How to Keep Cool in the Kitchen?

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Hot kitchen pan steaming

We are just a few weeks away from real summer heat, and that means cooking in your kitchen is about to become a complicated balance between your palate and your comfort. But you may still want to keep cool in the kitchen. Using your stove or oven can make your home absolutely miserable during a heatwave. Fortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your gorgeous modern European kitchen cabinets are going to be neglected during the summer months.

How to Keep Cool in the Kitchen?

Here are a few tips for enjoying your kitchen without superheating your home.

Get Creative with Salads

If you don’t like salads, then your experience with them may just be too limited. Something like a classic Italian chopped salad has something for everyone, and you can easily leave out any ingredients you don’t enjoy. In addition to green salads, there are many healthy versions of potato, pasta, and chicken salads that don’t necessarily require your weight in mayonnaise. With a little exploring, you can find tons of no-cook meals that keep your family happy, healthy, and cool.

Use Your Broiler

Ok, your broiler is the hottest setting on your oven, so it will definitely heat things up. However, many recipes, including delicious options like artichoke toast, homemade pizza, and meatballs, only have to be put in the broiler for 5-15 minutes. By choosing recipes with short cook times at high temperatures, you can enjoy the feeling of a home-cooked meal with minimal interruption to your comfort. Just turn that broiler off the second you’re done, and turn your oven hood fan on high.

Invest in a Grill

Depending on where you live, conflating a grill and a barbeque could be a disastrous mistake. But either way, you can’t deny that they’re the ultimate summer cooking hack. Now we can start to have more social gatherings outdoors. So your grill or barbeque is the perfect tool for bringing friends back together over a delicious meal. Just make sure it’s placed safely away from the house for fire safety and reduced heat transfer.

Work Smoothies into Your Diet

Smoothies are a great way to create a well-balanced mini meal during the day. By combining frozen fruit, greens, seeds, and plain Greek yogurt with your favorite no-sugar-added juice, you can create a wonderful drink that will help you stay cool during the heat of the day. For a 21 and older twist, you can also add a shot of vodka, rum, or tequila for a refreshing evening drink as long as you do so responsibly.

Have a Potluck

Another great way to have an awesome meal without roasting yourself out of your home is to have a potluck. By spreading out the responsibility among several different households, you can keep your oven/stove time down to a minimum. Ideally, you can always create a no-cook option. This can ensure that your home is comfortably cool for you and your guests. As an added bonus, a potluck is the perfect way to show off your new kitchen created by your modern European kitchen provider, Leicht.

Prepping for Summer Eats: Keep Cool in the Kitchen

Summer is a great time for cooking. With all of the fresh produce available, there’s no shortage of creative options available to you and your families. To help keep the ideas flowing, you can always follow a few well-loved cooks on social media to expand your cooking mind. Between salads, smoothies, crockpot meals, and your grill, you should only have to turn your oven on when you’re absolutely dying for something specific. At that point, just have it as a late dinner and open up your windows.

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