You can fix a chipped quartz countertop if the damage is not too severe

How to Fix a Chipped Quartz Countertop

Quartz is the most popular material when it comes to kitchen countertops. It’s visibly beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. Due to its durability, there are rarely any issues with chips or scratches. However, anything can happen in a busy home! Below you will find how to fix a chipped quartz countertop without a professional. The do-it-yourself tips are focused on small chips or cracks on your countertops.

Check Your Warranty: 

Before you get elbow deep in your do-it-yourself quartz chip repair, check your warranty. Most quartz warranties are in the paperwork you received when you bought it. The warranty period depends on the company, but they usually last between one and ten years, so it’s crucial to check this first. Give the company a call to see if you have any options for repair directly through them.

Gather Materials: 

Gather the necessary materials needed for your countertop project. You’ll need an ammonia-based cleaner, masking tape, sandpaper, a brush or spatula, and either superglue or pigmented epoxy adhesive. Superglue is used for light-colored quartz and pigmented epoxy adhesive for dark-colored countertops. This won’t be a messy project, but grab some snug-fitting gloves to protect your hands from the materials.

Clean the Surface: 

Use the ammonia-based cleaner to clear the area of any dust or particles. Ammonia-based cleaners are non-abrasive and will not damage your quartz countertop. Spray the surface, wipe it clean, and allow the surface to completely dry before moving on to the next step. You should wait at least an hour before moving to the next step.

Prepare the Area: 

Put masking tape around the chipped or cracked area. This will help with the cleanup as you won’t have to risk scratching any other area of your countertop.

Fill the Surface: 

Depending on the color of your counter, use the correct filling for your chip or crack. Superglue is used for light-colored quartz and pigmented epoxy adhesive for dark-colored countertops. For the application of superglue, use a brush or spatula. Once the superglue has reached the same height as the countertop, allow it to dry for twenty-four hours.

If you are using a pigmented epoxy adhesive, consider adding dye the color of your countertop to ensure the color matches. Epoxy adhesive shrinks so you can follow the same steps as you would with superglue but add a little extra. This will account for the shrinkage once you let it dry for twenty-four hours. Don’t panic if there is extra spillover with either filler as your tape should catch it, and you can sand off any excess where the crack or chip was after it dries.

Level and Finish: 

Use sandpaper to level out the surface once it has dried. Use sandpaper that has a high grit of at least 360 to 600. This will help smooth the surface without leaving any clear lines.

If your crack or chip is small, this do-it-yourself project is completely possible to fix the issue. However, if your crack or chip is large or deep, you should likely call a professional to fix your chipped quartz countertop. If your current quartz countertops are old are not holding up, find a quartz dealer that has a good reputation so you can get the most for your money. 

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