Easy Kitchen Fixes with Super Glue

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During the summer, you are likely to have more kids, family and guests over to your house. It’s a great season for parties, get-togethers and family time, but it can also be a time of numerous household breaks! When accidents happen, don’t immediately assume it needs a replacement! There are some cases where full repairs can be made through a strategic use of super glue products. Below, we’ve laid out our list of easy kitchen fixes that you can make all year round using super glue products!


Sink Fixes

Sink breaks that are more cosmetic, or only affecting the look of the sink, can be fixed with super glue. If pieces of the sinks edge have broken off, apply the super glue to the broken piece, then carefully place it on top of the sink part. If the broken piece is larger than just a chip, more glue may be necessary for a proper bond to form and the application of the bond may require you to hold the broken piece in place for a longer period. Should an interior part of your sink break, consider buying a more specific kind of super glue adhesive depending on what material your sink is comprised of. Buying super glue products that have been formulated specifically for certain products ensures that the bond will be stronger and last longer. This will also help against any water wear the super glued piece may endure.


Kitchen Tables and Chairs

Nicks and small breaks are common with tables and chairs, as they see a great deal of use throughout their time in your life. Minor fixes can be easily made using super glue products. Before attempting to glue any pieces back on to the original, consider what materials you will be using, and whether or not you should buy material specific glue. Super glue products are made for a variety of applications, so if your table and chairs are wood, try using wood specific glue for a stronger adhesive bond. If one of your chair legs has come undone, super glue can be utilized to secure it again with a significant layer of glue. Once you’ve applied the glue to the leg, carefully place it in line with the base of the chair, then situate the chair in its natural, standing position. This will allow for the leg to fit where you want it, and for the adhesive to bond through gravity. The same method will also work for most table legs that you wish to re-attach.


Counter Tops

If you own composite, plastic or even stone counter tops, you can fix chips and small breaks through the use of super glue products. Similar to re-attaching your broken sink pieces, apply super glue to the broken part, and carefully re-apply the piece to your counter. Hold the piece in place until you feel confident that the bond is formed. Depending on how much glue you have applied and how large the piece is, holding the glue in place may take up to ten minutes. If you expect this sealing experience to take a while, consider grabbing a chair for a more comfortable application time.


Refrigerator Fixes

Exterior refrigerator fixes can be made easily with super glue. If an edge of your fridge has fallen off, or a handle starts to come undone, use super glue products to easily and affordably put it back together. Consider the material of the refrigerator when using super glue for fixes, as some specific versions of super glue adhesive may work more effectively depending on your refrigerator’s structure. Use super glue products to solve all your minor kitchen breaks this summer when you shop the complete selection of adhesive varieties from the Super Glue Corporation!

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