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Types of Wood Finishes

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Both new and old homeowners love wood furniture. Wooden furniture can add elegance and style to your home and increase its aesthetic value. The true value of wooden furniture, however, is about more than just the wood itself – it’s also about the finish you use. The wood’s surface is treated with a finish to improve its texture, color, and smoothness. The natural wood beneath can also be protected by finishing. Let’s see some types of wood finishes.

Types of Wood Finishes

The options available to you when it comes to choosing your wood finish can seem overwhelming. How can you choose the right color or texture? What color will go best with your home’s overall theme? Our high-end furniture experts can help find the right types of wood finishes that work best for your own floor. Keep reading to learn about the process of finishing and select a material that works best for you.

Why Use a Wood Finish?

It is difficult to choose a wood finish. A wood finish protects natural wood from the elements, in addition to its aesthetic value. A wood finish can protect wooden furniture from:

  • High heat can cause blisters, scratches, and blemishes.
  • Accidental spills can cause stains.
  • Temperature changes can cause bulging and contraction.
  • Dryness can cause cracking or splitting of wood.

It is common sense to protect wooden furniture. You have the option to choose the color or style of finish that you would like to protect your furniture over the years.

What are the Different Types of Wood Finishes?

There are many types of wood finishes. Home Depot explains how different wood finishes can have different effects and serve different purposes. Let’s look at the most popular wood finishes available for your floors today:

Surface Finish

The surface finish allows the natural beauty of wood furniture to shine through. This type of finish is extremely durable and is recommended for furniture that has a hard surface. You might, for example, apply a surface finish to a wood desk or a worktop that you get a lot of use out of.

Penetrating Finish

This finish is great for hardwood. The reason is that the finish penetrates the wood to cure it. It also hardens to provide additional protection and fortification. DuraSeal claims that the penetrating finishing is suitable for wooden floors and country-themed furniture since there is a visible added layer that some find to be aesthetically appealing.

Natural Finish

A warm-colored finish is applied to the tops of wooden furniture. The natural wood color underneath is enhanced and the sheen of the finish keeps the surface shiny forever. It protects the wood from any damage or deterioration. This is the best option for those who don’t want a visible layer of finish on top of their wooden floors.

Reactive Finish

Reactive finishes are interesting because they apply a chemical process on the wood’s surface. The chemical process changes the wood’s color and texture while fortifying it underneath. Varnishes and oil-based finishes are often reactive and work to protect and cure the wood.

Get the Right Wood Finish for Your Floors Today

There are many options available for wood finishes. Our experts will help you match your furniture’s style and tone with the right finish. To make wood last long, you need to finish it with the perfect finishing product. There are a few specific types of finishes that can enhance the look and lifetime of your wood.

Learn more about the perfect material for your own floor and browse our selection of luxury finishes for furniture at your earliest convenience. Our experts will be happy to help you make informed decisions regarding your floor and natural wooden surfaces with different treatment options. Get in touch with us today to be matched with an A. Rudin expert for a consultation!

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Stylish Ways to Add Storage to Your Living Room

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Sometimes, storage space in the living area can feel out of place or awkward. You want your living room to be formal but also comfortable. Living room storage options are often too limited for most homeowners. Don’t be discouraged – storage options do not have to be dull and boring. A. Rudin encourages creativity and class in every room. While we offer high-end custom furnishings to embellish any kind of living space, we also provide design services to help you make the most out of your living room. Let’s look at stylish ways to add storage to your living room.

Stylish Ways to Add Storage to Your Living Room

Storage is always a big deal, whether you’re a hoarder or a minimalist. Finding the best spaces to store your items without creating too much clutter is important. Continue reading to find our guide to the most stylish ways to add storage to your living room.

Invest in Dynamic Coffee Tables

Central coffee tables can bring a space together and can even be used as functional furniture. Tiered coffee tables are a great way to maximize living room storage. The bottom shelf can be used for books, board games or photo albums. You can store coasters, remotes, and other small items in drawers on coffee tables. A lift-top coffee table is a great choice for small living spaces. It can be used for reading, writing on a laptop, or even snacking.

Discover a Hidden Ottoman Space

Furniture that doubles as storage and seating can be found. The ottoman can be used as a seat or a table, with a tray attached to the top. You can store blankets or other items inside the ottoman. Use it as a seating option by day, and uncover the lid to reach your favorite books or magazines by night. Many items like this can serve multiple purposes, especially in a common living area.

