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Kitchen Cabinet Designs

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Have you been dreaming of perfecting your kitchen space with the installation of beautiful new cabinets and even matching quartz countertops? You’re in luck! Get inspired with a guide of cabinet styles and designs from Vadara Quartz! See innovative new ways to store all of your kitchen essentials, discover the latest new trends and design concepts, and find out how you can install a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing to your personal taste, and that functions at the highest quality! Keep reading to discover all of this and more now!

Incorporating Patterns into Your Cabinet Designs

If you love to express your sense of style through your kitchen design, there are ways to incorporate beautiful patterns and have them match the rest of the room. Before settling on one specific pattern for the cabinets, try to find a company or store that sells cabinet sets that have matching counters and even backsplash designs in the style you want. To achieve a gorgeous pattern design throughout your kitchen, shop for cabinets that follow an aesthetic you tend to gravitate towards. Patterns in black and white are easy to match if you don’t immediately find a set of countertops to pair with them. If you want to add color to your kitchen, but don’t have a set match for the rest of the decorations, stick to a neutral palette and add in a bright color of your choice to ensure being able to find compatible options.

Cabinets That Focus on Hardware Elements

When searching for cabinets that are more out of the box aesthetically, hardware cabinets can be a great way for you to open up more space in the kitchen, and have a gorgeous, unique design aesthetic. Often, the hardware used for the cabinets is in a rose gold color, as this hue has quickly garnered popularity. To achieve this cabinet look, your kitchen will be more open than a traditional storage look. When researching this type of cabinet installation, find the hardware metal that compliments your color choice, and try to research quartz countertops to match, as those counters will be able to bring out the shine of the hardware. Since the hardware cabinets are more open, you’ll also want to think about how you arrange your storage to match the rest of the kitchen decor. You can browse a variety of quartz countertops to match your hardware aesthetic whenever inspiration strikes when you call Vadara Quartz or visit the website.

Glass Door Cabinets

Add a touch of elegance to your new kitchen space by installing glass door cabinets in your kitchen. This aesthetic allows you to not only upgrade your space, but also continue to decorate in colors of your choosing without clashing with your cabinets. Glass cabinets can either be installed with clear glass, where you are able to see all of the storage, or with a treatment that makes them frosted or colored. Choosing to decorate with glass cabinets will upgrade your overall aesthetic and transform your kitchen into a beautiful and modern masterpiece. Complete any kitchen you can dream up with the help of Vadara Quartz countertops.

Shelved Cabinet Installations

Take a more unique avenue to installing new kitchen cabinets by creating shelving that is placed like an island as opposed to hanging on the wall like traditional cabinets. This allows you to not only create your own unique cabinets, but also to make your house feel more like a cozy home by incorporating space for both dishes and cookbooks! Create your own gorgeous, custom quartz countertops with the help of the experts at Vadara Quartz. Call today or visit their website now to see all of your options for the beautiful, new kitchen of your dreams!

Best Places to Upgrade Your Home

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Refresh your home using these simple techniques that will bring an air of sophistication and increase its resale value.

Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

You don’t have to replace your kitchen cabinets to get a completely fresh look for your kitchen. Adding new cabinetry can be expensive, but something as simple as a new coat of paint can make the room feel like new. If your kitchen is outdated, painting the cabinets can make it feel more modern and cleaner.

Update Cabinet Handles

Enhance the modern look of your kitchen even more with updated cabinet handles. Swap out generic or out-of-date handles for newer, more stylish ones to give your kitchen an entirely new look and feel. “It’s clear that brushed brass is year’s stand-out metal, giving a luxurious finish to handles, small appliances and even plug sockets []”

Build and Furnish a Backyard Deck

A beautiful backyard deck offers a seamless transition from indoors to out. Aside from offering you the perfect place to flip burgers and catch some rays, having a deck will increase the resale value of your home. Experts suggest using a rustic, natural wood.

If your home already has a deck, consider reviving it with a power wash and hand scrub. Then, brush on a protective coat of semitransparent stain to protect it from the elements.

Adding a outdoor furniture from chaise lounges to table and chairs creates the ultimate relaxation space. Choose outdoor furniture that compliments your high-end luxury furniture from A. Rudin.

Create a New Look with High-End Luxury Furniture

The best furniture features subtle curves, balanced line and proportion, and refined detail. Your aim when choosing furniture upgrades for your home should be to transcend the fashion of the moment, creating a sense of timeless style and luxury. High-end luxury furniture from A. Rudin is perfectly suited to today’s elegant interiors. A. Rudin’s classic upholstered furniture and casegoods are custom made for exceptional quality and comfort.

