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  • Types of Wood Finishes

    Types of Wood Finishes

    Both new and old homeowners love wood furniture. Wooden furniture can add elegance and style to your home and increase its aesthetic value. The true value of wooden furniture, however, is about more than just the wood itself – it’s also about the finish you use. The wood’s surface is treated with a finish to…

  • Stylish Ways to Add Storage to Your Living Room

    Stylish Ways to Add Storage to Your Living Room

    Sometimes, storage space in the living area can feel out of place or awkward. You want your living room to be formal but also comfortable. Living room storage options are often too limited for most homeowners. Don’t be discouraged – storage options do not have to be dull and boring. A. Rudin encourages creativity and…

  • Top Tips for Furniture Replacement

    Top Tips for Furniture Replacement

    Looking to replace old furniture? Tired of seeing faded upholstery and ripped fabric every time you walk into the room? It might be time to replace or rejuvenate your living room furniture. Get in the mood to move things around and see what a fresh new design can do for the health and value of…