how is sintered stone manufactured

How is Sintered Stone Manufactured?

If you have ever invested in our world-famous Neolith countertops, then you are already familiar with the wonders of sintered stone. While at first glance it seems to be the same type of manufactured stone as quartz or porcelain, it could not be more different. The eco-friendly process of producing sintered stone sets our strong slabs apart from others on the market.

How is Sintered Stone Manufactured?

So, how is sintered stone manufactured, exactly? How is it made to be as strong as natural stone without needing thousands of years of heat and pressure? Why do we recommend Neolith Sintered Stone above all other types of countertops? Keep reading to get the answers to these questions and more!

Benefits of Sintered Stone

Many people believe that sintered stone is natural, and are surprised to learn that it is a manufactured slab. This is because the manufacturing process uses a patented technique to create something as durable and unique as the very stone that was carved out of the earth.

  • Some of the many benefits of sintered stone that our customers enjoy are:
  • Stain-proof and water-proof resistance
  • Easy maintenance requirements
  • Extreme durability for resistance to cracks, chips, or scratches
  • Ability to withstand extreme heat or cold
  • Safe non-toxic surfaces for ultimate food preparation
  • Non-porous materials prevent the need for the stone to be sealed by a finish
  • Beautiful aesthetic appearances and unique stone options that mimic natural designs

One of the biggest additional advantages of this material is that sintered stone is extremely versatile. It can be used for kitchen countertops, fireplace cladding, exterior walls, stairs, bathroom vanities, swimming pools, and more. This is an extremely strong, flexible, and colorful stone that is hard to beat no matter what your home remodeling plans are.

Sintered Stone: The Manufacturing Process

How is sintered stone produced in such a way that it can provide all of these unique benefits that you won’t find with other types of stone? Let’s talk about the manufacturing process itself:

Natural Stone Base

Like all man-made stones, sintered stone starts out with a real base. Some natural stone materials are used to mix with manufactured ingredients in order to create a super-strong product. This natural stone base is often mixed with patented materials like polymers and pigments to make each stone design unique.

Sintering Process

By definition, sintering is the process of utilizing extreme amounts of pressure and heat on a mixture of different parts to make the finished product stronger than the individual parts were before they were combined. This can happen in nature, and it is mimicked in the stone-making industry as well. We just speed up the process so that it doesn’t take an era to become durable!

Cutting Slabs

After the stone has been pressurized and then baked, it is then cut into differently-sized slabs. At Neolith, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors of sintered stone slabs for homeowners to enjoy in a number of different ways.

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Interested in learning more about the sintered stone process? Neolith is proud to be the #1 supplier of large format sintered surfaces, using our patented Neolith sintering process to ensure the best quality on the planet. If you want a stone slab that will last many lifetimes, you might want to keep your eyes on our full range of Neolith products. From kitchen countertops to exterior wall cladding options, you will find plenty of durable and reliable products to fill your home with. Contacth one of our Neolith pros today to start!