How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean During the Holidays

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How to keep your kitchen clean during the holidays.

This holiday season is a little different from previous years. With the ongoing health crisis, millions of families are putting off holiday get-togethers in the hope that the delay will protect their loved ones from harm. However, that hasn’t stopped people from finding ingenious ways to share the holiday spirit from a minimum of six feet away. But let’s look at how to keep your kitchen clean during the holidays.

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How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean During the Holidays

All over the country, men, women, and children are putting on their gloves and masks before going to work in the kitchen. Holiday baking may look a bit different, but there’s still lots of love baked into every bite. Unfortunately, that does mean that we’re still forced to deal with kitchens that look like a bomb went off. Flour, baking tins, and a ludicrous number of spatulas have taken over, yet it doesn’t have to be this way. To help you keep your sanity this holiday season, let’s look at some great methods for keeping our kitchens clean through the chaos of the holiday baking season.

Clean and Organize First

Your kitchen may look relatively clean before you start baking. But that thin layer of dust and grime will come back with a vengeance once you get started. For the sake of your sanity, you should always start with a fresh kitchen slate. Wash your hands thoroughly. Then put on your gloves and mask if you’re going to be sharing your holiday treats with people outside of your household. From there you can scrub down your kitchen countertops. And finally you can quickly reorganize your cupboards to put anything you may need front and center.

Designate a Shadow

For households with children, designating a shadow is an easy way to help them feel involved while also keeping any messes in check. Whether they are a child or an adult, a good shadow can clean up messes as they occur and clean dishes as they’re used. It’s an incredibly important role that will make a night and day difference at the end of your baking.

Delegate as Much as Possible

For larger families, the assembly line approach to baking can be a lifesaver. Family members can be assigned to batter/dough, baking, decorating, and cleaning according to their skillset. If there are disagreements, then rolling a die or flipping a coin can typically be used to settle them. Very young children may not be swayed, so you might opt to give them their own smaller project, which may not necessarily make it into your goodie bags for friends and family.

Do a Full Wipe-Down in Between Projects

If you’re doing several larger projects, say pastries, candies, and cookies, then you’re unlikely to tackle them all at once. They have vastly different requirements regarding your oven and stove-top. Therefore, it’s best to tackle them one category at a time. If your cleaning shadow is a little behind, then this is the best time to give your kitchen another full wipe-down. If you have Neolith countertops, this step will be even easier as sintered stone isn’t as sensitive as quarried stone.

Have Plenty of Storage Containers Ready

During your initial reorganizing of your cabinets, take note of how many storage containers you have available. If you have any doubt that you have enough, send someone to grab more. The last thing you want is to have cooling racks covering every surface in your kitchen, leaving you with no space to work.

Basically, the keys to a clean kitchen during the holidays are:

  • Planning
  • Cleaning as you go
  • Keeping clean towels on hand at all times

Using these tips, you and your family can make it through the holidays knowing that all of your goodies were produced in a sanitary environment that didn’t require three hours of scrubbing afterward.

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