Are Kitchen Cabinets Hard to Install?

custom kitchen cabinets

The short answer: yes, they are. You may think you are saving money by DIYing your kitchen cabinet installation. Yet, improperly installed cabinets can cause long-term issues which end up costing more. When you have kitchen cabinet issues, your home equity goes down, and you lose even more money.  Hire a professional to install your new LEICHT customizable kitchen cabinetry. That way, you can be sure to do the job right. Then enjoy your kitchen upgrade stress-free.

“The most important thing is to allow the same person or company who designs the cabinets to also install them,” California-based builder Ben Davies told “If you don’t and mistakes are made, installation costs quickly go way up.”

Read on to find out more about why it is important to hire a professional kitchen cabinet installer.


Most kitchens (and rooms in general) are not completely square. But kitchen cabinets are perfectly square. This makes planning for your LEICHT customizable kitchen cabinetry a precise job. Over time, your walls, floors, and ceilings tend to warp and expand. The result is one corner of your kitchen can be a whole inch longer than the others. And don’t expect all the angles to equal 90 degrees, either. A professional kitchen cabinet installer who has seen these issues before can handle them.

Cabinet Assembly

Proper cabinet assembly requires hours of hard work. An installer uses special heavy-duty builder’s tools. Most people do not have tools like these at home. It also requires many precise measurements, multiplied by each cabinet you install. Hiring a reputable cabinet installer ensures the cabinets are built-to-last. You can avoid mismeasurement and other errors caused by imprecision.

Handling Cabinets

You may not be aware of how precocious your new kitchen cabinets are. They are delicate and can be easily banged up and scratched if you aren’t sure what you are doing.

When cabinets arrive from the supplier, a professional installer inspects each piece for imperfections. Then, the pieces must be left inside your home for five to seven days without installation. This is so the cabinetry can acclimate to your home. A professional installer will wear gloves to protect the cabinetry when handling it. He or she will never leave paint cans, lunches, or tools on top of the cabinet pieces. If you try to DIY your new kitchen cabinets, you risk damaging them.

Cabinet Installation

Consider this: kitchen cabinets are near impossible to install on your own. The cabinets are heavy, especially with the added weight of shelving. You also have to reinforce each bolt with studs and maybe more. This is a hefty job requiring at least two knowledgeable installers.

Kitchen cabinets are a set that must fit exactly right. DIYing your kitchen cabinet installation is sure to cause trouble in this area. If you mismeasure only 1 cm on the first cabinet, you will run into major problems on the fourth or sixth cabinet. You may have to tear all the cabinets down and start from scratch. Hire a pro to do it exactly right the first time.

Impact on Your Home’s Value

Real estate agents know that kitchens sell homes. It is common for the kitchen to set the selling price for the whole home. The only reasonable response is to take extra care with your LEICHT customizable kitchen cabinetry. You will enjoy a more beautiful kitchen while you live in your home, and reap even more rewards when you sell it.

Cost Savings

According to, it typically costs $1,815 to $8,025 to install or replace kitchen cabinets. The cost varies depending on where you live, who you hire, and how simple or complicated your job is.

No matter what, make sure to hire a trusted professional to get the job done right. “If a potential problem arises, a company with years of experience will know how to spot the problem before it becomes a large expense.” []

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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