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Signs it is Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

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Man starting to renovate your kitchen.

Have you been dealing with dilapidated cabinets and cracked countertops for a while? If so, you are overdue for a kitchen renovation. No matter your kitchen size, design needs, and financial constraints, it is more than possible to invest in a better kitchen. Let’s look at signs it is time to renovate your kitchen.

Signs it is Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

Even if your kitchen fixtures aren’t completely falling apart, there could be more subtle signs it is time to renovate your kitchen. Your space may be in bigger shambles than you thought; take a look at these sure-fire signs that it is time to invest in Leicht kitchens in New York.

You’re Out of Storage Space

Do you have nowhere to put your pots, pans, and plates? If you are out of storage space, you might be feeling frustrated with your kitchen. Even if you don’t cook a lot, you still need ample space to store and prepare things. It’s easy to add some storage space to your kitchen through cabinets and brand-new countertops. Once those dishes are out of sight and out of mind, you will immediately open up the space to more storage opportunities in the future.

You Have Outdated Appliances

All appliances, no matter how new or advanced, have an expiration date. If you’ve been dealing with the same stove and dishwasher for many years, it’s probably time for a change. Dishwashers stop working properly over time, and they won’t give your dishes the thorough rinse they used to. Not to mention, when your appliances break down, it is often far more expensive to fix them than to just purchase a new machine altogether.

You Hate Your Kitchen Layout

Maybe you are just fed up with the layout of your kitchen. It may be difficult to navigate or you just don’t like the way it is designed. Not only can kitchen layouts cause health hazards, but poor design can lead you to abandon the space altogether. The stove may be in an inconvenient spot, or it’s hard to reach the fridge with the countertop in the way. It’s time to rearrange the layout to create a safer, more efficient, and more beautiful space for you to enjoy.

Old Designs are Decreasing in Value

Everyone has their own unique aesthetic preferences. No matter what your taste is, it is difficult to enjoy an outdated kitchen. Old wallpaper, bad tile flooring, and crumbling backsplashes are not just dangerous for your physical health, but your financial health as well. The more outdated your kitchen materials are, the lower the overall value of your home will be. Investing in a renovation project doesn’t have to break the bank, and can even help you earn more money in the long run.

You Never Use Your Kitchen

If for one reason or another, you just hate your kitchen, you probably end up never using it. An unused kitchen will start to lose value quickly. Not to mention, it’s never fun to have a room with so much stagnant energy in it! You deserve to enjoy your kitchen to the fullest. If replacing counters and cabinets will help you reimagine and reclaim the space, it is well worth the upfront cost.

Find the Best Modern Kitchen Designs at Leicht!

You’ve known for a while that a kitchen renovation is long overdue. Whether you have crumbling countertops or outdated appliances, you may be starting to realize that you are not making the most of your kitchen space. It’s time to revitalize your kitchen with a breath of fresh air – and brand new modern kitchen cabinets. Get in touch with our Leicht experts today for a full consultation. Discover how you can reinvent and remodel your kitchen to suit your changing needs.

Tips for Modern Sustainable Kitchen Remodeling

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Modern sustainable kitchen illustration.

The kitchen is the cornerstone of any home, and easily one of the first rooms that people choose to remodel. Investing in a renovation project can be an exciting chapter in your life as a homeowner, and it is important to do it right. Any modern kitchen design will come with some eco-friendly solutions to help you save energy and reduce waste on the planet. Let’s look at our top tips for modern sustainable kitchen remodeling.

Tips for Modern Sustainable Kitchen Remodeling

Before starting your next remodeling project, let our Neolith sintered stone experts give you the best tips for modern sustainable kitchen remodeling. You can reduce the cost of your renovation while saving energy and materials in a fully functional kitchen. The opportunities are endless!

Start with a Plan

You need a solid foundation for your proposed changes before you jump right into work. It is important to consider factors like your budget, space constraints, storage needs, and overall use of your kitchen. Depending on what ideas you have in mind, you may want to start with just one part of the kitchen, such as the cabinets or countertops. Once you have a good idea of what exactly you want to change in your home, how much it will cost, and what materials you need, you can move on to the next step.

Resurface, Don’t Replace

If you are passionate about staying sustainable through all of your kitchen remodeling efforts, you are likely very conscious of waste. You can reduce debris and landfill garbage when you choose to resurface instead of replacing your cabinets. It is easier than ever to recycle wood and stone materials. Refinishing the cabinets and counters will give your kitchen a whole new look without having to throw out entire cabinets and appliances. You can use this same method to refresh the floors and walls, too!

Get Green Countertops

A lot of homeowners will agree that the countertop is the focal point of the kitchen. Replacing kitchen countertops can be the one thing that will refresh the entire look and design of the space. Not only do countertops provide a good working surface, but they are beautiful to look at.

You can invest in sustainable countertops made from recycled or biodegradable materials such as glass, bamboo, and sintered stone. Not only are these materials built to last, but they are manufactured through an eco-friendly process to reduce energy waste. It has never been easier to go green than with sustainable countertop options.

Rearrange Your Appliances

The most important part of going green is figuring out energy efficiency in a new kitchen. This is a better time than ever to take a critical look at the way your appliances are set up in your kitchen. You may not realize it, but your appliances can sap energy from each other. For example, if your fridge is right next to your stove, it will work harder to maintain a cold temperature due to the heat from the stove. If you cook a lot, this might be the best opportunity to move things around and save energy.

Invest Locally

You don’t have to travel far and wide to find the best remodeling experts that can help you with your remodeling project. Your local Neolith experts can help you find the most sustainable materials that match both your budget and style. If you are looking for modern and eco-friendly methods of remodeling your kitchen, you can reach out to your nearby sintered stone experts to learn more about your renovation opportunities.

Find Your New Kitchen Style Today!

Going green doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it is only getting easier. From sustainable countertop materials to advanced recycling techniques, your local manufacturing pros are always working on ways to reduce our carbon impact on the planet while providing you with as many styles and materials as possible. Reach out to our local experts today to learn more about investing in a beautiful and sustainable future!