Best Color of Cabinets for Small Kitchen

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Cabinets in small kitchen

Interior design has focused on massive kitchens for so long that many people have forgotten the comfort and beauty of a small, functional kitchen. Unless you’re a chef, the vast majority of households don’t need their kitchen to be the size of an average one-bedroom apartment. In fact, these over-sized kitchens can take away from valuable living space and comfort-focused seating. Let’s look at the best color of cabinets for a small kitchen.

Best Color of Cabinets for Small Kitchen

The only downside of a small kitchen is that they require creativity and finesse if you want to create the illusion of space without sacrificing your aesthetic preferences. Fortunately, making a few smart color choices can really help to open up the space, leaving everything else to your imagination. These are some of the best cabinetry colors that will help to get you started.

Bright White

Bright white is the gold standard for really small kitchens. They reflect the most light, making the limited space feel open and welcoming. Leicht New York kitchen cabinets offer a number of bright white options with highly functional features in modern and traditional designs. Of course, bright white isn’t for everyone. So you may want to offset the stark appearance of your cabinetry with accent surfaces that better reflect your personal taste.


If you aren’t into the cold, modern feeling of bright white, then cream-colored cabinetry may suit you better. Cream can come with pink or brown undertones. This can allow you to create a range of different palettes in your kitchen. Pink-toned creams can be easily paired with other cool colors to create a beachy, seaside feel. Brown-toned creams can be used to create a warmer environment that feels more like a cozy chalet with traditional European kitchen cabinets.

Pale Green

For the naturalist, pale green cabinets are a great go-to. You can choose a more traditional mint or a pale green straight out of nature to give your kitchen a unique appearance without sacrificing any of the bright openness offered by white or cream. While mint is better suited to soft grays, natural greens are more likely to work with natural wood tones. Both approaches can be used to give your kitchen dimension, while emphasizing your good taste.

Pale Blue

Pale blues are there for the artists who have no desire to be calm with color. Depending on the undertone, there really is no limit to what you can include in a kitchen featuring pale blue cabinets. In some cases, where the kitchen has excellent lighting, you can even go with a more vivid blue. As long as it is offset by more reflective colors like bright white. Using blue in your kitchen is one of the easiest ways to make sure your kitchen is unique and memorable.

Dove Gray

A soft dove gray is a great choice for someone with a minimalist aesthetic. The color works well with stainless steel and offers a brightness similar to bright white without every fingerprint being instantly visible. In these kitchens the palette usually stays pretty neutral. To keep it interesting, you’ll want to experiment with texture and patterns. These can make your kitchen more visually stimulating without giving up the advantages of a neutral palette. To brighten your kitchen further, consider hanging a piece of framed artwork or using a colorful fruit bowl.

Picking the Right Color for Your Home

Some people can visualize a space without assistance and imagine exactly what it will all look like. However, they are the minority. The rest of us need a little help transforming our ideas into a reality. The good news is that you can use sample photos, swatches, and design services through your vendors to create a clear idea of what you want. Use these tools liberally until you find the right fit for you.

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