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Color Trends for Interior Design 2020

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Color Trends for Interior Design 2020

The paint colors you choose have the power to completely transform a room. Whether it’s a painted ceiling or a pop of color with an accent wall, the color you paint the room is integral to perfecting your overall design aesthetic. This year has bold new color trends for interior design. From a fresh take on neutrals to bold hues like blue, this year is the year to take risks with your interior design. Below you will find the most talked-about color trends for interior design in 2020.

  1. Bold and Monochromatic: It doesn’t have to be boring, and it is definitely not too matchy matchy! Using a bold color like blue or green can completely transform your room. If you choose blue, consider deep hues and accent your room with gold to highlight the depth of the monochromatic color. This is a great option to choose if you like to switch up your design aesthetic often as you can easily replace some of the monochromatic tones for new colors without having to redesign your home entirely. 
  2. Warm Pastels: While light nudes are timeless, warm pastels can add some extra flair in place of just nude tones. Earthy tones like green, blue, and brown are a great way to add some warmth and depth while still maintaining subtlety. Warm pastels are also lighter and can brighten up a room. Add mirrors to your overall design and you can make a smaller room look significantly bigger.
  3. Deep Colors: Interior designers tend to shy away from majorly dark colors as it can make a room look smaller. However, using deep colors in a large room or even a room with vaulted ceilings can really add some character to your overall design aesthetic. Rich, saturated colors like navy blue, green, and gray can provide an intimate mood in the room. 
  4. Earthy Tones: Browns, greens, yellows, and blues can create a space that is dynamic and calming. Creating a space that feels natural and earthy can set the room’s mood in a relaxing way. You can add earthy accents to your room with wood furniture and plants to put the finishing touches on the overall design.
  5. Champagne: This is a great warm tone that is replacing the cool grey trend that’s been around for the last few years. Champagne is also warmer than grey and provides a soft yet classy tone to the overall room. Metallic accessories go best with champagne, but you can also add some flair. Stay away from classic gold and use softer metallics.  
  6. Charcoal: Black and white are out, and charcoal is in this year. Mix and match the hues by painting one wall dark charcoal and the rest a lighter color. Accent the room with medium-brown or black furniture. You can add some color by incorporating green plants into the mix. It’s a modern take on the classic black and white design.

While these color trends for interior design are hot in 2020, you can add your own flair to each of them to ensure that the trend encompasses your own unique style. Still, trends are a great way to modernize your home and increase its market value.

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Kitchen Redesign Mistakes To Avoid

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Kitchen redesign mistakes to avoid

The kitchen is where most of your home’s foot traffic likely is. Everyone has to eat or cook meals at some point! Between cooking dinner, having meals around the kitchen table, packing lunches, and having your morning cup of coffee, the kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic. Because the kitchen is so busy, a good redesign can vamp up the current design of your kitchen. Having your kitchen area feel comfortable, look inviting, and be user-friendly is essential. Most designers suggest a redesign at least every ten years as trends quickly change. Below you will find some tips and tricks to avoid the most common kitchen redesign mistakes people make.


This is likely the most important step in your kitchen redesign. Figure out what your theme is and how you want the overall design aesthetic to look. You need to inventory what you want to keep the same and what you want to change. Write down a list of what you want entirely replaced, what you want to be spruced up, and what you want completely gone. From there, you can assess your costs, plan, and ensure your design is cohesive. This step can also help you with determining which parts you can do on your own and which you will need support on.


Cabinetry and countertops need to mesh well aesthetically. People often spend a lot of time and money on the perfect color and material combos for their cabinets and countertops. However, it’s important to remember that you also need to include the backsplash. While it’s just the small space between the two areas, it is often overlooked and can truly impact your overall design aesthetic.

Following All of the Current Trends

Following trends can lead to kitchen redesign mistakes at times. You don’t want to follow all of the most recent trends, or you’ll quickly have an outdated looking kitchen. Follow one or two that you really love and then customize your design to your own style. You don’t want a kitchen that looks like it belongs in a specific outdated decade too quickly. You also want it to be your true style as you’re the one who is using it every day.


