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How to Protect your Carpet from a Toddler

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Toddler-Proof Home Checklist

 Stair gates
 Padding on sharp corners
 Window locks
 Child safety locks on drawers and cupboards
 All medicines, dangerous chemicals, small and/or sharp objects out of reach
 Toddler-Proof Your Carpet!

Best Ways to Protect your Carpet from a Toddler

Consider a Stain-Resistant Carpet

Starting out with a stain-resistant carpet may be the path of least resistance. These carpets feature “specially engineered fibers that work by preventing stains and liquids from chemically bonding with the carpet” and will last for the life of the carpet. They are widely available from carpet manufacturers and can go up against your messiest tornado-child.

Select Area Rugs

Choosing to cover your floor with a few area rugs gives you multiple benefits. You can select a rug in a darker color and with a busy pattern that will hide stains and spills until you have a chance to call your carpet cleaners in Los Angeles. Picking out area rugs can also be a fun and creative decorating activity, since there is more variety of color and style to pick from. Area rugs can be placed in various high-traffic spots throughout the room, or you buy one larger one that covers the entire floor space. They can also be easily replaced when they are beyond recovery.

Choose Carpet Squares

Many people think carpet square can only be used on hard surfaces like tile, laminate and hardwood. The truth is they can be placed on carpet as well. The benefits of carpet squares are twofold—they are inexpensive, and they can be swapped out if one becomes stained. The only drawback is that they can be somewhat difficult to keep in place; however, you can use a thick rug pad underneath to help secure them.

Get child-Friendly Mats and Tiles

Colorful, playful, over-sized items like giant foam play mats and large foam alphabet tiles can easily be found online or in kids’ stores. You can lay these out on top of carpet during play or snack time to provide excellent stain and damage protection while entertaining your child’s senses.

Invest in Spill-Proof Sippy Cups

We all know how toddlers love their juice, and we also know that juice is not carpet-friendly. Protect your carpet by stocking up on spill-proof sippy cups—read reviews online to make sure the product you buy is not known to start leaking after a few uses. The last thing you need is a beaten-up sippy cup leaking on your carpet! If this happens to you, call your carpet cleaners in Los Angeles, Steam Pro, for fast and efficient carpet cleaning service.

Create an Inviting Shoe Storage Space by the Front Door

Kids track in all kinds of stuff that adults tend to avoid – dirt, mud, and grass clippings are just the beginning. Start a family habit of taking your shoes of when you enter the house by placing a shoe rack just inside the front door. If your kids see you using it every time you walk through the front door, they will emulate you. Decorate it colorfully and give your toddler a special place for his or her shoes to make it even more inviting.

Ask your Carpet Cleaners in Los Angeles to add Carpet Protector

When you call your carpet cleaners in Los Angeles to have your carpet professionally cleaned, ask them to apply a carpet protector. Carpet protectors add stain and soil resistance by coating the carpet fibers with an added layer of protection.

Your toddler may be persistent in muddying up your carpet, but if you are vigilant in protecting it, you and your toddler will get past the terrible two’s with a clean, clear road ahead.

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