Switch Out Cabinets Under Granite Countertop

Can You Switch Out Cabinets Under Granite Countertop?

Imagine you have just invested in a kitchen remodeling project, and you are pleased with the results. One of the newest additions to your kitchen is a granite countertop, boasting new colors and textures that fill the room with life. So, can you switch out cabinets under granite countertops?

Now there’s just one problem: You have old cabinets underneath your new countertops. They may have been in good condition when you got the countertops installed, but now you’re in need of a major upgrade. 

Is it possible to switch out cabinets under granite countertops? Is there a way to replace these cabinets without having to remove the brand-new countertop you just installed? 

Your best option lies with cabinet refacing. Rather than replacing the whole unit, you can change the face of the cabinets to reflect the new and updated style. Our experts at LEICHT can provide some insight into the easiest ways to reface cabinets under your new granite countertop. 

Refacing is the New Replacing

Trying to remove a new granite slab, only to knock out the old cabinets and replace them with totally new ones, can be unnecessarily expensive. Why not cut some costs and protect your granite from risk of ruin? With cabinet refacing, you can replace the look of your cabinets without having to tear apart your kitchen.   

Plus, according to Dave Ramsey, this is one of the ways to cut costs on kitchen remodeling while upping the value of your home. You’ll get the new look without necessarily having to deal with the “new” costs. Our experts almays always recommend refacing is almost always recommended by our experts when you have a granite countertop. 

How Does Cabinet Refacing Work? 

Cabinet refacing may seem complicated at first glance, but it is actually much easier than trying to take apart and reassemble your entire counter. 

The basics of refacing include reinforcing the frames of your cabinets with any type of plywood. The final step involves adding a veneer over the plywood. This veneer can either be made of real wood or a laminate material; either way, the cabinets will be updated seamlessly. 

Cabinet refacing is very customizable and easy for professionals to install. Most of the time, refaced cabinets are maintenance-free and can help you totally transform your kitchen look for a fraction of the cost. 

Can Granite Countertop Slabs Be Removed? 

Can you switch out cabinets under a granite countertop? The thing about granite is that it’s very hard. Handling granite can be risky as any amount of stress can lead to cracks, breaks, or chips in the granite. Once you install the granite, it is challenging to remove it and put it back again in once piece. 

Our LEICHT experts recommend refacing rather than replacing, as this is a much cheaper and safer option. You have nearly unlimited customization options when it comes to the color and material of your new cabinet surfaces. You can even install new handles and doorknobs to match the theme of your new kitchen remodel. 

Not to mention, removing a newly-installed granite countertop might risk losing the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with it. 

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