Countertops need to be functional and look good. You also need to be sure and account for enough counter space, as you’ll likely need more than you think. Between countertop appliances and the need for functional space to cook, be sure you don’t short change yourself on counter space. In addition, countertops are not the part of your kitchen that you should scrimp on. Installing new countertops can be time-consuming. Invest now, so you don’t have to replace it for a while.


You likely use your kitchen often, so don’t forget about functionality. It needs to have enough storage, enough counter space, and fully functional for your unique needs. You don’t want the cabinet your garbage is in to be behind the sink. You also don’t want the fridge opposite the main pantry. Think about how you utilize the kitchen space and design you already have, and focus on how you can improve that.

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The Top Trends in Kitchen Countertops 2020

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Top trends in kitchen countertops 2020

There has been relative stability that kitchen décor trends have enjoyed over the past five years. However, designers believe the top trends in kitchen countertops in 2020 are bound to hold some surprises. 

We have noted a shift towards an increase in wall-offed kitchens. Industry experts agree that there is one trend that isn’t going anywhere: color. Cabinets and appliances are dramatically evolving. But, sturdy and reliable kitchen countertops are likely to keep their place among American kitchen favorites. 

That being said, recent improvements in manufacturing have increased our options. So, the question remains, what will our top trends in kitchen countertops look like in 2020?

If you use your kitchen regularly, then you know your countertops are constantly doing the heavy lifting. Hot pans, sharp knives, and spills have tested your countertops over the years. It only makes sense to invest in surfaces that will continue to look stunning after decades. For that reason, concrete, porcelain, and quartz countertops are working their way up the list of favorites in 2020. Now, they even challenge granite and marble for top ranks. 

Concrete Countertops

If you haven’t seen them before, then you may not immediately consider concrete as a strong contender for your next set of countertops. However, they can be stunningly beautiful. The medium can be manipulated to represent practically any color or texture you want. More creative designs can even imitate complex formations for a truly unique look. 

Currently, designers prefer a more industrial/gastropub look for concrete countertops. You can allow the forms of the kitchen to take center stage by opting for a rich, gray coloration with a satin sheen. It brings color in via your cabinets. This saves you from having to tediously clean white surfaces several times a day.

These hefty countertops may require the structural reinforcement of your cabinets and kitchen flooring. But they are also impervious to scratching and heat. As with granite, they do need to be sealed regularly due to natural porosity. But, they are otherwise very low-maintenance. When properly installed and cared for, your concrete countertops will look flawless for years to come.

Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain countertops have been popular in Europe for years. Still, they’re just starting to gain visibility in the states. No, these are not those annoying little squares with perpetually stained grout lines. Instead, modern porcelain countertops come in whole slabs. These slabs can visually mimic any material you like, thanks to improved manufacturing techniques.

Besides being aesthetically-fluid, porcelain countertops are also one of the most durable materials. They are scratch and heat-resistant. They are also non-porous. So, you don’t have to worry about bacteria getting into the countertop or ever having to seal your countertops. Given their gorgeous appearance and ultimate durability, it’s no wonder that designers around the country are turning to porcelain.

Quartz Countertops

These manufactured mixes of natural stone and resins are a popular, more eco-friendly alternative to granite countertops. Like concrete and porcelain, quartz countertops can be made to mimic any number of surfaces. Still, natural stone remains the most popular. Quartz has been a popular countertop material for several years. But, 2020 kitchen designs do appear to be favoring more dramatic character veins in quartz. 

Additionally, in quartz kitchens, you are more likely to see large slabs of the material. Use can use these slabs as eye-catching backsplashes that match with the overall countertop scheme. Given the material’s natural scratch and heat resistance, as well as its built-in sealant, quartz continues to be a top choice for modern kitchen design. 

Your Kitchen in 2020

Regardless of what material best fits your aesthetic desires and practical needs, we see certain top trends in kitchen countertops in 2020. These trends show that technologically superior composites are replacing whole-slab, natural countertops. These better materials reduce wear and tear on our environment. But, they still offer more durability and less upkeep. For beautiful, composite countertop options, check out Neolith and start designing. 

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