Make the Most of Natural Light and Exposed Space

It’s important to not clutter up every space in your house. If you struggle with a small living room area, you can still make the most out of it. By using the exposed or open space in the room, you can draw attention to the room while keeping storage options out on the sides.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to open the windows and let in as much natural light as you can. There’s proof that natural light makes a small space look bigger, and this is a cost-effective way to open things up in an effort to declutter.

Use More Hidden Storage Furniture

Hidden storage is a great way to declutter your living space. You can store extra clothes and pillows by using seating that lifts up. Hidden storage is available in some furniture to store remotes and charging cables. A living room storage bench is a great option to store all your items: hidden storage, additional seating, and display space.

Combine Shelves and Cabinets

Instead of having bookshelves that reach the ceiling, make a wall that incorporates both. You can use bookshelves to display your clutter, while the cabinets can store it. This combination creates vertical interest along the wall.

For inspiration, look around at other areas of the house. You can store your items easily with towel hooks in the bathrooms and coat hooks in hallways. You can also use this idea in your living room. Hang throw blankets on pretty hooks that can find use for storage.

Browse Your Affordable Luxury Living Room Storage Selections Today

With a full range of luxury case goods and affordable storage options, you can make the most of your living room by revamping it from end to end. You don’t need a high budget to accomplish a total renovation. In fact, by adding a few pieces, you can greatly increase the value of your space. Reach out to A. Rudin pros today to learn more about your best interior design options.

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Top Tips for Furniture Replacement

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Couple going through furniture replacement with a couch.

Looking to replace old furniture? Tired of seeing faded upholstery and ripped fabric every time you walk into the room? It might be time to replace or rejuvenate your living room furniture. Get in the mood to move things around and see what a fresh new design can do for the health and value of your home. Below are our top tips for furniture replacement.

Top Tips for Furniture Replacement

Our A. Rudin luxury furniture pros can share the top tips for furniture replacement to keep your home in excellent shape. Invest in luxury furniture options and find affordable ways to replace, rearrange, and repair old furniture.

Find the Focal Point

Before you decide whether you are going to replace or repair some of your furniture, try to figure out what you want the main focus of the room to be. If you are looking to modernize your room, you might benefit from creating a focal point in the space center. A large window may be a good choice for a focal point or a wide television that sits in the room for all to see. Choose your focal point, and then design the rest of your furniture choices around it.

Resurface with a Rug

Decorating the floor is a big part of pulling the living room together. An area rug should be underneath all of the furniture in your room. The size of the rug can help you determine whether some of your current furniture merits replacement or just recycling.

If you are looking to meet the standards of luxury, then you should have at least the front legs of your large furniture pieces sitting on top of an area rug.

Restore and Repair

Now that you have a better understanding of your room’s arrangement, you can start picking out the pieces of furniture that you want to keep. There may also be some furniture that needs to be repaired. You can invest in professional reupholstery or consider replacing your outdated pieces with modern high-end furniture choices. Changing the fabric on your sofa or loveseat can make a huge difference, completely changing the entire theme of the room.

Let in the Light

It’s no secret that lighting is a critical element to room design, although it is often overlooked. If you have any windows in your living room, take advantage of natural light by allowing plenty of space for the sun to shine through. You can also install different light fixtures to set the ambiance of the space. Bright, white lights are cold, where soft, yellow lights are often warm.

It’s important to keep your lighting options at different levels, too. Combine floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead lighting so you can really personalize any experience in your living room.

Don’t Rely on Walls

You may be tempted to push your bigger pieces of furniture against the wall in order to visually increase the size of your space. This can actually be counterproductive for a new, refreshed, and luxurious living room area. The perfect size furniture for your room is the furniture that has some space to breathe in between the walls and the center of the room. Of course, you still want to keep the flow of foot traffic in mind, but having a lot of room to spread out your best pieces can really make a difference.

Get Top-Tier Furniture Replacement Today

A. Rudin is your premier source for new luxury furniture products. Now is a better time than ever to change and rearrange your living room design. Invest in a sleek and comfortable future with the best modern furniture selections. Browse our inventory online or schedule a consultation with our representatives to find the furniture you want today!