Giving Your Kitchen Personality

While having a beautiful kitchen can be impactful, the personality of your kitchen is what makes it home-y. Whether it is bold accent colors or incorporating one-of-a-kind décor, design personality into your kitchen with Vadara Quartz. With their lifetime warranty, high-quality selection, and incredible team, they can help you design your ultimate kitchen with their quartz countertops.

Play with Color

Clean whites, light neutrals, and dark colors can create a beautiful kitchen design that is sure to impress your guests. But why not go above and beyond by playing with pops of vibrant color? The experts at Vadara Quartz have an incredible selection of countertops that include both Giallo Onxy (a gold color) and Rosso Onyx (a bold orange). Not only will this achieve a modern, elegant look, but it will also give your kitchen a unique personality that goes above and beyond ordinary design. Keeping with color schemes and adding accents can really add a pop of personality to your kitchen. Being unorthodox with color in the kitchen can be fun too. If you like the open shelving style, then utilizing colorful bowls, glassware, and utensils can add that splash of color without changing something permanent in your kitchen. Window treatments and rugs are great ways to make nonpermanent color additions to your kitchen as well. One unorthodox change to your kitchen is your sink, which you can replace with a colorful finish to be unique. Finally, flowers are a great addition that will add color and can be switched out when the seasons change.

Avoid Standard Furniture

When choosing your furniture, consider stepping outside the usual by selecting one-of-a-kind furniture or accent pieces. For example, instead of gravitating to the standard matching table set, create your own look by mixing and matching pieces. This can be done by pairing different colors of fabrics as well as playing with complimentary textures. Don’t be scared to experiment with things that are outside your comfort zone; you’ll never know what you love unless you try something new. Vadara Quartz can help you try something new in your kitchen to give it a personality of its own, and all other kitchen needs, like quartz countertops.

Incorporate your Own Pieces

In order to give your kitchen a personality, it is important for it to not look like everyone else’s. When designing your kitchen, incorporate pieces that have a special meaning, one-of-a-kind statement pieces, or anything that means something to you. Following your own gut other than what the magazines tell you will make your space uniquely yours. Creating a space you like rather than what others like is a great way to feel comfortable and confident in your kitchen. Whether it is a unique piece of art, interesting storage options, or fun containers, whatever you enjoy has a place in your kitchen.

Lighting to Create the Space you Want

One thing that many people forget to consider when looking for lighting in their kitchen is the functionality. Don’t completely neglect style, but be sure to utilize task lighting, which is lighting positioned over work areas in the kitchen like the island or the sink. Adding a nice chandelier or hanging light in addition to recess lighting is a great way to create a bright space. Evenly space the lighting, and above all else, make sure you pick something that is fun and that you love.

Integrating Herb Storage

One last unorthodox thing that can be incorporated is herb storage. Many people have utilized pots of herbs in their windowsills or counters, but why not create a storage slot in your quartz countertop island to really give your kitchen personality. This is fun and functional since the herbs could easily be used for some of your dishes. Call Vadara Quartz today to see what options would fit your kitchen.