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How to Care for Wood Floors

Both homeowners and apartment hunters love hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable. They are not immune to all kinds of disasters. To keep your hardwood floors looking great, it’s essential to clean them regularly. It is also a good idea to stay in touch with your professional wood and carpet cleaners in Los Angeles who can handle any major spills or disasters before your floor is damaged for good. Let’s see how to care for wood floors.

How to Care for Wood Floors

Our experts are taking a break from carpeting to talk about how to care for wood floors. You can do many things for your floors to last a lifetime, from special care to general maintenance. If you’ve got some great hardwood floors and want to maintain their integrity for as long as possible, then this article is for you!

Sweep Every Single Day

Hardwood floors can collect a lot more dirt and debris than you can see. There will always be debris from the outside, no matter what season it is. Even if your shoes are taken off indoors, hardwood floors can still be covered in dirt and debris. To avoid dirt from getting stuck to the woodgrain permanently, sweep or dust every surface.

Then, Vacuum the Floor Once a Week

Vacuuming is an essential part of hardwood floor maintenance. This is a great way to remove extra dirt and dust from the floors while still using your broom every day to sweep. This is also an excellent way for all floors to be cleaned at once, as your vacuum can go from floor to carpet without missing a beat.

After That, Use Wood Cleaner Once a Month

A shelf-quality wood cleaner is a good investment. You should use it once per month on your floors. To find the best cleaner for your wood, consult your manufacturer or home installer. Some wood finishes and materials require gentle cleaners, while others require stronger protection. Depending on the type of wood your floors are made out of, as well as the type of finish that is coated on top, certain cleaners may be too acidic or too abrasive for your wood.

Clean Your Spills ASAP

Everybody makes mistakes. Spills will happen, no matter how careful. Even if you have only one or two spills, it doesn’t mean that your floor is damaged. As long as the spill is cleaned up immediately. You can wipe the spill with a dry cloth. Avoid using mops and wet cleaners as they will only cause more damage to the wood. A simple solution of hydrogen peroxide can clean up most spills without leaving behind any damage.

Add New Finishing Every Few Years

Hardwood floors don’t last forever even with the best polish and finishing seal. To maintain their natural beauty, it is important to refinish your floors at least every three years. Your hardwood floors could become scratched and scuffed if they are left unfinished for too long. Ask your manufacturer about the type of finish that will work best with your home.

Furniture Padding is a Good Investment

To protect your floors from scratches and scuffs, add furniture padding. This accessory is a must-have for any homeowner who plans to use their furniture frequently. To protect the hardwood floor when you move around, padding might be an option if you have a chair that is placed on top of it.

Keep Your Professional Carpet Cleaners in Mind!

You should not only do the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks yourself, but it is important to contact a professional hardwood floor cleaner every now and again to ensure your floors are going to last. Our high-quality and professional-grade tools can remove deep-seated dirt and dust from the wood grains, giving your floor a new look. Get top-notch hardwood floor cleaning in Los Angeles when you contact Steam Pro at your earliest convenience.