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What is Traditional Interior Design Style?

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Are you a homeowner interested in designing a new home or remodeling your current house? The first thing you should do is learn about the different interior design styles that could serve as inspiration for your home’s new look. You want to avoid looking too plain or predictable while still paying homage to the popular designs that everyone likes best. Our LEICHT experts have found out that traditional style kitchen cabinets in NY hit the sweet spot of classical and trendy.  

What is Traditional Interior Design Style?

What is traditional interior design style, exactly? How can you use it to add more value and beauty to your home? Let’s take a look at the core components of traditional design that separate it from other styles as a unique and timeless way to redesign your home. 

Understanding Traditional Design Styles 

The “traditional” style typically entails interior designs and furniture pieces made at the end of the Victorian era, near the turn of the century (1900). Some may refer to this style as a craftsman or old-world style but don’t let the rich history of traditional styles fool you: this design is still an ever-popular choice even by the most modern of homeowners. 

Traditional styles bring to mind themes of durability, bulk, and natural enhancement. Traditional homeowners love to incorporate handmade furniture and rich wooden themes throughout the home for a timeless effect. 

Biggest Characteristics of Traditional Design Style 

The basic elements of traditional design style can help you easily identify more classic themes that you might want to move forward with when planning out the vision for your next home. Traditional styles usually include: 

  • Walls and furniture decorated with ornamental details 
  • Rooms that are focused equally on comfort and functionality 
  • A focus on symmetry when it comes to balancing space, objects, and furniture
  • European furniture and decor from the 18th and 19th centuries 
  • Darker wood finishes
  • Neutral color palettes and natural elements 
  • Some wallpaper or subtle patterns in large interior spaces
  • Neutral textiles serving as curtains or cushions 

Most furniture suppliers will be able to direct you towards the best traditional designs and furnishings to complete the look you’ve always wanted. 

How to Incorporate Traditional Interior Design

One of the most attractive features of traditional designs is that it’s not just about how everything looks, but how it functions and flows within the environment. A lot of people prioritize the flow and seamlessness of something over the look when looking to incorporate interior designs.

You should also start to look for pieces that reproduce the antique look. You can definitely find real authentic pieces to add to your home, but you can also look to modern kitchen cabinet manufacturers to get a customized style in any way you want. Many people choose to incorporate darker colors on the floor and lighter colors on major fixtures. 

Don’t Forget the Details!

Traditional experts love the little details. This is where you can make your interior look truly ornate, with vases and jars to take up empty space. A lot of experts also suggest crown molding and wood paneling along the walls give your entire home a richer texture. Whether you will renovate just one part of the house or turn your entire home into a traditional delight, you can always make it look better by adding more. 

Find Traditional Style Cabinets Today 

Our LEICHT pros specialize in the manufacturing of traditional-style NYC kitchen cabinets for your home. You don’t have to be an expert in the traditional style to imitate a beautiful design theme throughout your entire house. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can incorporate traditional design elements into your life.




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