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Plumbing Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a House

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A home inspection is more important to the purchase of a home than new buyers may originally think. In fact, it is one of the most integral steps towards determining if a house is really move-in ready. Far too often, buyers will be led into the purchase of a home without checking on important features like the status of the plumbing or wiring, leading to a hefty cost in repairs that makes up for the cheapness of the home’s up-front cost.

In order to help you avoid these mistakes, Henrik Plumbing can help give you the run down on the best plumbing questions to ask before finalizing that purchase on a new home. It’s vital that you understand the state of the plumbing in a home before you agree to buy it, or else you might get stuck with huge repair costs that you’d rather not face. Henrik’s repiping in Aliso Viejo offers an affordable and easy way to repair these pipes in your new home without breaking the bank. Here’s how to ensure that you won’t be dealing with a leaky faucet or broken toilet any time soon!

1. Is the Water Heater Too Old?

The integrity of the water heater degrades over time. The older the unit is, the harder it needs to work to be able to produce hot water effectively. And harder work means a higher price on your energy bill at the end of every month. Mots heaters have a lifespan of about 7 years, so it’s important to get a thorough assessment of these units to ensure that you won’t have a problem running hot water every day.

2. How Recently Was the Sewer Line Replaced?

Sewer lines should be replaced often to avoid clogs, leaks, springs, or other stuck debris. A stopped-up sewer line can do some serious damage to your internal pipes, making it impossible to even properly flush after a while. Make sure unapproved items have not been flushed down the toilet, such as wads of paper towels and sanitary napkins. Ask for a camera inspection if you want to get a more in-depth view of the sewer line. Remember that Henrik Plumbing offers repiping in Aliso Viejo in the event that your new home’s sewer line is in less than tiptop shape.

3. Do the Pipes Freeze in the Winter?

Depending on where you live, some pipes may start to freeze during the coldest months of the year. If you feel that this may be an issue for your home moving forward, be sure to get a thorough inspection of your internal piping systems to make sure that they are strong enough to withstand the winter times. In most California residencies, there shouldn’t be too much of a worry about freezing pipes over clogged or leaking pipes.

4. Is There A Sump Pump Installed?

Sump pumps are not required, but most homes prefer to have a sump pump for the better regulation of waste and water. You can check up on this during the inspection to see if a sump pump has been properly installed; if not, our Henrik Plumbing professionals can help you find the best quote and installation package to get a sump pump put into your new home.

Check Up on All Plumbing Concerns ASAP!

Before you finish your home inspection checklist, be sure to follow up by asking if there are any other plumbing concerns that you should be made aware of. It doesn’t hurt to double check and do a final inspection of all your piping before signing the official transfer papers. If you have additional questions or concerns about repiping in Aliso Viejo, or you are looking to schedule an appointment with Henrik Plumbing, you can reach out to them online or call at (323) 258-5858.

Designing the Ultimate Game Room

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Have you ever been asked, “What do you do for fun,” and wracked your brain for an answer? You won’t have to do that once you’ve installed a multi-purpose game room in your home!

And please skip saying you don’t have the basement space for a rec room! Game rooms/rec rooms can be built anywhere in your house– in a spare bedroom, an unused office or a (formerly) dusty attic. This is a great motivation to clear out the clutter – it’s time!

Pick a Theme

  • Wrap yourself in childhood fun with Monopoly or Candyland-themed decor and a closetful of classic board games.
  • Online gamer? Situate yourself in virtual reality paradise by decorating in the theme of your favorite world.
  • What card shark wouldn’t want a genuine casino in their home? Look up one-of-a-kind card tables and cool chairs to make your players drop their poker face.
  • Sports fans can cover the walls with their favorite team’s paraphernalia.
  • Pick a decade and go retro! Find furniture, lighting fixtures, and other décor from the era of your choice. You can even seek out vintage games!
  • Build an in-house arcade and make it just as noisy and colorful as the real thing. Your game room will be “the talk of the block!”
  • Lots of people have pool tables in their rec rooms, but how many have a full-blown billiard room? Take the theme to new levels by designing around the pool table’s style. Add other standing games, such as foosball and air hockey.
  • Choose a “Luxe Life” theme, complete with vintage bar accessories and luxury bar stools; “refined” table games like chess (or one of these classic 19th Century Parlor Games) played on an antique game table; and some classical symphonic tunes playing in the background.

Add a Home Theater

Games and movies go together like popcorn and candy. They’re both tons of fun, right?

Combine your game room with a home theater for the ultimate happy place. Choose comfortable seating like classically comfortable sofas and sectionals from A. Rudin and set them up around a big coffee table at knee-height. Then, put up a big projection screen to fill your wall with fascinating images.

You can settle in on the sofa and put your feet up (plus have a place to put your soda) on the table during movie night. Plus, the sofa and table set will double as a gathering place during game time or for a social occasion. Sports fans will appreciate that this is a fabulous set-up for game watching! When things get crowded, get a better view of the screen by adding luxury bar stools from A. Rudin.

