Is Quartz Eco-Friendly?

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Is quartz eco-friendly?

Your kitchen is likely the room in your home with the most traffic. It’s where you and your family eat, talk, and prepare meals. Because of this, making your space workable and aesthetically pleasing is important. However, making your kitchen quartz eco-friendly can also be an attainable priority if you are looking to renovate your current kitchen or even if you are moving into a new one. Quartz is a great eco-friendly and sustainable option for your countertops and has long-lasting benefits.

What is Quartz?

Quartz is a natural mineral that can be found all over the planet in large quantities. While most people think that quartz is a stone, it actually forms as a crystal. It has been mined for years and is commonly used in kitchens, electronics, and other valuable products. The mineral is naturally clear, but color variations occur when there are imperfections. The abundance of quartz had made it a sustainable option for homeowners. In short, quartz is eco-friendly.

Is Quartz Eco-Friendly?

Quartz is aesthetically beautiful, but it’s important to understand how sustainable the products you buy are. Countertops include the:

  • Mining process
  • Shipping
  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation

All of these can have an impact on the environment. Because quartz is the second most abundant mineral on the planet, it is usually readily available. Since quartz is so abundant, it is easy to mine. This usually means it is not shipped long distances, minimizing its impact on the environment. 

Production is usually not a major issue as quartz does not need special handling. Therefore less is wasted in the process. One of the major benefits of quartz is it’s long-lasting and even recyclable. In fact, some quartz countertops can be combined and made up of up to 35% post-consumer recycled glass. Overall, quartz is known for its sustainability as it helps keep your carbon footprint low, and the product itself lasts a very long time. If you are looking for sustainable countertops, quartz is the right material for your kitchen.

Additional Benefits of Quartz

Quartz is both sustainable and recyclable, which is great news for those focused on the environment. However, there are several other benefits of having quartz countertops.

  • Durability: Quartz is an excellent compromise between laminate or solid surfaces and natural stone. It has the look of stone, but it functions much more like a solid surface as it is not prone to cracking or scratching.
  • Variety: Quartz has depth in the sense that it has color variations and a natural luster due to the nature of the crystallized minerals. The natural luster provides a three-dimensional appearance that is attractive in different lighting.
  • Cost and Longevity: While quartz is an initial investment in your kitchen, it lasts much longer than other countertop surfaces. With that, you can count on the material as it doesn’t wear down easily.
  • Safe: So many materials have negative side effects that can negatively impact your family. However, quartz is completely safe for your home as the countertops do not contain any toxic chemicals. 

Countertop Experts

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