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Should I Clean My Carpets – Or Replace Them?

Maintaining a clean carpet requires almost daily work, although even that does not always prevent the occassional spill or stain from happening. Homeowners who are tired of the carpet cleaning routine may ask: “Should I clean my carpets, or replace them?” That is a great question that our Orange County carpet and upholstery cleaners are happy to answer in today’s blog.

Should I Clean My Carpets – Or Replace Them?

While carpet cleaning services may seem expensive, they are often an economical alternative to complete replacement. If you are looking for the best deal in the heart of Orange County, keep reading to find out what option would work best for you.

How Often Do You Use Your Carpet?

The extent of wear and tear your carpet has gone through will determine whether it’s worth cleaning, or if it is just time to get it replaced. Carpets extensively torn or showing significant wear in specific areas might warrant replacement as a more affordable option to attempted cleaning.

However, if your carpet is located in a low-traffic zone and the quality of the material remains reasonably intact, a professional carpet cleaning appointment can bring that carpet back to life. Most professionals suggest that you clean your carpet once every 1-2 years, so think about how quickly your carpets get dirty before investing in top-notch services.

Is the Carpet Padding Damaged?

The carpet padding is a layer of thick material that lies below the surface of the carpet, protecting the bottom of it from the concrete or earth below. It acts as a shield and as a durable base, helping the carpet stay clean and protective while in your home. Cleaning carpet padding is considerably more challenging than cleaning carpets on their surface, but it still may be cheaper than replacing the carpet altogether.

Are Your Kids Having Health Troubles?

Did you know that there is a huge link between dirty carpets and asthma? This is especially a concern for young children who may suffer from breathing or respiratory issues. Dirt and germs that get below the carpet’s surface tend to build up over time, releasing dangerous spores into the air. If allergic symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes, and sinus congestion increase, particularly after carpet cleaning, reducing allergens in the carpet could contribute to improved health and reduced allergic reactions in your children.

Not to mention, if you are used to having a house full of kids, you can expect your carpet to wear down a little more quickly. Instead of dealing with any more dirt tracks or spills, look into a carpet cleaning service that can keep your floors in tip-top shape no many how many accidents your home is prone to.

Is the Carpet Just Too Stained?

There are plenty of helpful methods for getting rid of stains or picking up a spill quickly enough that it doesn’t leave a permanent mess. However, there are some cases where the stains have gone just too deep into the carpet. If you have already invested in a professional carpet cleaning service and you still aren’t getting the stain-free results you need, it might finally be time to consider a replacement.

Before you commit to the costly project of replacing your carpets, you should consider all of the options you have available to you. Our Orange County specialists are happy to help you find out whether cleaning or replacement is the best option for your specific needs.

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