Reasons to Have a Modern Kitchen Design

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MOdern kitchen design example

Every kitchen needs a makeover at some point. In fact, interior designers suggest upgrading your kitchen design at least every ten years. Many people put off a kitchen redesign, but there are a number of incredible benefits that come with it. It’s a fresh start that can improve the look and function of your kitchen. A modern kitchen is a great redesign option if your kitchen needs an upgrade. Below you will find the top reasons to have a modern kitchen design.

Top Reasons to Have a Modern Kitchen Design

Consider the following benefits and reasons why you should opt for a modern approach when upgrading your kitchen.

  • Clutter-Free Design: One of the major benefits of a modern kitchen design is how much space is cleared up. Clutter-free minimalism is a major component when it comes to modern design. This not only improves the aesthetic of your kitchen, but it can also make it easier to navigate the kitchen. Keeping just what you need in the kitchen can reduce the amount of dishes you have and making cleaning so much faster.
  • Design Freedom: Most people think of a clean, all-white kitchen when it comes to a modern kitchen design. However, there are a number of different styles when it comes to a modern kitchen design. You can use different materials, including wood, metal, stainless steel, glass, and even copper. Some kitchen styles have just a few materials that fit within the over theme. However, a modern kitchen design gives you a lot of design freedom when it comes to the materials used.
  • Color Scheme: So many homeowners play it safe with their kitchen design. This can make your home look just like everyone else’s. However, modern kitchens can be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and include color. Most kitchens are distilled down to just neutrals, but a modern kitchen design can include color. This can give your kitchen a lot of personality and set yours apart.

Basic Elements of a Modern Kitchen

A kitchen redesign may feel overwhelming, but there are helpful resources to get you started. Consider the basic elements of a modern kitchen design.

  • Simple Cabinetry: The most integral component of a modern kitchen is simple kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles. Smooth cabinetry with minimal detail can completely upgrade your kitchen design. Interior designers suggest upgrading your cabinetry when redesigning your kitchen as it can have the most impact on the overall look. It’s recommended that you spend roughly one-third of your budget on cabinetry.
  • Modern Appliances: One of the easiest ways to age your kitchen is to keep old appliances. Most appliances show their age, so upgrading your appliances to fit your modern aesthetic can transform your kitchen. Stainless steel appliances are the most common choice when doing a modern kitchen redesign.
  • Less is More: The basic principle of a modern kitchen design is “less is more.” Focusing on what you need can help elevate the look of your kitchen as it will be free from clutter. If you can’t downsize to just what you need in the kitchen, focus on maximizing your kitchen cabinet space. Organizing your shelves and drawers can help you keep the things you want without interfering with the look of your kitchen.

Kitchenworks LA Style and Design

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