Choose chairs for your living room.

How to Choose Chairs for Your Living Room

Setting up your living room seems like an easy task for some, but there’s a lot more thought that goes into it than you might think. New homeowners constantly face the challenges of choosing the perfect furniture for a living room while also achieving a certain aesthetic goal. The interior design of the living room can really make or break the value of the entire home. One key aspect is knowing how to choose chairs for your living room.

At A. Rudin, we want only the best of the best, both in our products and for our customers. We understand how hard it is to choose the right chairs for your living room. You don’t want something too big or too small, too slim or too wide, too bold or too flat. How can you possibly find the best high end luxury furniture that works best for your home and your stylistic preferences?

How to Choose Chairs for Your Living Room

Here is a quick guide to help you out!

Step 1: Determine Your Style

Before you can browse a selection of quality living room chairs and furniture, you must first decide the overall style that will be reflected in the room. If there is already existing furniture in the space, your best bet would be to find chairs that coordinate with what’s there.

Many luxury sofas also come with sofa chairs, which are living room chairs made to match the style and shape of the sofa. Most furniture stores will sell it to you as a set, but you are also welcome to find your own sofa chair that matches your style.

The couch should always be the main focal point of the room. Any chairs you get should complement it.

Step 2: Find the Right Size

This step is usually the hardest. To find the right chairs, you need to consider the scale of your living room. You should measure the dimensions of the room and of the existing furniture to find out how big or how small your new furniture should be. It’s important to keep the following things in mind:

Don’t just find chairs that fit in the space, but allow you enough room to easily walk around them.

Chairs should not be larger than the sofa, but they shouldn’t be too small next to it either.

Try to match the proportions of the chair with the sofa. This means the height of the arms, back, and legs should be somewhat similar.

If your living room does not have space for the addition of a full chair, add small accent chairs instead.

In some cases, it might be a better idea to make two or three groups of seating arrangements, rather than trying to crowd everything around the same coffee table or centerpiece.

Step 3: Find Your Color and Material

Once you have a general idea of the size, spacing, and style of your chair, it’s time to find one that looks perfect on the surface. The material makeup of your chair can make a huge difference both in aesthetics and in function.

Fabric chairs are a good choice if you want something colorful or patterned. The upholstery you choose can be made to match with the existing style of the space. If you want to go in another direction, leather chairs add clean lines, minimalistic comfort, and smooth coolness to the room.

It is up to you to determine what material and color will best complement – or accentuate – the entire space.

Find the Perfect Lounge Chairs for Your Living Room!

Finding the right chair for your living room is easy once you know what styles and spaces you’re working with. It can be made even easier after browsing our selection of designer lounge chairs that work with every style and fashion. Start living the life of luxury with the perfect living space today. Our high-end furniture experts are just a phone call away!