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Enforcing Overnight Security

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When you think about overnight security, a few common images come to mind. These probably include motion sensor lights, CCTVs, and security guards. But these longtime standbys have become outdated and inefficient.
Remote Guarding is the future of overnight security, and the future has arrived. Commercial property owners are using combinations of cutting edge technology, ‘digital guards,’ highly trained security agents, and local law enforcement if and when necessary to minimize the potential of criminal activity.

Remote Guarding Scenario

Remote Guarding is the top-of-the-line in guarding solutions precisely because it is targeted to each property’s unique needs. An example of a Remote Guarding scenario might look like this:

  1. Consultants and their team visit the client’s property to evaluate their security needs, including the site’s unique vulnerabilities and where to best place monitoring devices.
  2. Cameras with highly advanced motion detection software can detect a person or vehicle, are installed strategically.
  3. Remotely located, highly trained agents are placed in conjunction with these smart cameras.
  4. The agents are alerted immediately to possible trespassers or suspicious activity within the designated perimeter of the property.
  5. Once alerted, the agents enter the property in real-time and alert the intruders via speakers that they are being watched.
  6. If the intruders do not leave the property, local law enforcement is called to the scene.

Benefits of Remote Guarding

Reduced Costs

Remote Guarding clients can see their costs cut buy as much as half compared to traditional security systems. This is due to
● Reduced need for security staff
● Less inventory or property loss
● Saving money on insurance premiums and deductibles

Fewer False Alarms

With Remote Guarding, the risks and costs associated with false alarms are reduced because professional security agents can assess threats before law enforcement is called.
Active Shooter Incidents
By tracking intruders in real-time, remote agents can provide information to security and police teams en-route or on premises. Agent activities include opening, closing, locking, unlocking doors, as well as communicating to staff, students and even the suspect themselves if appropriate. Because of this, situational awareness is accelerated – this saves lives, accelerates apprehension, and helps ensure collection and preservation of evidence.


Why aren’t my cameras and burglary alarm enough?

Burglary Alarms have a high false alarm rate, and this makes them a low priority for law enforcement. Even if your cameras are working properly, they are only good for looking back at crime once it has already happened.

If I switch to Remote Guarding, can I still use my Analog or IP cameras?

Yes. Oftentimes your existing CCTV/ surveillance system can be incorporated into your new Remote Guarding system.

Who Can View My Camera Feed and How?

You can have access to live video from all connected cameras from any internet connected device. With your permission the police can view the feed live as well. You also receive daily activity reports by email. Captured images from critical events are sent to you, along with the police with your permission.

Should I Keep the Guards I Already Have on My Property?

It depends. Oftentimes you can save a lot of money by replacing your guards completely. Remote Guarding is meant to be a “Force Multiplier” system which increases the effectiveness of your security guards. In those cases where onsite security guards are needed, monitoring and security services include serving as the overall security coordinator for the client facility.

For more information on Remote Guarding to protect your property overnight,
Contact Elite Interactive Solutions, the leader in Remote Guarding and Monitoring Solutions. Elite is the only Remote Guarding firm endorsed by FBI-LEEDA, a premier executive law enforcement educator. Countless Fortune 500 Companies have enlisted Elite for their security needs- Read our Client Testimonials!

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Design Elements for the Perfect Breakfast Nook

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Modern kitchens are no longer just for food preparation. They may house full dining rooms, breakfast bars or… breakfast nooks! The word ‘Nook’ might imply limited space – sometimes that’s true, but today breakfast nooks come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Here are some design elements to consider. For more kitchen inspiration and to learn more about quartz kitchen countertops, visit Vadara Quartz today.

It Doesn’t Have to Be A ‘Nook’

Sometimes you can create a smallish and cozy eating area in your kitchen even if you don’t exactly have a space to carve out for it. If your kitchen incorporates an island facing a window, for example, you can place a table in tandem with island to seat two to four people. If you choose a wooden table for this project, it will pair beautifully with a Vadara Quartz New 2018 Concreto Quartz island.

Will Your Nook Provide A View?

Many people choose to place breakfast nooks near bay windows or floor to ceiling windows, which may provide a scenic view. Whether your nook has a view or not can influence your design choices. Will you pick out curtains or wall hangings? Furniture placement, seating, and lighting design are other considerations. To capture natural light, design your kitchen with Vadara Quartz New 2018 Bianco Molasa Quartz.

Playing with Imagination

There are certain design elements that make your nook feel larger or smaller than they really are. If your breakfast nook falls into the category of actually being a ‘nook’ then you can make the space feel larger with mirrors, maybe even a floor to ceiling mirror on one wall. Another way to make a small space feel larger is to use wide-plank flooring – 6.8” or wider is ideal. These size planks minimize seams and make the room appear larger. On the other hand, if you use narrow planks you will create a lot of seams, making your room feel small and cluttered.


