Choosing a Facade for Street Appeal

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Choosing a facade for street appeal.

One of the first things your real estate agent will tell you about selling your home is that it needs to have good curb appeal or “street appeal” in order to be appraised for a good value. The better your street appeal, the more desirable your house will become. And the biggest part of street appeal is your home’s facade. Choosing a facade for street appeal will be a crucial step.

Choosing a Facade for Street Appeal

Now, choosing a facade for street appeal is not always an easy thing to do. There are several factors to consider when making the right choice. Below, our Neolith experts will give you a list of ideas to keep in mind when looking at glass, wood, or sintered stone facades.

Find Your Limits and Regulations

Before you can get started designing a facade, you must consider the regulations of your building. Depending on where you live, you might not be able to build in the way that you want. Consult plan regulations before executing yours.

You should also do some research to determine what your neighbors will and won’t like.

Set Your Budget

Budgeting is always the hard part of any project, but you can’t move forward until you have a solid grasp on your finances. Some materials and structures are more expensive than others, so this is certainly important to consider. There are plenty of affordable stone and wood options that can accommodate just about any budget.

Look at Architectural Styles

Before you can choose a material for your home’s facade, you should consider the popular architectural styles of the area, as well as the style you want to incorporate in your next design. Are the rest of the houses in the neighborhood sporting brick and timber? If so, you know what materials you should use to make a facade with great street appeal.

Your facade should also connect to the other parts of your home somehow. If you want a modern and sleek stone facade, you should have it connect with other stone walls in your home. Otherwise, it will just stick out – but not in a good way.

Think About Materials

First, lay out your style and budget plans are laid out. But then you can start to consider the best materials to make up your facade. The materials you choose should be dependent on what is valued in your neighborhood as well as what kind of climate you live in.

For example, you can tap into a range of styles from traditional to modern with some stone cladding. Natural stone is a great addition to any home and can easily blend with other styles along the street.

There is also a wide range of finishes to choose from. From wooden coating to metal shine, you can create a unique facade that elevates the value of your home while contributing to the overall appeal of the neighborhood.

Hire a Consultant!

If you are really serious about building a new facade for your home, you should consult with a professional home designer. Exterior stone manufacturers and redesign experts can help you work with the architecture and style of your home to come up with the perfect set of plans and materials.

Neolith, your leader in sintered stone brands, knows the intricacies that go into a stellar facade design. No matter the size of your home or your budgetary constraints, you can design and build a facade that will immediately bump up the value of your home.

Get in touch with our Neolith professionals to learn more about the sintered stone process and why sintered stone is such a popular choice for home facades. Turn your facade design into a reality today!

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