Someone spray paint gloss their kitchen cabinets.

Can You Spray Paint Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

Painting over existing kitchen cabinets has been a hot DIY trend in recent years. But can you spray paint gloss kitchen cabinets? The appeal is easy to see. DIY bloggers make the process seem easy, quick, and cheap. Unfortunately, it is rarely all of those things for the average person taking on one of their first DIY projects. The truth is that painting over your kitchen cabinets isn’t a one-approach-fits-all situation, and it tends to be a lot more involved than newbies assume.

Can You Spray Paint Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

With that being said, it is definitely possible to spray paint your gloss kitchen cabinets if you’re looking for a relatively cheap, short-term way to change up the appearance of your kitchen.

What You Will Need:

  • All Surface Spray Paint (At least a ½ tin per cabinet)
  • Tons of Plastic Sheeting
  • Safety Goggles
  • Mask
  • Painters Tape
  • Basic Tool Kit
  • Fine Grain Sand Paper

The Process:

Remove All Hardware:

No one wants random paint flecks on their beautiful hardware. Before you even touch your first can of spray paint, get out your basic toolkit and remove your cabinets’ hardware. In most cases, all you’ll need is a Philips screwdriver. If your handles and pulls have different screws, keep them separately. Place all hardware in another room or in a sealed container.

Use Painter’s Tape to Cover Hinges

Unless you’re feeling like taking your cabinet doors off, then you’ll want to carefully cover your cabinet hinges in painter’s tape. Paint can easily work its way into the inner workings of your hinges, making them stick, so this is really important if you want your cabinets to open smoothly for years to come.

Cover the Rest of the Room in Plastic Sheeting

Spray paint goes EVERYWHERE. To protect the rest of the room from being covered in little specks of paint, you will want to cover literally everything that isn’t a cabinet in plastic sheeting. That includes your floor. Fortunately, plastic sheeting is fairly cheap, and it can usually be held in place with painter’s tape.

Follow Your Spray Paint’s Instructions

Now it’s time to put on your protective goggles and mask. You do not want to get spray paint in your eyes and lungs, so safety gear is a must. You should also make sure you have adequate airflow to prevent the build-up of chemicals in the room. If you have children or animals, they should be kept away in a well-ventilated area of your home.

Once all safety protocols are in place, read the instructions on your can of all surface spray paint. They will tell you how far to hold the can away from the intended surface. At that point, you can start painting. With any luck, your paint will dry fairly quickly because you will need it to dry in between coats. In most cases, you will need about three coats of paint to provide adequate coverage.

Sand Away Inconsistencies

Spray paint is great for eliminating visible brush strokes, but it isn’t perfect. There are going to be areas where it got a bit thicker or developed bumps. Fortunately, a super fine grain sandpaper can be easily used to create a more even surface. This particular step can be incredibly frustrating, but it’s necessary if you want attractive, modern kitchen cabinets.

DIY if You Dare

Ultimately, it is possible to give your cabinets a fresh look with some money and a lot of patience. Just keep in mind that spray painting your cabinets isn’t meant to be a long-term solution, and you will have to sand and repaint every few years to keep them looking nice. For many people, it is better to simply save up and purchase new cabinets if you want a new look to last. Leicht NY modern European kitchen cabinets merge an excellent aesthetic with new age functionality to make your kitchen truly stunning.