Making sure to match your table to the shape of your space is important. Choose rectangular tables for long, narrow spaces and square or round tables for square spaces. If your square area is small, go with a round table to maximize space around the perimeter. To get around the obstacle of table legs, choose a pedestal base. Did you know you can build Quartz table? Vadara has an array of gorgeous colors and finishes so you can create a table that matches your design needs.

Breakfast Booth

If your kitchen features a walled-in segment of the kitchen with just enough space for a table and seating, this is once instance in which you can install a breakfast booth. Have upholstered booth seats (banquettes) installed against both walls and place a perfectly fit rectangular table on a pedestal stand in between. In this scenario, you could also install a TV in one of the walls for eat-in entertainment. Let Vadara Quartz design an elegant Quartz top table for you.

Corner Breakfast Nook

For smaller kitchens a breakfast nook is not really necessary, however you might still want one. If possible, design a minimalist nook in a corner. In many kitchens, the corner spaces tend to be unused. To do this, install bench seating (banquette) with cushions and throw pillows along your corner and add a small square or round table. No need to add chairs!

Breakfast Counter

If you are limited on space in your kitchen but have a free wall, a breakfast counter may be for you. To do this, install a mounted plank along the wall to be used as a breakfast counter, ideally long enough so it can be used by three or more people. Add metal bar stools for a modern feel.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Vadara Quartz comes in the most natural color palette available. Vadara quartz kitchen countertops combine beauty, function, innovation, and value. All products are under lifetime warranty and are easily accessible, with showrooms and dealers coast-to-coast.

Best Ways to Improve Warehouse Security

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Warehouse Security Camera Systems

Warehouses are some of the most heavily-trafficked areas of any office park or corporate facility. It’s where most of the important business takes place, with huge stocks of inventory, manufacturing equipment, and constant shipping schedules.

The warehouse is the work center of the entire operation – and your business would fall if it were compromised. That’s why it’s so important to have the best security systems in place for your warehouses. It only takes one crime to prove the devastating impact of what lost assets can mean for your company. To prevent that from occurring, you can invest in a certified remote guarding command center. At Elite Interactive Solutions, we have the tools and professional resources available to upgrade your warehouse security systems.

In the meantime, we want to provide you with some of our top tips to improve warehouse security. Here’s what you can do to stay safe.

1. Create an Emergency Response System

Responding to emergencies can make or break the crime prevention process. Clear communication is key to handling emergencies in a safe and professional way. The OSHA urges all employers to have a plan for employees to follow in case of an emergency.

Our specialized remote security systems are event-driven, meaning they can be programmed to respond effectively in the event of an emergency. Plus, there are always agents watching to ensure that your employees and your products are safe in any situation. Our proactive tools allow us to encourage a thorough and effective emergency response system.

2. Protect Your Perimeters

Whether your warehouse is large or small, there are many surrounding perimeters that must be protected. It can be difficult to survey the exterior and interior at once, at least not without the proper security systems in place.

The bigger your warehouse, the more vulnerable it is to potential crime. By investing in our professional security measures, you can choose advanced systems that will prevent unauthorized entry to your warehouse and the surrounding areas.

Our certified remote security systems include glass-break detection, door-lock systems, video and IP cameras, and other high-end surveillance techniques. We can monitor your surroundings 24/7 with live 360 degree virtual views ensuring that nobody gets in who isn’t supposed to.

3. Implement Stricter Access Requirements

You and your employees have a system of honor that creates trust when you employ them for important work. However, that doesn’t mean that your employees should be left unsupervised – especially around important equipment and inventory. You can implement security lock systems which will allow or prevent entry to certain individuals at a time.

There are many ways of using an access system. You can have a swipe card, a specialized code, a key fob, or even fingerprint access. You can limit certain people to certain doors only and allow people with higher security rankings to get in anywhere.

4. Get Motion Detection Systems

Something that makes our remote guard systems unique is that we have military-grade motion detection technology equipped in all of our packages. You can utilize this to detect whenever there is suspicious or notable movement within and without your warehouse.

Whenever a sensor is tripped by movement, the security system will respond rapidly, alerting guards and remote agents right away. This proactive approach to motion detection can catch a criminal in the act or implement harder security measures in the event of trespassing or danger.

Warehouse Security Systems

When it comes to keeping your warehouse and inventory safe, it’s never too soon to get involved. By utilizing advanced technology and an up to date warehouse security system, you and your assets are always in good hands. You can learn more about our advanced security systems on our website. If you are interested in installing one of these beneficial systems for your own warehouse, you can get ahold of us online or give us a call at (877) 435-4832 as soon as possible. Don’t wait another day – your warehouse deserves to be reinforced!

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