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Read This Before You Begin Your Bathroom Remodel

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Important things to consider before starting a bathroom remodeling project include setting a sustainable budget, designing with quartz countertops from Vadara Quartz, sequencing your work, and considering ventilation. And there’s more to it than just that! Read on to find out what else you can do to make your bathroom remodel a success.

First, Set Your Budget

You can use the budget you set now as a guide to help you make decisions later about what to include in your remodel. Remember to account for the cost of labor.

Then, Plan Your Timing

It’s important to know this: a small bathroom will not necessarily be complete faster than a large one. If you are doing a full remodel, for instance, all the same steps will be taken to replace tiles, fixtures, fit new quartz bathroom countertops, and every other detail you choose for your new bathroom. So, the length of time it takes to finish the project may be comparable for a large or small bathroom.

Also, keep in mind that planning refers not only to the construction stage but to the ordering stage: it takes time to order and purchase things like your quartz bathroom countertops from Vadara Quartz, your shower tiles, and your new sink.

And, you will need to plan where you will use the facilities if you only have one bathroom in your house while it is being remodeled.

Third, Sequence Your Project Correctly

Your project should always be completed in a top-to-bottom fashion. Start with the ceilings, then continue with the walls, then do the floors last. This will prevent damaging new elements as they are installed.

Think About Style and Function

You can start by researching “paint color, tile choices, vanities, showers, tubs, faucets,” and other important style choices like quartz bathroom countertops [freshome.]” Design and function work hand in hand, so take into consideration the ways that you will be using the bathroom as well as who will be using it. Also think about how the bathroom design fits in with the design of the rest of your house, and how your remodel will affect the eventual resale value.

Think About Quartz Bathroom Countertops

One of the best choices you can make when updating your bathroom is installing quartz bathroom countertops. Vadara Quartz has the finest quartz surfaces which combine beauty, function, innovation, and value. They offer the most attractive and innovative colors, too. And, Vadara Quartz is available nationwide!

Decide if You Want to Hire a Contractor

A skilled, licensed contractor can be a big help, even for a potentially DIY project. Bathroom projects can be complex since they may include updates to plumbing, electrical, tiling, and more. Hiring a contractor can save you money and time.

Select Plumbing Fixtures

You can change the look of your bathroom very easily by remodeling or repairing the “fixtures and features:”

● Shower
● Bathtub
● Toilet
● Bidet
● Sink
● Faucet
● Shower head
● Mirrors
● Shower doors
● Door handles
● Drawer pulls
● Hardware for shower doors


Plan Storage and Shelving

If your bathroom is small or has an irregular shape, planning for cabinets, shelving, and other storage can be tricky. They must be reachable, make the most of your space, and, of course, maintain your style.

Choose Lighting Wisely

A bathroom can be made simply dangerous without adequate lighting. You want your bathroom lighting to be functional first and foremost, but you also want it to create atmosphere. Maximize natural light “and have at least 4 watts of incandescent lighting per square foot [freshhome.]”

Plan for Proper Ventilation

In a damp space like the bathroom, ventilation is key. The right fan needs to be placed in just the right position to effectively air out the room and avoid mold and accumulation of moisture. Poor ventilation can harm your health, while continual airflow prevents decay and contributes to a nice refreshing atmosphere.

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Vadara Quartz is fine quartz surfacing combining beauty, function, innovation, and value. With the most natural color palette available, Vadara Quartz is the perfect compliment to your newly renovated bathroom. All quartz surfaces purchased from Vadara come with a lifetime warranty. View the Vadara Style Gallery Here!

How to Choose the Right Size Furniture

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When searching for the right high end luxury furniture for your home, it’s best to consider the size and style of the room you’re looking to fill. All too often people are unsure where to start when it comes to finding the right size furniture for their homes.

With the help of A. Rudin, it’s time to determine the shape, size, style, and look of your high end luxury furniture so that it can best fit your home and your needs.

Think About Form and Function

Before deciding on your favorite piece of furniture, you first need to consider what function your room serves. For example, if you want to transform one of the rooms in your home into a study, think about what kind of furniture would best help you accomplish that goal.

Think beyond just basic functionality as well. How many times a day will you be using the room? What other functions might it serve throughout the day? This will help you determine if, for example, you want a couch in your office or not.

