How to Protect your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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Protect your kitchen cabinet doors

Building your dream kitchen is an investment. The appliances, countertops, and cabinets represent years of hard work and a vision for the future. As a result, taking good care of your cabinetry is a must if you are looking to protect that vision. Fortunately, with a little regular maintenance, you can protect your kitchen cabinet doors, and keep them looking brand new for years at a time. 

Preventing Damage in the First Place

The first step to ensuring your kitchen cabinets continue to sparkle is taking the necessary precautions. First, you will want to make sure that your cabinets are manufactured by a reliable company with an established history of happy consumers for modular kitchens in New York. Ask about the materials used to manufacture, and avoid less durable options, such as particleboard. 

In addition to picking cabinets made to last, opt for hardware that allows you to easily open and close your cabinetry without touching the cabinet. This will prevent particles of grease and food from coming into contact with the cabinet’s surface. To prevent physical damage to the cabinet, ask about soft close options when choosing your manufacturer. 

Last, but not least, install shelf liners inside of your cabinets to protect your kitchen cabinet doors from the inevitable dust and grime that builds up over time. Sizable scraps of wallpapers or contact paper work well if your cabinetry doesn’t already have liners in place. The liners make it easier to wipe out your cabinets, and they can be periodically replaced if necessary. 

Continued Awareness

Even the highest quality wood cabinets will react negatively to high levels of moisture. Unfortunately, your kitchen and bathroom bring these two factors together far too often. In order to ensure that your cabinets don’t warp due to prolonged water exposure, you will need to pay careful attention to the most at-risk areas and act accordingly. These are the most common problem areas. 

  • Cabinets Above the Stove Top or Coffee Maker

Both of these appliances create a lot of steam while they are in use. As the steam flows upward, moisture can become trapped in the cabinets above, saturating the wood. To prevent this, always use the stovetop hood to minimize steam and smoke. You should also consider moving your coffee maker to a portion of your counter without a cabinet directly above. 

  • Cabinets Near the Sink and Dishwasher

Whenever you are washing dishes or emptying the dishwasher, there is a splash zone. It may only be a few droplets. But over the years, these small areas of damage can really catch up with your cabinets. To avoid this, keep an absorbent towel hanging in the cabinet below your sink. Use it to dry water around your sink and dishwasher as soon as possible.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your cabinets looking new, weekly cleanings will be necessary. If you have finished wood cabinets, then you should use a wood polish cleaner. Known for their citrusy scents and oily finish, these cleaning products are great at removing everyday grime and leaving a thin layer of protective wax behind. For other cabinets, a 50:50 mixture of vinegar and water will do the trick. Use a soft towel and make sure you work the cleanser along the edges of your cabinets and over/under the hardware. 

Although it seems like a lot at first, it is possible to maintain your cabinets for an extended period with minimal effort. All it requires is making the right choices prior to installation, avoiding common pitfalls, and taking a little time out of your week to keep the gook and grime in check. It is work, but it is worth it.

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