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Baths vs. Showers

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The classic bath vs. shower debate is a passionate one. While some are avid bath lovers, there are others who insist bathes consist of sitting in your own filth, but what is consistent is that there are zealous arguments on both sides. To help get the answer to this discussion, we are going to review some of the key factors of both the bath and the shower. If you have any questions, contact Nautilus for all your Los Angeles plumbing needs.

Water Conservation

Before getting into the answer of which saves more water and is best for the environment, there are some elements that vary and can change for each situation (i.e. size of the bath tub, different shower heads and speeds, length of the shower). However, according to Huffington Post, showers win the debate from an environmental standpoint. The average bathtub holding about 35 gallons of water, while the average showerhead disperses about 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Therefore, as long as you keep your showers under 10 minutes, you will be conserving water. For those who prefer to take over 10 minute showers daily, it is important to conserve water by using a water-saving shower head, which disperses less water per minute; however, showers are meant to be quick and efficient, so these situations are few and far between. For more information from the expert plumbers in Los Angeles, contact the professionals at Nautilus.


Contrary to the classic shower lover’s argument, there is no evidence that suggests showers leave you cleaner than bathes, unless you are actually coated in mud. According to Emma Guttman-Yassky, a professor and vice chair of the Deparment of Dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center, “We don’t have to have a long shower or long bath to be clean, and scrubbing yourself more will just make your skin drier” which suggests one does not have an advantage over the other. It is important to consider mentality and perception in this matter because if you think that a bath is not hygienic enough, you will not feel as clean afterwards. Although it does not take much to get clean, you want to feel fresh after a bath or shower, so choose what is right for you.

Condition of Your skin

Believe it or not, the condition of your skin should play a factor in the side of the argument that you are on. According to Lauren Ploch, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology, “While both are great to keep clean, prolonged lounging in a bath can lead to dry skin.” Therefore, if you are prone to dry skin, showers would be best for you to avoid skin aggravation. A bath can be extremely relaxing – especially with candles and bubbles after a long day – but you need to weigh the consequence to your own body. The temporary feeling of relaxation may not be worth the days of irritation after from dry skin.

Overall Health

Aside from the emotional detox that bathes provide, scientists recently released new data that suggests that there are additional overall health benefits. According to those recent studies, taking a hot bath can burn calories and significantly reduce your blood sugar levels. Although bathes cannot replace a good diet and exercise regimen, their overall health benefits cannot be denied.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference, and there are many good arguments for bathes and showers. One thing that you cannot argue against is that a good plumber is necessary for either a shower or bath to be effective. Be sure to use the best plumber in Los Angeles and contact Nautilus here.