Upgrade Landscaping

The front of your house is the first thing people see. Yes, improving your “curb appeal” increases the value of your home. But it also makes your house look more friendly and inviting to guests, and creates a more satisfying place to return to every evening after work. Any improvements in landscaping — from planning a flower bed to surrounding the house with a hedge– are worth your while. “As for big-ticket investments, like trees, they aren’t just nice to look at; they also stave off erosion, block storm-water runoff, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and filter groundwater pollutants []”

Hide the Eyesores

Some things that are necessary to your home’s function can be hidden from sight and still work perfectly. Putting hinges on a canvas portrait or picture frame can turn it into an excellent coverup for unsightly thermostats and alarms.

Install a Water Filter

Millions of people drink bottled water because of concerns over the purity of tap water. Some just don’t prefer the taste. These problems exist around the country, regardless of the whether the water comes from a municipal pipeline or a ground well.

Installing an under-sink water filtration system is a cost-efficient way to ditch the plastic bottles and reduce your carbon footprint. Save the earth the plastic waste by investing in a reuseable water bottle and filling up from your new filtered faucet water every morning.

High-End Luxury Furniture from A. Rudin

The furniture from A. Rudin has been made in Los Angeles for four generations by dedicated craftspeople using old-world skills. It is custom furniture for elegant living: residential, hospitality, contract. Each piece is smoothly finished with exacting care. A. Rudin interprets classic seating to suit personal tastes and today’s interiors. Discover A. Rudin products here.

Why are German Kitchens So Special?

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When you’re investing in a kitchen remodeling project, you are probably thinking of ways to make it the most creative and special project around. Many homeowners are looking to different cultures and traditions to make the most out of their kitchen.

Arguably the most important room of the home, the kitchen is something that LEICHT LA professionals never take for granted. Recently, residents have been looking at the trend of German kitchens to get more form and functionality out of this dynamic room.

But what’s so special about a German style kitchen in Los Angeles? What are its biggest benefits? With the help of Leicht LA, it’s time to shed a bit of insight on what German kitchens really are. Check out the rest if you’re interested in investing in a huge opportunity for your kitchen!

It’s All About the Quality

German kitchens are known for having a super high level of quality. Germans have always been huge influencers in the kitchen appliance industry, with trusted brands like SieMatic, Schuller, and ALNO sporting a logo or two in your own kitchen. But what sets German kitchens apart from others is the extreme commitment to quality that these kitchen producers have shown over the years.

If you’re looking for something that will truly serve you well in the long run, consider an investment in a German style kitchen in Los Angeles. It’s doable, it has been done before, and it can certainly be done for you.

Bring Engineering into the Common Room

German kitchen manufacturing companies are almost all family-owned, carrying with them generations of traditions and secret engineering techniques. These traditions have helped these brands stay on top of the market, dominating everything in the kitchen when it comes to craftsmanship.

These engineering skills and designs are often a product of collaboration across different kitchen production industries, such as suppliers, appliance makers, refinishers, and more. Facilitating this kind of high-end work from the ground up is what can set a German kitchen apart from its counterparts.

Service You Can Rely On

Much like the service at LEICHT NY, you can rely on the quality service and delivery systems that German manufacturing companies have to offer. Anything as small as a delivery schedule to huge re-ordering requests, these companies won’t let you down. You can always work with a LEICTHT NY representative to find the best way to get a German kitchen in your own home, from communication methods to costs.

‘Made in Germany’ For Your Approval

Now a mark of great quality, the “Made in Germany” stamp is something that many homeowners seek after. With sleek, forward-thinking designs, strong engineering components, and parts that are built to last a very long time, you’ll definitely get the most out of each and every dollar you spend to make this dream a reality.

Germans dominated the domestic market, becoming huge exporters of kitchen tech in the late 1950s and 60s. Now, they are an internationally known producer of the finest in kitchen supplies, appliances, countertops, tiling, and more.

Want to learn more about what comes with a German kitchen? Schedule a consultation with us today!

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Leicht LA offer personalized and thoughtful kitchen remodeling consultations to help you realize your dream in the easiest and most affordable way possible. If you are itching for the kitchen remodeling bug, and you aren’t sure where to start, let Leicht LA ease you out of your fears. Rebuilding a German style kitchen in Los Angeles can add a lot of value to your home, while also offering high functionality and reliability over the long years to come. For more information, feel free to contact them online or call at (310) 360-0390 to schedule an appointment.