Deciding on Hardwood Floors and Carpet

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When considering which flooring method to install in your home, one of your biggest decisions will probably be choosing between a hard wood flooring, or a carpet solution. While there is no constant right answer, your personal preferences, overall home decor and home atmosphere will play a large role in choosing the best option. If you are stuck between which flooring installation to choose, get expert advice when you browse this guide of how to pick the right flooring for your home from BH Carpet Cleaners. Find out what factors should weigh heavily in your decision making and why, then schedule a quality and professional carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills today!

The Benefit of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a popular installation choice because is aesthetically pleasing for homes of many decor styles. If your home has a more traditional vibe, hardwood flooring can be a great option to complement the rustic atmosphere of your interior. This flooring choice can also work for more modern atmospheres, as the wood can usually be installed in a myriad of different colors and styles, so you would easily be able to find a great design that accents your home perfectly. Hardwood floors are also popular choices for households that have furry pets such as dogs or cats. The hardwood installation does not trap fur and dirt in the same way that carpeting does, so the flooring is easier to clean through the use of a mop and occasional vacuum. If you have multiple pets who are indoors constantly, you may want to consider what kind of fur they have, and if it would routinely get stuck in a carpet flooring. Hardwood may be the best option for your cleaning needs. To learn more about professional hardwood floor cleaning in Beverly Hills visit Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaner today!

The Benefit of Carpet Flooring

Another incredibly popular choice when it comes to flooring installations is a carpeting option. While hardwood floors are beneficial because of their easy cleaning capabilities, carpeting can be a more pleasing choice, especially in a household with children. Carpeting can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and weaves in order to properly match the overall feel of your home. When choosing to install carpeting, you can select a neutral tone that compliments the current decor of your home, or you can choose something more unique and make the carpeting a statement accent. If you have children, carpeting may be a great choice, as it will be more inclusive for them to sit on, and if they ever were to fall, carpet floors would provide a less impactful injury as opposed to a hardwood selection. The caveat to having carpeting in your home is the potential for larger cleaning responsibilities. Cleaning your own carpeting can be a daunting task, especially if you own pets. The good news is, you don’t have to burden this task alone. Booking a professional carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills once every three months is a great way to ensure that you have the plush flooring you love, and that the mess will never be too unmanageable.

Which Should You Choose?

While both hardwood and carpet flooring options are the most popular choices, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for your home. Consider who is occupying your home frequently, such as pets and children, and consider how cleaning your floor will affect your everyday life. You can also consider the kind of aesthetic interior you want to employ in your home and choose the flooring installation that compliments it best. If you are worried about keeping your beautiful carpeting clean, call for a talented professional carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills now! Contact BH Carpet Cleaners today to get your carpet looking like new again!

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