Kitchen Inspiration to Spark Your Imagination

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Crisp White Cabinetry and Countertops

Shiny countertops of white crystallized glass shout glamour in an all-white kitchen filled with modular kitchen cabinetry. Your German kitchen in Los Angeles is incomplete without cabinetry from Leicht LA. Leicht LA is the exclusive Los Angeles dealer of Leicht Kitchens, a German line of fully customizable modular kitchen cabinetry.

Stainless Steel Accents

To add modern industrial style and dimension to your all-white kitchen, consider stainless steel accents. Appliances like a dishwasher, oven range, and refrigerator all come in metallics. Or, to amp up the volume, try a stainless-steel countertop for your kitchen island.

Show Me the Light

Floor to ceiling windows flood your kitchen with light, creating a modern kitchen feel and a bright, cheerful atmosphere. If your windows happen to provide a beautiful view, it’s icing on the cake.

Warm Wood Elements

Timeless country styles, emotionalized with traditional elements like wood cabinetry and furniture, make your German kitchen in Los Angeles feel like “the heart of the home.” By reinterpreting the beauty of the past, Leicht LA’s “Traditional Style” collection makes old values fresh and relevant to today’s technology and function.

Brass Hardware

If you like straight lines, then bar pulls for your drawers and cabinets are the modern classic you have to have. All hardware styles can be versatile, so don’t overlook pieces you thought were “for a different type of kitchen.” Case in point: bin pulls can look great in a traditional or modern kitchen.

Pops of Color

A modern German kitchen in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be strictly monochromatic; add pops of color to shake things up and liven up your space. Turquoise cushions on your barstools, colored Miele home appliances, or kitchen curtains in unexpected hues all make your kitchen sing.


Two styles which unexpectedly look fantastic together are mid-century modern and rustic. Ideas for combining the two styles abound:

  • Mix rustic woods (countertops, cabinetry, shelving) with Mod Light furniture (bubble chandeliers, furry chair coverings.)
  • Mix mid-century art with comfortable, rustic furniture.
  • Design with clean, sharp lines in a rustic home, cabin, or lake house.
  • Mix mid-century chairs, candlesticks, and other design elements with knotty, well-worn wood.
  • Implement mid-century motifs using rustic materials.
  • Choose a neutral color palette (rustic) in a mid-century space.

Mixed Materials

Consider mixing Leicht wood cabinetry, stainless steel Meile home appliances, and Vadara Quartz countertops for a look with plenty of visual interest.

Sculptural Lighting

Traditional lighting design has gone out the window in favor of sculptural shapes and designs that create a new type of light source: both functional and artistic. These lights are typically sleek, minimal, and abstract and make a stunning addition to your modern German kitchen in Los Angeles.

Sharp Lines with Rustic Floors

Design with clean, modern lines and colors throughout your German kitchen in Los Angeles. Then, add the ultimate accent with rustic, dark wood flooring. The contrast is an irresistible hot/cold, fast/slow, yin/yang combination.

Modern Minimalism

Leicht LA offers various transitional designs, modern designs, handleless cabinets, countertops, lighting, and interior accessories for a complete kitchen makeover. Visit the only kitchen showroom in Los Angeles and be inspired to create your dream kitchen!

German Kitchen in Los Angeles

Leicht LA is the exclusive dealer of LEICHT kitchens, a German line of customizable cabinetry with a large selection of finishes. Inspiring confidence and certainty for more than 80 years, the Leicht brand brings the inspirational aesthetics of designer kitchens to your home. Since 2014, their California-based kitchen cabinetry designers have run the only kitchen showroom in Los Angeles. Contact Leicht LA at 310-360-0390 or send them a message here.

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