Kitchen Design for Foodies

/ fo͞odē/
Noun informal
A person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.

Mentions of the term “foodie” have gone up 300% since 1980. Are you a foodie?

If you are designing your kitchen to work flawlessly and be a joy to cook in, a new design could be worth the investment. While certain upgrades – like a second sink or high-Btu range – will up the price of your kitchen remodel, there are lots of storage ideas and design tricks that don’t cost a penny and just require sound planning.

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A Kitchen to Suit the Cook

A true ‘cook’s kitchen’ works efficiently. Meaning, it should be “organized to accommodate cooking, cleanup, and storage — without you constantly having to double-back,” explains Jan Weimer, a Los Angeles-based restaurant consultant.

While professional kitchens are divided into work zones defined by those three activities, you can accomplish your goal without being too formal. For example, cleanup and wet-prep can share one space, but separate them by installing two sinks. Create another, separate, dry area to store baking and cooking items. A lot of it comes down to personal preference – plan your kitchen according to how your work and what you like to cook.

Appliances that Make you Tick

Ranges and Cooktops

Most professional cooks would recommend a gas stovetop with a high-Btu burner for optimal home-cooking. These ranges come with many good options – like sealed burners and anti-tipping devices – as well as features you really won’t need – such as a ‘simmer’ setting. You get what you pay for, so make sure you are getting what you really want and not what is not useful.


Most serious bakers provide “separate, even-heat double electric ovens. If that describes you, make sure at least one of the ovens is equipped with a broiler that provides at least 3,000 watts of cooking power.” Also, remember porcelain interiors are easier to clean.


Where you place the dishwasher in your kitchen is more important than the brand you buy. Depending on your layout, two good options could be at the side of a single sink or in-between dual sinks.


“Many serious cooks think they need built-in refrigeration,” Weimer says, “but these units are both costlier and shallower than freestanding models. And they often don’t accommodate large items, like a turkey.”

Questions to ask yourself before buying a refrigerator include:

• How big is your family?
• Do you often cook for/ entertain two or more?
• How often do you shop?

Many avid cooks shop every day, reducing the need for a large refrigerator. The bonus for choosing a smaller refrigerator? You will gain a few extra feet of counter space. For the most beautiful and durable counters, choose Vadara quartz kitchen countertops.

Store Your Treasures

Foodies and people who love to cook store more pots, cooking tools – and food! – than other homeowners. The solution? Put your seldom-used items (like the heart-shaped cake pan and all the Christmas cooking supplies) in the basement and keep your everyday tools within reach.

Special Tips on Installing Cabinets

• In general, stay away from open shelves (which gather dust easily)
• Always opt for adjustable shelves inside cabinets
• Try to store every item near its first point of use (sauté pans near the range; pasta pots near the sink)
• Include a bank of drawers for small items like cookie cutters and vegetable peelers

Sinks and Faucets, Anyone?

The sink is widely acknowledged to be the most used workstation in the kitchen. If two or more cooks regularly work together in your house, consider installing two sinks. “Choose the largest single-bowl that fits,” Weimer suggests. But stick with square and rectangular bowls – rounded ones can cut into your work area. Consider the different types of faucets which might work for you.

Surfaces You’ll Love So Much, You Could Eat Off Them

Easy-to-clean surfaces are especially crucial for serious cooks. Vadara quartz kitchen countertops are not porous- resisting water, chemical, and stain absorption easily and effectively. Likewise, stainless steel sinks are stain resistant and stand up to abrasive cleaners.

Countertops for Any Purpose

“The kitchen should be as clean as an operating room; think surfaces you can scrub.” The best solution for foodies is to use a mix of countertop surfaces. Vadara quartz countertops are the best choice for kitchen islands and other all-purpose areas. For your dedicated workstations, choose a surface appropriate to the task. For example, butcher block is ideal for kneading dough, marble is what you want if you are making confections, and ceramic tile is a great heatproof surface around the oven range.

Vadara quartz kitchen countertops offer the best solution for foodies who want to design the perfect kitchen space. With the most natural color palette available, Vadara’s collection combines beauty, function, innovation, and value. Vadara quartz comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is Available Nationwide. Visit Vadara’s website to find out Where to Buy Today!