6 bad habits for your lawn

Having a lush green lawn can be a major source of pride. Everybody wants the nicest lawn on the block. Caring for your lawn shouldn’t be a part-time job. However, there are important steps you should take to keep your lawn looking great all year round. Below, you will find the top 6 bad habits for your lawn.

6 bad habits for your lawn

Avoid the common mistakes people make that result in destroying their lawns. Consider the following bad habits for your lawn, including how to avoid them.

Mowing Too Low:

Mowing your lawn too short can cause a variety of issues. Grass that is too short exposes your lawn soil to excessive sunlight. The blades serve as a great source of shade. Without this, the sunlight can cause dryness and make your grass more vulnerable to drought. Shorter grass is much weaker and prone to pests and weeds. Experts recommend mowing your grass to around three to four inches for optimal growth. A good rule of thumb is to cut no more than one-third of the blade length.

Using Dull Mower Blades:

Dull mower blades can impact your lawn in a negative way. Blades that are dull tear the grass. The lack of a clean cut can put stress on the grass. This can make them vulnerable to diseases and pests. Grass that is torn with dull blades also heals much slower. This can lead to areas of brown grass or an overall ragged-looking appearance. Use sharp mower blades to ensure your grass stays healthy.

Bagging Lawn Clippings:

Bagging your lawn is not necessarily terrible for your lawn. However, it can offer a number of benefits. When your grass is cut properly, the remaining clippings can serve as a natural fertilizer. They can also improve soil health and ensure moisture retention in the soil. On top of all of that, not bagging your lawn clippings can save you time and money.

Failing To Water:

Watering your lawn is key for optimal growth. Failure to do this can lead to thinning and bare spots, reduced growth, and overall decline. When water is scarce, the grass roots don’t grow deep. Deep roots are necessary to ensure blade resiliency. Regularly water your lawn to avoid issues with your grass. The amount and frequency depends on your location. Hire experts in lawn services to keep your grass looking great.

Watering Too Much:

Overwatering can be just as detrimental as watering your lawn too little. Too much water can make your lawn more susceptible to fungal growth and disease. Excess water also encourages shallow roots as they do not have to go deep into the soil for nutrients. In addition to the negative impact it can have on your lawn, it can also waste water and increase your utility bill. Consult with experts in lawn care in Upland for support with your lawn.

Not Using Fertilizer:

Fertilizer is a great way to keep your lawn in good shape. It offers a number of benefits, as it can keep the color and density of your lawn looking great. Fertilizer can also keep disease and weeds at bay. Fertilizer is nutrient-rich and can enhance the soil as well as the lawn.

Lawn Care Services

Caring for your lawn can take time away from your head-earned nights and weekends. Hiring a team of experts to take care of your lawn offers several benefits. No matter what your lawn looks like or what you need, a customized plan can be created for you. Contact the team at Lawnscape Systems, Inc. today for more information!