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Selecting the Right Facade For Your Building

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Selecting the right facade for your building takes careful consideration

When it comes to the visual design of your building, hardly anything is more important than the facade. As the literal face of the building, you want it to make a grand impression whilst conveying a tone that goes well with the theme of your building. Selecting the right facade for your building can take some consideration.

How do you go about this selection process? What kind of facade options are there? Our Neolith sintered stone pros have a saying: “A building’s face tells you exactly what lies within.” Below, you’ll find some tips and tricks for selecting the right facade for your building that successfully builds upon your preferred aesthetics. 

Know Your Climate

First, it’s important to be realistic, according to the building’s location. What kind of climate do you typically deal with in your area? For example, an area with a lot of sunlight may cause big flares through the window, making it difficult for people to work without the sun getting into their eyes. 

The direction your building is facing also plays a huge part in determining the correct facade. While looking at design and form is important, functionality is key. Don’t face your building in the same direction as the setting sun. You may want to invest in something that can ventilate air so as not to cause a wind tunnel. 

Get Height and Width Specifications

Facades that look great on smaller office buildings may not work on skyscrapers and vice versa. There is a lot of consideration to be made depending on how tall your building actually is. Taller structures require a certain amount of vented materials to easier withstand the elements, making it a safe and secure structure. The materials you choose must be able to resist wind, rain, and other weather patterns in order to function.

Look at Environmental Concerns

The environmental impact your building’s facade will have on its surrounding area is always an important factor to consider. Not only will your building’s facade change the visual landscape of the area it’s in, but depending on the materials you choose as well as the shape of the facade, it will also change the environment. 

Some materials are not very energy-efficient. Knowing the certain materials and conditions that are best used on a facade can significantly reduce the negative effects your building might have on the environment. A study by Taylor and Francis Online shows that simply improving the standards for construction has reduced negative environmental impact by 22%. It isn’t difficult to find something suitable for your building that also uses energy efficiently without adding undue stress and waste to the surrounding area. Not to mention, your building may become a good spot for birds to build their nests. 

New Vs. Revamped Facades

Your style, materials, and costs can vary widely depending on whether you are replacing an old facade or installing a completely new one. Certain materials are easier to use as a renovation tool rather than a material to build something new out of. It’s important to speak with your local professionals about your options for new versus revamped building facades. 

Selecting the Right Facade for Your Building!

Choosing the right facade is easier said than done, but hopefully, the above tips have helped you along in the decision-making process. You must first think about your building functionally, understanding what climate or weather-based limitations you have. It is also a good idea to consider making your facade as minimally impactful on the environment as possible. Not only will it save you money on your energy bills, but depending on where you live, you can also get a financial incentive for being eco-conscious. 

Ultimately, the style and design of the facade are up to you. This is where you have the freedom to build something that will make your building truly stand out. Stay informed about your options by contacting us online today! Whether it is providing tips on cleaning countertops or interior design, Neolith has your back.