Think About the Living Room

Perhaps the most important location in the home to figure out the right size furniture is the living room. It is the centerpiece of the home, and you want to make sure to make a grand impression with a beautifully sized couch. Here are some things to consider:

  • If your living room is large and spacious, you can be satisfied with pretty much any shape or size of couch. Just be sure not to overcrowd it with furniture.
  • If you decide to go big with the couch, make sure that the rest of your furniture is small and simple as to not overwhelm the senses.
  • If your living room is small and cozy, go with a small couch, as it will keep the space open and give an appearance of a larger room.

The couch can be one of the most exciting pieces of furniture to pick out when you are shopping for high end luxury furniture. Just remember to feel the scope and space of your room before picking something just because you like the color.

Dining Room Considerations

Almost as important as the living room is the dining room, where you will surely want a beautiful and awe-inspiring table to bring the guests in.

Deciding on the right size dining room table can be a challenge if you aren’t sure what to look for. If you have a smaller space, consider a round-shaped dining table instead of a square or rectangular one. That way, you can fit more luxurious chairs and it won’t appear too crowded.

On the other hand, a large dining room allows you the opportunity to bring in a generously large table, which the room should handle as its main function. Think dark-colored wood, a sleek rectangular look, and a complimentary cabinet or drawer next to it to finish off the look of the room.

High End Luxury Furniture

A. Rudin understands exactly how difficult it can be to find the right size or shape furniture for your home. Contact A. Rudin to browse their high-end collection and search for the kind of furniture that would serve the best form and function in your home, completing your beautiful look.

Efficient Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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When designing your kitchen renovation, selecting the right cabinets for your space is extremely important. However, many get discouraged when the cabinets they like eat up way more of the budget than originally planned for. Fortunately, modular cabinets are a cost-effective option that provide an equally stunning result in the design of your kitchen. This popular cabinet option has quickly been rising in demand, and leaving both designers and homeowners intrigued. For more information about modular cabinets in New York, contact Leicht NY here.

What are modular cabinets?

If you have not renovated your kitchen recently, or this is your first time designing your kitchen, then you may be unfamiliar with what modular cabinets are. According to HGTV, modular cabinets are “pre-made cabinet parts that fit together to form a functional kitchen layout.” Although these cabinets are pre-made, it is important to note that they can still be semi-customized to the design and layout of your kitchen. To get detailed information on the variety of modular cabinets in New York that are available, contact the trusted team at Leicht NY.

Why choose modular cabinets?

Aside from their cost effectiveness, modular cabinets also have a multitude of other benefits. One benefit of selecting modular cabinets for your kitchen is that they have the ability to meet each of your individual needs. Not only can they come in upper and lower units, but they also are available in floor to ceiling units that can be used in a variety of kitchens. Additionally, modular cabinets are available in different styles, finishes, and sizes so that you can create a kitchen that you love without looking like all of the rest. Since this cabinet selection is not an option that everyone is familiar with, it is important to use the trusted professionals at Leicht NY for your modular cabinets in New York.

What other efficient options are available?

While modular cabinets are a great option for cabinet selection, there are also other efficient kitchen cabinet ideas that can help stay organized and loving your kitchen.

• Create a method to the madness- When you think about it, your kitchen space is home to a lot of storage space that is probably filled. Take the time to go through your inventory, remove any duplicate, broken, or unused items, and organize what is left. Not only will this help you avoid buying multiple of the same item, but it will also let you organize everything and rid your cabinets of a cluttered look.
• Choose cabinets that match the function of your kitchen- Another efficient option for your cabinets is to match the selection to the way the kitchen is utilized. For example, if you do a lot of cooking in your kitchen, then having cabinets around your stove that fit your most used cooking utensils can make the world of difference. On the other hand, if you rarely use your kitchen for cooking and really just need the space for storage, then cabinets that have deep shelving can help you keep the space organized.

Whether you are designing your kitchen from the ground up or are renovating in sections, the cabinets you select will have a significant impact of the efficiency of your space. To ensure that you get the experience you deserve and the result you love, contact the team at Leicht NY today! With a beautiful inventory, glowing client testimonials, and the best quality products, they are the team to trust. Plus, they offer a complimentary consultation to learn about how they can deliver the best result possible. To get more information on their services and modular cabinets in New York, contact Leicht NY here.