Don’t Forget the Watering Hole

A bar stocked with drinks and snacks is a must-have for your personalized game room. The right furniture and bar stool combination “transcends the fashion of the moment, bridging past and future to create a sense of timeless style and luxury.” The addition of luxury bar stools liven up your game room by providing seating not only guests and players, but spectators as well. We all need people to cheer us on, don’t we?

Get Set for Gaming

Discover a truly immersive gaming experience with gaming chairs, which are comfortable to sit in for hours on end. Not only that- they have built-in speakers, cup holders, and interactive vibration to get you all caught up in the action.

By mounting your gaming consoles on the wall, you can easily hide unsightly wires. This both simplifies TV connection and eliminates the need for a TV stand. To save even more space, mount the controllers on the wall as well (the controllers will become a neat-looking decoration to boot.)

Ultimate Game Room for Kids

Your kids will surely thank you when you present them with their very own, kids’-centered playroom. This isn’t your typical playroom with a bunch of stuffed animals thrown around and random puzzle pieces scattered around the floor. Think carefully and pick a design theme that will tickle them, such as their favorite cartoon show or color scheme.

Blogger Julie of Julie Loves Home wrote about how she did a “$100 Chalkboard & Graffiti Guest-Game Room Makeover” on an underutilized room in her home. She bought some chalk and spray paint and, with restraint, let the kids design their hearts out. The result was a room they couldn’t live without.
Julie’s Guest-Game Room Makeover

Once you have chosen your design theme, consider installing:

  • A mini-children’s library, which can evolve as the kids grow
  • A “Wall of Fame” where you frame and hang your children’s artwork and accolades
  • A closetful of boardgames
  • A must-have chalkboard wall
  • Plenty of storage accessories to keep things tidy

Luxury Bar Stools and Furniture for Your New Game Room

A. Rudin is a Los Angeles-based custom furniture business whose commitment to quality and comfort have lasted four generations. Their elegantly simple furniture is made for home, hospitality, and contract use. It is perfectly crafted to suit your personal taste and today’s interiors. Discover A. Rudin’s locations here!

How to Achieve a Contemporary Kitchen Seating Arrangement

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Most traditional houses are structured with spaces devoted to certain eating activities, such as a dining room for formal meals and a space in the kitchen for a more casual dining table. However, not everyone has access to a traditional home; more and more people are opting to live in an urban setting closer to work, which usually translates to a smaller home. This doesn’t mean you need to compromise on all the things you find in the suburbs, and these contemporary kitchen seating arrangements can even be utilized in a traditional home. If you are interested in the best quality luxury bar stools for your kitchen, contact A. Rudin today to find one you will love.

Space and Function

The most obvious advantage to purchasing luxury bar stools from A. Rudin for your kitchen counter is the space you will save by not having a large table taking up valuable room. By omitting a table and utilizing bar stools at your kitchen island, you are creating a space that doesn’t feel congested and overcrowded. This is a great benefit when living in condos and townhomes that may not have the kitchen space that you would like. Even in larger, traditional homes, bar stools at the kitchen counter is a great addition because they add even more space for your family utilize. Children can use this area to do homework, you can host a tea or casual get together with some friends, and it’s a great way for the cook to interact with their guests before a dinner party. No matter what size house you have, this is a great option to create a functional space that flows from room to room.

Better Financial Choice

Another benefit of this contemporary kitchen seating arrangement is the financial savings. A kitchen table not only takes up a lot of space, but it also costs a lot. You usually have to purchase a table that fits with your décor and then chairs to match, but with luxury bar stools at your kitchen counter, you only need to worry about one thing. This means you have many more options to pick from for much cheaper than the traditional route.

Size of Seating

The biggest consideration that you must account for in bar stool seating is the size of the seating area. Kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to assess what is appropriate for yours. The point is to create a space that feels unencumbered and this can only be achieved if you pick the right quantity and size of bar stools for your specific home. If you have a larger kitchen counter, try looking into multiple seats, or even bench style seating. This is great for when you have multiple children or entertain frequently. If your kitchen counter is smaller, it would be prudent to only purchase two stools. It may even be beneficial to remove the seating when not needed if the kitchen island is smaller and the seating would protrude into a walkway.

Kitchen tables and dining areas used to be something that was a staple in most homes, but with the hectic lifestyles and busy schedules of most families now, it is extremely convenient to have a space that’s more accessible and functional. It’s much easier to talk with your kids doing homework while making dinner, or create a casual space where friends can have a drink. This contemporary kitchen seating style is also more practical for smaller homes. Just because it is more functional doesn’t mean it is less desirable; A. Rudin can help you find the best luxury bar stools that will make your house feel like a modern model home. Contact them today by clicking here.