edge have broken off, apply the super glue to the broken piece, then carefully place it on top of the sink part. If the broken piece is larger than just a chip, more glue may be necessary for a proper bond to form and the application of the bond may require you to hold the broken piece in place for a longer period. Should an interior part of your sink break, consider buying a more specific kind of super glue adhesive depending on what material your sink is comprised of. Buying super glue products that have been formulated specifically for certain products ensures that the bond will be stronger and last longer. This will also help against any water wear the super glued piece may endure.


Kitchen Tables and Chairs

Nicks and small breaks are common with tables and chairs, as they see a great deal of use throughout their time in your life. Minor fixes can be easily made using super glue products. Before attempting to glue any pieces back on to the original, consider what materials you will be using, and whether or not you should buy material specific glue. Super glue products are made for a variety of applications, so if your table and chairs are wood, try using wood specific glue for a stronger adhesive bond. If one of your chair legs has come undone, super glue can be utilized to secure it again with a significant layer of glue. Once you’ve applied the glue to the leg, carefully place it in line with the base of the chair, then situate the chair in its natural, standing position. This will allow for the leg to fit where you want it, and for the adhesive to bond through gravity. The same method will also work for most table legs that you wish to re-attach.


Counter Tops

If you own composite, plastic or even stone counter tops, you can fix chips and small breaks through the use of super glue products. Similar to re-attaching your broken sink pieces, apply super glue to the broken part, and carefully re-apply the piece to your counter. Hold the piece in place until you feel confident that the bond is formed. Depending on how much glue you have applied and how large the piece is, holding the glue in place may take up to ten minutes. If you expect this sealing experience to take a while, consider grabbing a chair for a more comfortable application time.


Refrigerator Fixes

Exterior refrigerator fixes can be made easily with super glue. If an edge of your fridge has fallen off, or a handle starts to come undone, use super glue products to easily and affordably put it back together. Consider the material of the refrigerator when using super glue for fixes, as some specific versions of super glue adhesive may work more effectively depending on your refrigerator’s structure. Use super glue products to solve all your minor kitchen breaks this summer when you shop the complete selection of adhesive varieties from the Super Glue Corporation!

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